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The Gyovren Library - an Open Window on the World
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The Gyovren Library - an Open Window on the World

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  • 1. The Library at Svetlina 1948 Public Chitalishte, Gyovren, Smolyan DistrictAn Open Window to the World
  • 2. PartnershipSvetlina 1948 Chitalishte Library, Gyovren Ramadan Shanov, Scretary Sevgyul Shaibova, Librarian and Whitney Godby, Peace Corps Volunteer
  • 3. HistoryOpened in 1948 as part of the chitalishteBorrowing room – 27 sq. m.Reading room – 27 sq. m.Book depository – 8 sq. m.
  • 4. Information about the library Library stock – more than 4,000 volumes and 50 CDs Library stock catalogued and organized according to UDC Systematic traditional card catalogue and electronic catalogue Number of readers in 2011: 110 Number of users in 2011: 5,439 of whom 3,749 used computers
  • 5. Global LibrariesThe library was selected to participate in the program at the first stage. It received three computers and a multifunctional device , one librarian staff position and training under the five thematic areas. 4 November 2010
  • 6. Global Libraries Our daily statistics Users register their visits in a template form on their ownThe template form data are summarized in a tableResults are presented through a diagram on a monthly basis Computer usage in Svetlina Library 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Посещения брой часове Потребители Linear (Посещения)
  • 7. Activities Social activities Work with children Training courses Electronic catalogue
  • 8. Social ActivitiesAssistance and advice to farmers in looking for EU programsNew library services – CV design, online job search, Skype conversations, e-mail communication and use of social networks like FacebookCopying servicesUsing the computers for lectures on healthy and safe work environment, drugs and AIDS prevention
  • 9. Work with Children Martenitsa competition on 28 February 2012 Electronic quiz on Vasil Levski – 17 February 2012 Green Library in July
  • 10. Work with ChildrenCorrespondence with children from the USATyping training with the Mavis Beacon programSpelling Bee competition
  • 11. Work with ChildrenOur Nature and My Holidays international painting contests for childrenOnline search of school literature
  • 12. Children on the InternetChildren use websites for educational and entertaining purposesThe www.dechica.com website with its variety of topics: mathematics, literature, music, science, painting, etc.
  • 13. Electronic CatalogueAdopted in August 2011 during stocktakingAll My Books inventory software was usedEnables searching in the library stock and adding information about new books
  • 14. All My Books SoftwareThe software also registers book loans.
  • 15. CoursesEnglish language for grown-ups  for childrenComputer courses for different age groups
  • 16. Other informationWe donated 118 books to the library in the village of KasakWe received books from individuals, the Darian Book Project and the village of GyovrenWe organized presentations of workout methods – in the new gym.
  • 17. FutureLook for book sponsorsEnrich the library stock with new Bulgarian and foreign language booksProvide a multimedia projector for presentations on topics of current interest in the gym and the libraryProvide innovative library services.
  • 18. Thank you for your attention!