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Nexercise Investment Pitch



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  • Hi I’m Benjamin Young the CEO of Nexercise
  • Let me tell you about a large opportunity
  • Living a healthy life can be an expensive challenge…In terms of money.Margins on on wellness products is large“Live off Groupon” stunt (hard to live healthy means that way). Only 10% of deals would qualifyIn terms of time.Most of us are now busier than everMeal preparation is timelyWe make excuses to exerciseetc
  • Last year $127 Billion dollars was spent on healthy foods, products, and services.This is an aggregate of Foods that can be qualified as healthy (Organic, Healthy Branded food, Low Calorie, etc), and Sports Apparel and Equiptment, and Services (e.g. Physical Trainer Services, Luxury Spa Treatment, Fitness Camps, Retreats, etc)This doesn’t even include the Vitamin and Supplement Market
  • We have a simple solution
  • Nexercise is a free mobile game where you can save big on healthy items.
  • Like half off a pair of running shoes
  • Or a discounted trip to the spa
  • You can even win free prizes, like a healthy salad for lunch.I don’t know about you, but I like free things.
  • To win, all you need to do is exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes with your smartphone on you.There are a projected 15 Million people in the US who exercise with their smartphones to listen to music and engage in other fitness apps.Nexercise can work alongside the other appsAdditionally, we project the market will grow, because many people may be willing to do so, due to the prize incentivesFinally we have on our product roadmap to do other sensor integration (e.g. Fitbit, Garmin Watches, etc) to increase the market share. Many extreme fitness enthusiasts don’t want to exercise with their smartphone on them for extreme sports because of bulkiness and fear to damage their items.
  • While evercising, the app records data from your device such as your location, the motion of the device, and the time. This data is used to validate whether someone has exercised. The information is sent to our backend, and evaluated against a pattern matching of existing exercise samples. It never says you haven’t exercised, but over time as the data set improves it will help determine the amount of points. Additionally, if you are at a location such as a gym or sports club, you don’t even need to have the device physically on you – you can leave it in your locker. The location serves as intent enough alone.
  • This information is used to award game points. The more game points you earn, the steeper discounts you receive, and your chance to win free prizes increase. - Every time you exercise you get a choice of 3 rewards, that you can use for yourself, virtually gift to a friend, or trade with another Nexerciser.Additionally, there are virtual medals you can gain that award bonus points. You gain virtual medals by exhibiting healthy behaviors such as exercising in the morning, working out with a friend. Unlike foursquare and other “badge” systems, the virtual medals continue to award you points when you continue to exhibit the healthy behaviors. This is a powerful enforcement mechanism.
  • Nexercise however is not without competition
  • There are no upfront costs to the retailers or users
  • And nexercise earns a transaction fee for each deal redeemed based on the MSRP value of the product offered.Simple.- This allows the retailer to know exactly what they will pay us upfront, and is attractive rather than on the backend of the discount. - They can do interesting experiments freely such as A, B testing where they can offer a deal at various discounts and see which one leads to overall most profitability. Ultimately, a steeper discount may draw more sales, but a moderate one, may actually be more profitable. They can assess their demand function and price sensitivity!
  • And nexercise earns a transaction fee for each deal redeemed based on the MSRP value of the product offered.Simple.- This allows the retailer to know exactly what they will pay us upfront, and is attractive rather than on the backend of the discount. - They can do interesting experiments freely such as A, B testing where they can offer a deal at various discounts and see which one leads to overall most profitability. Ultimately, a steeper discount may draw more sales, but a moderate one, may actually be more profitable. They can assess their demand function and price sensitivity!
  • Nexercise however is not without competition
  • Groupon and Living Social offer wide variety of deals to everyone. And Apps such as Nike plus are focused on just runners. Our focus is on the everyday person who wants to have fun and live healthier.
  • We are first targeting the 81 million iPhone users in the US. We anticipate the amount to grow at least 50% with the introduction of the device to multiple carriersAfter we prove the business model on the iPhone we will expand to Android
  • Upon conducting a survey to smartphone users, we found that there was definitely a demand. Over half the respondents expressed a strong interest to try Nexercise and 25% said they would absolutely use it.
