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Yulia Marinova, Librarian at St. Ivan Rilski 1926 Public Chitalishte in the village of German
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Yulia Marinova, Librarian at St. Ivan Rilski 1926 Public Chitalishte in the village of German



Published in Education
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  • 1. ST. IVAN RILSKI 1926 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE GERMAN To the Youngest with Love
  • 2. The love between children and theTO THE YOUNGEST WITH LOVE chitalishte is shared. There is no better thing than children’s smiles!
  • 3. MY BIGGEST SUPPORTERS IN MY WORK WITH THE YOUNGEST ARE SOFIACITY LIBRARY, THE GLOBAL LIBRARIES AND CHITALISHTE LIBRARYCOLLEAGUES.Christmas tree decoration in Sofia Love of books should notCity Library fade!  Yet, how are we to nurture this love with such a strong competition? Media, movies, new technology, children’s clubs... To mention just a few of the temptations that increasingly detach children from the world of books. There is one way. To help each other by exchanging ideas, conducting joint events and most of all celebrate together! The book presentations and meetings with writers organized by the Children’s Department of Sofia City Library are wonderful and children are happy and willing to attend them.
  • 4. MEETINGS AND TRAINING ORGANIZED BY THE GLOBAL LIBRARIES ANDSOFIA CITY LIBRARY: A SOURCE OF IDEAS OF NEW AND UNTRADITIONALMETHODS FOR WORKING WITH CHILDREN. Here I should extend my  More and more often they use gratitude to the Bill & Melinda the computer for lesson Gates Foundation for the preparation and for chitalishte donated ICT equipment without and school celebrations. Thus which the library would not have they obtain information about been so attractive, especially to legends and traditions related to the youngest. They were deeply traditional celebrations like impressed by both the new Christmas, St. Lazar’s Day, acquisition and the fact that it is Easter, Baba Marta, etc. For not only them but also Aunt Yulia Midsummer Day, for example, who goes to school and receives the young readers found a diploma. In our day-to-day information on the internet about contacts, I shared with them some famous herbs, picked lime what I had learned and together blossom and made the church we discovered the opportunities goers happy with their gifts of and new applications offered by knowledge and herb bags. computers.
  • 5. INTERNET: SOURCE OF IDEASNominated Easter wreaths Children’s Hands Clubs  Here my idea of the Children’s Hands Club was born. Before every holiday, young readers surf the internet and borrow ideas for their decorations. At the library, we made dozens of martenitsas, Easter wreaths and painted eggs. We organized bazaar exhibitions. We used the generated funds to buy Fabian Lenk’s “The Time Detectives” and celebrated the Day of the Child. Children are already skilled users of specialized websites and links like YouTube, Lenagold, etc. They suggested that the money they raised from their works be used for purchasing new children’s books.
  • 7. THIS IS AN UNTRADITIONAL AND VERY EFFECTIVE WAY TO MAINTAIN ALIVECHILDREN’S LOVE OF BOOKS. THESE LITERARY READINGS TAKE PLACE ON AMONTHLY BASIS AND IN COOPERATION WITH ABARASH PUPPY MILL.  The dogs are of the Bern Shepherd breed and are specialized in therapeutic work with children. The psychologist Ms. Iva Deneva teaches children how to choose a pet and how to take care of it. Thus, they build a sense of responsibility and gain self-confidence as complete personalities. Young readers walk, comb and caress the dog Tanana with lots if love and joy and most of all read to it their favorite books. Every lesson with the dog is a carefully prepared celebration accompanied with riddles, fun and games.
  • 8. CHILDREN ARE CREATIVE INDIVIDUALS. THEY ARE PERSONS WE CANTRUST.  The lessons with the dog not only maintain alive their love of books: they also give them the opportunity to demonstrated creativity and express their talents. Pepi Lilov demonstrated his artistic capabilities and gripped the attention of his peers and Tanana with poems dedicated to the man’s best friend. Gergana Stanoeva had made a brilliant display of her organizational skills. With my help, she prepares the scenarios of the joint initiatives implemented in cooperation with Abarash puppy mill.
