Yordanka Neshova, librarian at Prosveten Luch Public Chitalishte in the town of Sapareva Banya


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Yordanka Neshova, librarian at Prosveten Luch Public Chitalishte in the town of Sapareva Banya

  2. 2. Prosveten Luch Public Chitalishte was established in 1905.Traditionally, the library is the foundation of the chitalishte. Ourchitalishte library is a public library on the territory of SaparevaBanya, built on the principles of closeness, accessibility and efficiency ofthe library and information service provision to our 4,000 inhabitants.MISSION:Our mission is to be an intermediarybetween information and users inthe fast-paced world and work forthe establishment of the library as apublic information and culturalcenter providing equal access toall, including disadvantaged groups.
  3. 3. Our library is a fundamental and inseparable part of our town’scultural, educational and information infrastructure.Principles of our library operations include: Freedom of information Access for everyone Contribution to local culture development Library without walls To pursue its mission, our library seeks to mobilize additional financial resources through participation in projects, fundraising, donations, etc.
  4. 4. PROJECTS IMPLEMENTED IN PARTNERSHIP: Global Libraries – Bulgaria Folklore and Tourism in Sapareva Banya Region Traveling Neighbor’s Plate Reconstruction of the Chitalishte Building
  5. 5. GLOBAL LIBRARIES – BULGARIA The project is implemented within the Global Libraries – Bulgaria Program of the Ministry of Culture and the United Nations Development Program. This program is implemented at the initiative of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Our library joined it at the first stage of its implementation with the support of Sapareva Banya Municipality.
  6. 6. MAIN PROJECT ACTIVITIES• Our library received three desktop computer configurations and a multimedia device.• Provision of free internet to library visitors.• Participation in the multi- component training of librarians. The library before the renovation
  7. 7. ACHIEVED RESULTS• The Global Libraries Program has changed the image of our library, transforming it into a modern information center. The number of people who want to use the computers is very big. My request to the program management is to increase the number of computers and multimedia devices so that the library can respond to users’ demands.• We have included our patrons in the global information society and thus we have improved the quality of their lives.
  8. 8. FOLKLORE AND TOURISM IN SAPAREVA BANYA REGION The project was implemented under the Youth Program of the Ministry of Youth and Sport in partnership with Aleko Konstantinov Vocational High School of Tourism and Administration in Sapareva Banya and a group of young people from the Netherlands.
  9. 9. MAIN PROJECT ACTIVITIES• Welcoming and getting to know the young people from the Netherlands• Presentation on Sapareva Banya and its landmarks• Hiking to Ovcharchenski Waterfalls• Organize an ethnographic exhibition at the chitalishte• Organize a folklore concert with the folklore companies in the municipality
  10. 10. OTHER PROJECT ACTIVITIESHiking from Sapareva Banya to the Seven Rila LakesRenew hiking signsRenew hiking trail markingExcursion to Rila MonasteryPublish a songbook of folklore songs from our region Renewal of hiking trail signs
  11. 11. ACHIEVED RESULTS The library expanded its collections with the valuable regional studies publication “Songbook”. Project participants andactive readers collected and recorded folklore songs from ourregion. The implementation of this project facilitated young people’s personality development. They learned to work in a teamand found new friends. Our region’s folklore, traditions and natural grandeurs were promoted.
  12. 12. TRAVELING NEIGHBOR’S PLATE The project was implemented under the PHARE Program, measure “Development of Local Cultural Initiatives”, by the municipal administration of Sapareva Banya and its key partner Prosveten Luch 1905 Public Chitalishte.
  13. 13. MAIN PROJECT ACTIVITIES• Unite people in the Good neighbors are a real treasure. community around natural neighbors’ relations• Revive and diversify neighbors’ relations across the municipality• Collect and preserve traditional culinary recipes from our region
  14. 14. OTHER PROJECT ACTIVITIES• Prepare a schedule and itineraries for the traveling neighbor’s plate• Collect recipes in a template• Organize a culinary exhibition and a folklore concert Project kick-off
  15. 15. Traditional dishes The traveling neighbor’s plate
  16. 16. ACHIEVED RESULTSThe traveling neighbor’s plate toured more than 400houses across the municipality.The library’s role was to prepare the templates for thetraditional dishes and promote the idea of compiling arecipe book among its patrons. More than 200 recipes forBulgarian dishes were collected, systematized andsent for printing.The library’s and chitalishte’s influence among municipalityinhabitants enhanced.
  17. 17. RECONSTRUCTION OF THE CHITALISHTE BUILDING The project is implemented under the Rural Development Program of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, measure 321. The project proposal was designed by the Municipality and its beneficiary is the chitalishte. The project amount totals BGN 928,874.
  18. 18. MAIN PROJECT ACTIVITIES• Improve the population’s access to cultural services related to local population’s and town visitors’ leisure and recreation time• The project envisages total reconstruction of the library, the cinema hall and the other chitalishte halls• The project also envisages new furniture
  19. 19. EXPECTED RESULTS• By implementing this project, we hope to improve the library’s public image, expand its impact among new patrons and guests of Sapareva Banya.• The Municipality has supported us and designed this large-scale project. While we hoped that the reconstruction would be finalized by 2010, it was launched in September 2011.• We hope that after the end of the project we will have a modern library meeting readers’ new demands.
  20. 20. Our good partners also include Hristo BotevPrimary School, St. Anna Kindergarten, the disabledpeople’s club, etc. Partnership is a decisive factor for mobilizingproject funding and implementation; as long asunderstanding and a helping hand areavailable, results are easy to achieve.
  21. 21. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Prepared by Yordanka Neshova, Librarian at Prosveten Luch 1905 Public Chitalishte, Sapareva Banya e-mail: proluch@abv.bg; GLBG0759@glbulgaria.bg