Audience Development in the Digital Age


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In the 10+ years since THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO first hit the Internet, marketers have grappled with how to leverage digital media to reach customers more effectively, and the majority have failed. Frequently, miserably, and sometimes even unapologetically. Traditional book publishers, most of whom have historically worked via intermediaries and been happy to do so, were relatively late to realizing the benefits of engaging directly with their real customers – readers – and have been playing catch up out of necessity as traditional sales channels are on the decline and new intermediaries like Amazon and Apple now know more about their readers than they ever have.

Presented by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez at Social Media Breakfast Tech Valley #8, Troy, NY on 11/12/10

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  • Audience Development in the Digital Age

    1. 1. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Audience Development in the Digital Age Social Media Breakfast Tech Valley #8 November 12, 2010 Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Director, Programming & Business Development Digital Book World @digibookworld
    2. 2. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw A cynic is not merely one who reads bitter lessons from the past, he is one who is prematurely disappointed in the future. –Sidney J. Harris
    3. 3. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw “Mommy, when I’m at a bookstore, I feel like I’m at a party with 25,000 presents.” -Isaac Gonzalez, 9
    4. 4. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw
    5. 5. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw #cmonson
    6. 6. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw On ebooks: A Publisher's View of the Digital Transformation Dominique Raccah, Publisher and CEO, Sourcebooks
    7. 7. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw “Without great audiences we cannot have great poets.” Walt Whitman
    8. 8. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw The idea that someone could have the opportunity to make a Nuyorican team and choose another venue, let alone another New York City venue, was shocking. But for louderARTS and NYC-Urbana, the choice was extremely validating. It proved that the new series could have the power to be something great. WORDS IN YOUR FACE A Guided Tour Through Twenty Years of the New York City Poetry Slam (Soft Skull, 2008) Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz
    9. 9. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw The social infrastructure of the community is much more important than the technology infrastructure.
    10. 10. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Audience Development  What is Audience Development?  Why is it important?  Where is our audience?  Whose responsibility is it?  How do we do it?  When will it have an impact?
    11. 11. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw What is Audience Development?  Definition: To build and manage a customer base across a brand’s media platforms—print, digital and live events.  It involves the continual recruitment of new customers and consistent engagement with existing customers through integrated marketing campaigns that include direct mail, email, online messaging, face-to- face interaction, and word of mouth.  It includes all customer touch points—from editorial and circulation, to ecommerce and competitions, to advertising and customer service— via our own media platforms, and everywhere else our community gathers.  Community leads to commerce, not vice versa.
    12. 12. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Why is it important? Consumers are the most valuable piece of the entire media ecosystem. Ironically, their interests are rarely brought up in discussions about the future. But their influence will only grow because technology is introducing more choice and voice. “We need to stay grounded in high-level theories of what customers want, how we can meet their needs profitably, and how we can communicate to motivate them,” says David Meer, chief research officer at WPP’s Enfactico. “And we must do this in a world where consumers control the conversation.” The Endgame Of Media Buying And Selling Max Kalehoff, AttentionMax
    13. 13. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Where is our audience? You Don't Build Communities, You Enable Them from the enable-people;-don't-define-them dept  What the rest of the internet has shown is that you build community not by building a community, but by enabling a group of people to do what they want. And that can include commenting on the news, creating the news or sharing the news among many other things.  There isn't a magic bullet to create a community -- but [publishers] should look to see what they can do to enable a community to form and then get out of the way. Mike Masnick
    14. 14. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Community? “Because they are voluntary, people do not remain in communities that no longer meet their emotional or intellectual needs.” --Henry Jenkins
    15. 15. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Whose responsibility is it? Marketing is everything a company does to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them.
    16. 16. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Whose responsibility is it? YOURS. MINE. HIS. HERS. OURS.  Community Leaders  Editorial and Creative  Sales  Circulation  eCommerce  Events  Competitions  Customer service  Online product managers Audience Development
    17. 17. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw How do we do it?  Create valuable content  Fish where the fish are  Give others a voice  Spotlight your contributors  Join your community Mack Collier Five Ways To Increase Engagement And Build Community
    18. 18. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw “Focus less on the products [we] have created in the past, and more on the problems and challenges [our] audience is in need of immediate solutions for.” Dan Blank, Publishing, Innovation & the Web
    19. 19. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw When will it have an impact? Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday.  Existing customers  Quantify  Identify  Value  Prospective customers  Quantify  Identify  Value  Organizational Assessment  Product and marketing analysis  Technology resources  Staff responsibilities