  • 9. LIBRARIAN FOR A SUMMER  Again, I would like to thank the Global Libraries for the conducted training. It is an inexhaustible source not only of knowledge but also of ideas. After each module, I come back to the library with heaps of ideas and implement at least one of them. This is how the Librarian for a Summer initiative became a fact. The most active participants were the third and fourth graders. They were responsible and keen on performing their librarian duties.
  • 10. YOUNG LIBRARIANS ARE SKILLFUL IN DEALING WITH THE LIBRARY STOCKAND PROVIDE LIBRARY SERVICES WITH A SMILE. THEY EVEN RECOMMENDTHEIR FAVORITE BOOKS TO THEIR PEERS.  Walking among the shelves, children find out new and unknown authors and titles. Their inherent inquisitiveness increases and their love of the fairy tale world of books strengthens. Thus, they realize that reading is not an obligation but pleasure. Sadly, only here many of them learn that adults read, too; that it takes lifelong learning in order to feel complete and keep abreast of time. At the end of the summer, each young librarian brought a book to their families according to their individual interests and taste.
  • 11. LEARNING COMPUTERS WITH CURIOSITY AND LOVE. HOW DO WEWORK WITH ELECTRONIC CATALOGUES AND HOW DO WE KNOW WHOTHE AUTHOR IS?  The training of young librarians was also an interesting and entertaining way for enhancing their computer literacy. They were happy to approach the computer whenever a patron was looking for a book and did not know who its author was. I use these occasions to introduce my assistants to some new computer functionalities. They learn to work with MS WORD, write letters and CVs.
  • 12. THE SUMMER 2012 BEST LIBRARIAN PRIZE WASAWARDED TO GERGANA STANOEVA  Geri does more than just providing services to patrons in a perfect and smiling manner. She knows very well how to work with the computer and trains her peers. She shows them the internet, how to create e-mail accounts, how to use Facebook. Almost all young readers are already aware of the risks the worldwide web hides and how to prevent them.
  • 13. WE SHOULD NEVER FORGET THAT CHILDREN FEEL FLATTERED WHENWE TRUST THEM.  One of their favorite websites is the GLB website because I assigned them with the task of checking the e-mail, reviewing the news and publicizing news from our chitalishte. Simeon Marinov uploads photographs from a “Reading to My Dog” event. It is nice to edit the text, insert the picture and then see the published news item.
  • 14. THE BIG SMALL READING IN THE WORLD OF ROALD DAHL AND FABIEN LENK All young readers were enthusiastic  Fabian Lenk’s “The Time Detectives” to take part in the Big Small Reading. series was also very warmly They were fascinated by Roald accepted by children. The author Dahl’s characters and most of all by presents the stories to his readers in Matilda’s adventures, the funny an entertaining and intriguing stories about the Twits and the Magic manner. We did not forget about the Finger revenge stories. They incentives. Those who had read the competed to read book after book, biggest number of series books swapped them and commented and received reader’s diaries. discussed them with enthusiasm.  At the end of the school year, we They filled in their reader’s diaries in gave our most active readers a book a diligent and responsible manner. and an illustrated folder. The competition was won by Natali  Our chitalishte interacts very Belchinska who received an award. successfully with the teachers from In order to stimulate and encourage the local school. Every week we their willingness to read, I took the organize literary readings dedicated most active participants to the days of to an author or a favorite book. German culture at St. Nedelya  Every year, the teachers bring first Square. We rode on the tram and graders to the library and we listened to fairy tales. introduce them to the world of books.
  • 15. TO THE YOUNGEST WITH LOVE AND MORE CARE: TAKING THE FAIRY-TALE WORLD OF BOOKS OUTSIDE THE LIBRARY  For those who still cannot read, we set up a small corner with plush toys. On Fridays we read tales or perform improvised puppet theater for them.  Very often, reading is combined with games and is taken outside the library. The most favorite thing is reading in front of the fire after games in the open. We make fortified walls of snow, we fight with snowballs, we sleigh along the icy slopes and steep streets. When they get tired, children are happy to crowd around the fireplace, open the colorful books and hungrily devour the stories about knights, kings, princes and princesses.