  • We are doing a local closed beta at the beginning of the year, and without any major marketing have already drawn an interest of 250+ people
  • Access to Data, Additional Ways to Monetize User Base
  • Further Build Vendor Relationships- Currently we are in talks with several notable companies (e.g Subway, Au Bon Pain, Sweetgreen, etc.) To build out a national reach, we need to target these vendors who are clearly looking for innovative way’s to engage their customers and increase sales.
  • Let me tell you about the team that’s going to make this possible.
  • Our TeamBenjamin Young – Chief Executive Officer, Co-FounderMr. Young is a proven leader with over 12 years of experience managing and delivering innovative business and information technology solutions. He possesses a unique blend of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with advanced qualitative and quantitative skills. He originally conceived the idea of Nexercise from the frustrations of trying to maintain a comprehensive and consistent workout regimen while simultaneously working, continuing his education, and raising two children. Mr. Young has worked in a variety of entrepreneurial and startup environments in a variety of capacities, from software development, to product management and executive management. Most recently he co-founded C.Y. Strategy, a boutique strategy and management consulting firm focused on providing advisory services to early and mid-stage ventures. At (a subsidiary of MicroStrategy), he pioneered some of the most critical features of the voice application system, leading a 75% reduction of development costs and a revenue increase of more than 100%. At Precipia Systems, he served as the Director of Technology where he managed cutting-edge research in unstructured data analytics.Mr. Young holds a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Management. During the program, he earned the elite designation of Palmer Scholar, which is the school’s highest academic distinction and reserved for the top five percent of the graduating class. Mr. Young has a deep passion for both technology and business – he seeks to add value by converting new innovations into profitable business models. Mr. Young holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Virginia. Gregory B. Coleman – Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Co-FounderMr. Coleman brings more than 15 years of management expertise to the Nexercise team. He has extensive experience leading teams through complex and rapidly changing situations and has advised early-stage, mid-stage, and Fortune 100 companies in a number of critical areas, including strategy, management, operations, business development and marketing. Prior to co-founding Nexercise, Mr. Coleman and Mr. Young co-founded the boutique strategy consulting firm, C.Y. Strategy. Together they have provided advisory services to early-stage, mid-stage, and not for profit organizations. Previously, Mr. Coleman was the deputy commander of a multi-department operations organization, an operations program manager, and flight instructor in the U.S. Air Force where he managed over $233M in aircraft inventory, 80 flight crew members, and the daily actions of six departments. He managed the safe transportation of government and military VIPs, including the U.S. Speaker of the House and foreign Heads of State. He has extensive operations experience at the project and program levels leading teams of all sizes.A leader with formal training and real-world experience, Mr. Coleman has received numerous leadership and performance awards including the 2007 Major General Calvin G. Franklin Award which is presented to the top mid-level officer in the District of Columbia Air National Guard. A former Air Force Academy basic training instructor, Mr. Coleman is an avid fitness buff. Mr. Coleman received a Masters of Business Administration from The Wharton School with a dual major in finance & entrepreneurial management. He focused on understanding the critical nuances of financing and running internet startup ventures. Mr. Coleman also has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy. Russell Thomas – Vice President of Marketing and Business DevelopmentRussell Thomas, Jr. is a Washington, D.C. area communications executive, who has hit the trifecta in national awards recognition having been honored for his work in public relations, advertising, and marketing. Most recently, he was named PR News’ 2009 In-house Public Relations professional of the year. Russell has provided communications counsel for clients at the highest levels of government, athletics, and entertainment. He was an Executive Director of Communications for the State of Maryland’s first Republican Governor Robert L. Erhlich, Jr. and has created public service messaging for presidential cabinet-level federal agencies.With more than 18 years working in and around broadcast media and corporate communications, Russell has been interviewed on numerous broadcast television and radio programs, most notably The Oprah Winfrey Show. His personal interviews and professional representations have helped him to develop entrenched relationships with many editors, producers, and booking agents from media outlets across the nation.His corporate communications and business development work have led him to business stops in Italy, West Africa, and the Caribbean. His work has spanned industries such as fashion, economic development, and education to name a few. He often counsels companies on issues related to applying social media intelligence and Web 2.0 branding.He has ghost-written published articles for PR clients and is a self-published author. Russell currently publishes the widely read PR and social media focused blog – Vice President of Product ManagementOlubunmi “Boomie” Odumade is Nexercise's VP of Product Management.  Ms. Odumade is a proven leader with over 15 years of industry experience delivering highly visible, large scale technology solutions. She has worked on a variety of large-scale applications, usually in the government sector, and she has been instrumental in ensuring the quality and timely delivery of the applications. With passions in both technology and education, she has also delivered courses as an adjunct professor at various colleges. Whatever she does, she constantly seeks ways to improve quality, decrease time, or decrease cost. She keeps an eye on relevant technical news in the industry to ensure customer segmentation and competitive analyses are current.  Ms. Odumade holds a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.   She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.  She also earned her Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin.Dana Nuon, Mobile Developer – 10+ years of software development experience, including iPhone developer since platform releaseImran Khawaja, Software Engineer – 6+ years of software development experience
  • Additionally we have 2 formal advisors who have been supporting us through this Journey. - Dr. Derek Hansen who does research in both Social Media and Consumer Health Informatics. And - Dr. Seppo Iso-Ahola, who is the leading expert in exercise motivation. He has published 4 books and over 70 research articles and received 3 prestigious awards.
