Social Media and Publishing


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Social Media and Publishing: Connecting Readers to Content

A presentation for Intro to Interactive Media class @ NYU, 11/21/2011

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles

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Social Media and Publishing

  1. 1. Social Media and Publishing:Connecting Readers to ContentGuy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  2. 2. Blogging it Like it is Since 2003 Guy LeCharles Gonzalez is an old/new media pragmatist; (still a) publishing optimist, and a library advocate... He can be rather outspoken at times and does not suffer fools gladly, so nothing he says is meant to be representative of his employers — past, present or future. • Circulation Assistant and Fulfillment Manager, Poets & Writers (1997-1998) • Membership Manager, The Academy of American Poets (1998-1999) • Marketing Manager, SourceMedia (2004-2007) • Advertising Sales Director, Writer’s Digest (2007-2008) • Publisher & Editorial Director, Horticulture (2008-2009) • Director of Programming & Business Development, Digital Book World (2009-2011) • Director, Content & Digital Product Development, Media Source / Library Journals, LLC. (Present) Also… • Founder, curator and host of a little bit louder (1998-2001) • Co-author of Burning Down the House (Soft Skull Press, 2000) • Contributing Editor for (2005-2007)Guy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  3. 3. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  4. 4. It’s Not a Zero-Sum Game ―Most people never chose a side; they just chose to participate. No one joined Facebook in the hope of destroying the publishing industry.‖ “Facebook and the Epiphanator: An End to Endings?” Paul Ford LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  5. 5. Reputation is [Still] Important ―Not only has social media failed to challenge mass media it is helping to amplify its reach. Several studies have shown that the vast majority of media shared through social networks is links to big media, sources such as New York Times, CNN, etc.‖ “McLuhan’s Relevance In Today’s Media Mess Age…” Tom Foremski LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  7. 7. Engagement Strategy  Listening - using social media as ―real time‖ research and gaining insights from listening to the community.  Talking - using conversations within the community to promote products or services, authentically.  Energizing - building brand stewardship; identifying enthusiastic readers and using them to persuade others.  Supporting - making it possible for readers to help each other.  Embracing - turning readers into a resource for innovation. Via Forrester Research/GroundswellGuy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  8. 8. Content is [Still] King ―Most companies can’t sustain social media engagement because they lack the internal editorial infrastructure to support it. They don’t have a content strategy.‖ “Content strategy is, in fact, the next big thing” Kristina Halvorson LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  9. 9. Content Strategy  Free – News, commentary, blogs, public forums, podcasts, webcasts, social media; all open access and socialized for comments and sharing.  Registered – Enewsletters, moderated forums, promotional downloads, introductory webinars, research and white paper summaries, product demos and samples.  User-Generated Content: blogs, reviews, op-eds, images, links  Paid – Books, magazines, databases, professional development programs, intensive webinars, research and white papers, events.Guy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  10. 10. The Digital Shift | On Libraries and New Media Home for technology and digital content-related editorial and products, including events, research and publications. Social Media (Aug 20 – Nov 18, 2011) • Twitter: 1,214 followers • 7.39% of total visits • Facebook: 901 Like The Digital Shift • 3.29% of total visits • Google+: No presence • 0.06% of total visits • Email: Integrated w/ several LJ/SLJ newsletters • 12.5% of total visitsGuy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  11. 11. TOR*COM | Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.’s philosophy is one of publisher agnosticism, and as such, boasts contributors and content from many different SF/F publishers, as well as fans from all corners of fandom. Social Media • Twitter: 9,282 followers • Facebook: 5,123 Like • Google+: 734 have in circles • Forum: 4,086 registered members Relevant ContentGuy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  12. 12. Chuck Wendig | • Chuck Wendig’s debut novel, DOUBLE DEAD, was published in November, 2011 by Abaddon Books, and he has a two-book deal for with Angry Robot Books. • He has self-published three e-books, including CONFESSIONS OF A FREELANCE PENMONKEY and 250 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRITING, and the short story collection IRREGULAR CREATURES. • He blogs daily and is VERY active on Twitter and Google+. Average rating: 4.11 396 ratings 2,808 people have Chuck in Circles 79 reviews 38 distinct works 412 posts | 4,527 comments 1,275 reshares 1,541 +1sGuy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  13. 13. ―Some of these conversations ended in a sale, but don’t let that fool you. The sale was merely the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.‖ Markets Are Conversations, CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO Community Engagement & Development #book2 | @glecharles
  14. 14. Social Media Analytics How do we measure these? Marketers Seek to Better Measure Social Media Success - eMarketer LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  15. 15. Social Media Analytics Twitter Facebook Google+ • Hootsuite • Facebook Insights • Google Analytics • Topsy • Social Plugins • Twitter Counter Followers Total Likes/Unlikes What will THEY Following Demographics measure…? Lists Reach What will WE Total Clicks “Talking About…” measure…? Visits Google Website / Blog Pageviews • Google Analytics • Content Pages/Visit • Keyword Tool • Commerce Time on Site Return Visits • Feedburner • Community Referrers • Google Alerts • Emails…? Keywords • Google+Guy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  16. 16. Email Marketing Analytics  Total Sent  Total Delivered  Deliverable %  Unique Opens  Open %  Total Clicks  Clickthrough (CTR) % B2Bs and B2Cs Diverge in Social  Click-to-Open (CTOR) % Network Usage, Lead Gen Success - eMarketer  Inactives  Unsubscribes  Net GrowthGuy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  17. 17. Gamification is Bullsh!t Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges! “The Problem With Klout? It Has None” Guy LeCharles Gonzalez LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  18. 18. Professional ResourcesGuy LeCharles Gonzalez | | @glecharles NYU, 11/21/2011
  19. 19. Contact Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Director, Content & Digital Product Development Library Journal | School Library Journal | The Horn Book Media Source, Inc. @glecharles
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