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A will is a legally binding contract that is widely considered one of the most important documents y...

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Family :: Divorce Articles

  1. 1. Family :: Divorce Articles A will is a legally binding contract that is widely considered one of the most important documents you will ever sign. The majority of parents with children .... like to know more or if you are ready to take another look at your will then jump online and search for a law firm that specialises in estate battles. How Social Media Is Used In Divorce Proceedings By Eric C. Cheshire Child Custody: Grandparents Vs. Parents By Cameron Goulding Should Your Ex Take You Back After Your and Affair? By Jason Wilkey Family Law: Dealing with the Stress of Divorce By Anthony Thomas Federal Government amendments relating to de facto relationships By Alan Weiss Home Family Divorce I am Cameron Goulding, a family law attorney in the Troy area of Oakland County, Michigan. As a divorce lawyer, it is very important to stay on top of .... taking the custody away from them but at the same time the grandparents have the ability to facilitate the parent's involvement with the children. A custody battle might be every divorced parent's worst nightmare - but for fathers, custody rights take on a whole different meaning. Texas dads have .... that proves you're a better parent. Hiring a professional private investigator is the first step in ensuring the safety and well-being of your children. Often, when you hear that a friend or a family member is moving in with their boyfriend or girlfriend, you often get the explanation "we're giving .... legal advice . It is prudent to obtain legal advice from a Family Lawyer when contemplating a separation or soon after a relationship comes to an end. Do you want your ex back even after you've cheated on them? A lot of my friends think that an affair is the end a relationship. I am not saying that .... to take time. It will involve you changing both your attitudes and actions. With that said, is possible to heal and be a stronger couple as a result. Are you considering or going through a divorce at this time? If so, you should be aware of the risks of using social media during divorce. Here's some .... divorce proceedings. By using the aforementioned cautionary posting tips and guidelines, you'll eliminate much potential risk and damage to your case. 3 Reasons to Update Your Will By Tyler Di If you and your spouse have come to the final decision that you want separation then you want a best divorce lawyer by your side to help and protect you .... to find the best divorce lawyer that you can, because trying to file for divorce without a lawyer will bring the end in your spouse's favor, not
  2. 2. yours. As a family law practitioner in Oakland County, Michigan, I read every divorce case decided by the Michigan Court of Appeals. The case of Chochrane v .... move out of state, then that issue should be addressed at trial to avoid dealing with the change of domicile statute in addition to the custody statute. Fathers' Custody Rights Matter By Anji Fussell On 1 March 2009, the Federal Government amendments relating to de facto relationships commenced. How does it affect you? These amendments bring de facto .... protection with respect to potential property settlements and can set out how the asset pool is to be divided upon any separation / eventual separation. How to Come Out Of Your Divorce With the Best Overall Outcome By Aleida Walduis Child custody issues are by far the most emotionally charged facets of any divorce case. In no other subject do the decisions made by you, by your husband .... raised by two loving parents who show respect toward each other are proven to better ready for adulthood. And that should be the goal of every parent. Facts On Divorce Everyone Should Know By Alexander Naz The proceedings can be a very difficult time in the lives of individuals that are going through it. Whether you are a man or woman, there many things that .... compromise, and having the appropriate legal representation, you are my going to have a much higher likelihood that you come out of it with a positive outcome. A key understanding in all divorce cases that involve children is both parents have an ongoing obligation to support their children. Divorce or separation .... trustworthy legal advice about your options and understand your rights so that you can protect you and your children from financial burdens and ongoing stress.
  3. 3. Child Custody in Divorce Cases. Should You Make It A Fight? By James Garrett You merely thought you were living together. Well that's what you intended... By Alan Weiss How a Divorce Lawyer Assists Clients? By Jack Dosane Shared digital/online accounts is another tech-related area that may present concerns over privacy and trust during a divorce. The number of shared accounts .... get in touch with you. Take the time to connect with them, update your new contact information as needed to avoid any concerns or issues down the road. Articles 1 - 15 :: Prev | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .. | Next Moving Out of Michigan, Childhood Obesity and Custody By Cameron Goulding
  4. 4. Disconnecting From Your Spouse Online By Eric C. Cheshire Divorce is the dissolution of marriage, which is a legal action that may not concur with the emotional tearing apart. The process is usually painful for .... you do not have to present proof of the problem or any explanation. In many states, whether the other spouse agreed to divorce or not does not matter. Family Law: Dealing with the Stress of Divorce Divorce is a struggle to get through and it makes for a tough time on all the parties involved. The .... time if the day as a whole is too much. I hope these tips can help you during your divorce; it's not easy but you can and will survive the process. Having Trouble Collecting Child Support From Your Ex-Spouse? By Eric C. Cheshire Divorce Articles