    20. 20. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Implementation and Impact First steps  Quantify, identify & segment existing customer base  Maximize ROI for circulation and ecommerce initiatives  Increase relevant engagement with core audience  Identify opportunities for new content, products and services  Quantify, identify & segment external customer base  Maximize ROI for SEO/SEM and social media strategies  Deeper, relevant engagement with broader community  Identify opportunities for new content, products and service  Review, coordinate and optimize all marketing points of contact  Establish a consistent, authentic voice for the brand  Establish standards for customer acquisition, service and retention initiatives  Develop fully integrated, community marketing strategy
    21. 21. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw The initial wave of consumers using social technologies in the US has halted. Companies will now need to devise strategies to extend social applications past the early adopters. Forrester: The Latest Global Social Media Trends May Surprise You Social Media Reality Check
    22. 22. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw “Be aware that not only do you need to be prepared to communicate over these platforms, but you need to be ready to deal with the responses you get.” --Caroline McCarthy, CNET news FOLIO: Social Media Will be ‘Part of Virtually Everything’ Social Media Reality Check
    23. 23. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Email is a more targeted form of sending content; while content-sharers may shoot off mass emails to large distribution lists, most email shares are likely sent to a person or small group selected based on the specific content being shared. Sharing via social networks like Facebook, by contrast, typically involves feeding items to an entire friends list. eMarketer: Email Still Tops Facebook for Keeping in Touch Social Media Reality Check
    24. 24. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw What's a link worth? Twitter: $.43 LinkedIn: $.90 Email: $2.34 Facebook: $2.52 Study: Facebook Sharing Trumps Twitter, LinkedIn, E-mail Social Media Reality Check
    25. 25. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw In the beginning…
    26. 26. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw “Some of these conversations ended in a sale, but don’t let that fool you. The sale was merely the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.” Markets Are Conversations, CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO
    27. 27. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Community Manager Driven model Customers Products Community We act and behave in groups online across social networks. You must understand the community dynamics that surround your customers if you want to sell more books and develop a B2C brand. --Shiv Singh
    28. 28. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw How did we do it? • Create valuable content • Fish where the fish are • Give others a voice • Spotlight your contributors • Join your community Mack Collier Five Ways To Increase Engagement And Build Community
    29. 29. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw  Free – News, commentary, blogs, podcasts, webcasts, social media; all open access and socialized for comments and sharing.  Registered – Enewsletters, forums, promotional downloads, introductory webinars, research and white papers, product demos and samples.  IMPORTANT: User-Generated Content (blogs, images, links),  Paid – Books, magazines, database access, VIP programs, intensive webinars, competitions, events. Content Strategy
    30. 30. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Engagement Strategy  Listening - using social media as “real time” research and gaining insights from listening to customers.  Talking - using conversations with customers to promote products or services, authentically.  Energizing - building brand stewardship; identifying enthusiastic customers and using them to persuade others.  Supporting - making it possible for customers to help each other.  Embracing - turning customers into a resource for innovation. Via Forrester Research/Groundswell
    31. 31. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Engagement Strategy
    32. 32. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Listening…
    33. 33. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Talking…
    34. 34. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Energizing…
    35. 35. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Supporting…
    36. 36. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Embracing…
    37. 37. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Community FTW!
    38. 38. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Free Content DBW Rountable: The DBW Roundtable is webcast live every Thursday @ 1pm EST / 10am PST, and is now available as a podcast at: Keep in Touch Follow us on Twitter, join our LinkedIn Group, and subscribe to our blog feed to receive the latest information on our events, and insights on the latest news and trends from top publishing strategists and technology experts.
    39. 39. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Registered & Paid Content The publishing community for the 21st Century. Digital Book World’s unique membership platform offers access to exclusive content, Resources and industry experts, as well as discounts to all DBW Intensive WEBcasts, Forums, and the Annual Conference. Benefits: •Unlimited Access to On-Demand Digital Book World Conference Video and Audio •Unlimited Access to On-Demand DBW WEBcast archives •Unlimited Access to The Roundtable archives •40% Discount on all DBW Intensive WEBcasts •10% Discount on all Books •Exclusive early bird rates for the Annual Conference Join Today:
    40. 40. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Digital Book World 2011 will present the proven innovators working at the intersection of publishing and technology who have the experience, insights and strategies to meet the challenge of successfully managing risks and seizing opportunities. January 24-26, 2011 | Premium Content
    41. 41. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Professional Resources
    42. 42. Audience Development @glecharles | #smbtv | #dbw Contact / Q&A Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Director, Programming & Business Development Digital Book World @digibookworld @glecharles