  • We currently have a registered trademark, own our domain name and misspellings, and have a functional prototype
  • That has over 100,000 lines of code
  • Here’s an idea of our revenue potential based on users. We are assuming that we can make approximately $25 annually per users, which is only $250 MSRP of sales. Consider 2 durable good items, and that cost could easily be covered.
  • I thank you for your time and encourage you to follow our progress on our website blog and twitter.And remember that, “Nexercise makes fitness fun and wellness affordable”

Nexercise Investment Pitch Nexercise Investment Pitch Presentation Transcript

  • ®® - Ben Young, CEO @obenyoung
  • OPPORTUNITY (Pain + Market)
  • SOLUTION(Our Technology) View slide
  • ® View slide
  • HALF off
  • 60% off
  • Free!
  • 15 Minutes
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Pay upon Redemption % of MSRP
  • Utility FEEL Fun, Winning NarrowFOCUS Broad
  • Live Healthy . Have Fun . Change Lives .
  • Number of First-timers to <Vendor> User Place of Exercise Gold’s Gym Washington Sports Club lululemon Mint Spa Bally’s Cole Field House The Rest User Exercise Activity Yoga Top <Vendor> Deals Overview Running Cycling Top Deals <Vendor> Deal Redemption Location Count Ice Skating Cobb 25% off Logan Circle Store 25 Walking Chicken 15% off Bethesda Store 22 Spinning Salmon 10% off Dupont Store 14 sabzi 10% off Top Exercise Places User Exercise Location Count Bally’s Gym Logan Circle 25 TopHill Ave Bethesda 22 Wash Sports Club Dupont 14
  • 81 Million
  • 124 Respondents
  • Local Closed Beta Q1:2011 Beta User Wait List # 250+
  • Just DOWNLOAD and GO
  • and be Rewarded for Inviting Others
  • Seeking PARTNERSHIPS with LARGE MEMBERSHIP BASEWIIFM?1. Access to Data2. New Way to Monetize Members
  • A Breadth of ExperienceBen Young, MBA (CEO & Co-founder)Greg Coleman, MBA (COO,CFO & Co-founder)Boomie Odumade, MBA (VP Products)Russell Thomas (VP Marketing & PR)Dana Nuon (iPhone Guru)Imran Khawaja (Server Ninja)
  • Active Mentors Dr. Derek Hansen, Ph.D  Social Media  Consumer Health Informatics Dr. Seppo Iso-Ahola, Ph.D  Psychology of Exercise & Health  (Motivation for Exercise)
  • Intellectual Property1) Registered Trademark: NEXERCISE ®2) Own domain names: (.org) and mispellings3) Functional Product
  • 100,000+ Lines of Code
  • Pending Approval
  • Exit Opportunities
  • ®“we build applications thatmotivate people to change theirbehaviors and improve lives” @nexercise
  • Questions? Marketing Transaction Value toCompetition Use of Money Screenshots Strategy Details Retailer