Ms. Teodora Kuzmanova, Paisii Hilendarski City Library, Asenovgrad: “Traditions and Innovations in Summer Activities with Children at Paisii Hilendarski City Library
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Ms. Teodora Kuzmanova, Paisii Hilendarski City Library, Asenovgrad: “Traditions and Innovations in Summer Activities with Children at Paisii Hilendarski City Library

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  • 1. Traditions and Innovations in the Summer Activities with Children ofPaisii Hilendarski City Library, Asenovgrad Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria
  • 2. Innovations in the Global Society “Innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or callingeach other at 10.30 at night with a new idea, or because they realized something that shoots holes in howwe’ve been thinking about a problem…The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs
  • 3. In those days… It was time when the book was ourtruest friend, our only window to theworld. In it we could find farawaygalaxies, wondrous places and olden times.It told us the stories of Winnie the Pooh,Alice in Wonderland, the naughty andfunny Pippi. And today? Today, along with thebook, our children have other opportunitiesto learn all this.
  • 4. What is going on with our children? Psychologists say that today’s children live in two parallel worlds: virtual and real. They also say that 70% of children have a thorough command of computer technology while only 30% of adults can handle them. Where does the link between generations break and what happens in our children’s heads? Even psychologists still find it hard to answer this question…
  • 5. Breaking stereotypes at the library * We dreamed * We wished our dreams could come true * We believed we can * We overcame our fears Hence, “Vacation at the Library 2010” became a fact.
  • 6. “Vacation at the Library 2011”: Combination of Traditional and Innovative MethodsThanks to our experience from the previous year, the equipment we received from the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program and the training, our classes became more entertaining and attractive and a bigger number of children took part in them.
  • 7. Program DeliveryEach Tuesday and Thursday, 10.00 – 12.00 a.m. Traditional initiatives: * “With a Book in Hand” * Thematic classes in groups * Movies * Creative workshop
  • 8. New initiatives* Work with computers* Multimedia presentations* “The Microphone is Yours”* Drama performances* Interactive games Program scope Age group: 3 – 14 years Children with special education needs - Day Center for Disabled Children, Children with different ethnicity and nationality
  • 9. In 2012Agreement with the Municipal Commission for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency in Asenovgrad Involvement of volunteers * children prepare and deliver the program * interactive English language courses – two times a week
  • 10. Methodology* combining the so-called traditionalmethods – lectures, meetings, visits,readings;* through modern interactive methods andtools – multimedia presentations,animation, group work and interactivegames, creative workshops The Multimedia: an opportunity for much more efficient interaction and acquisition of information and knowledge because people tend to remember: * what they read – 5% * what they see – 10% * audio-video channel – 50%.
  • 11. Initiatives * Meetings with artists from Asenovgrad: Ivan Lyubenov, Tina Ruzhina, Lily Raycheva* Presentations on Leda Mileva, Astrid Lindgren and Gianni Rodari * Visit to the City Museum of History * Identify the fairy tale character
  • 12. Thematic Scope of the Classes - EU countries, Bulgaria, Asenovgrad - Christian and Muslim calendar holidays - “The Book and the Computer: Hand in Hand” - “The Amazing Space” - “In the World of Dinosaurs” - “The Colors of Friendship” - “Musical Instruments” - “Sea Animals”, “Domestic Pets” - “Healthy Eating” - “In the Vegetable Garden” - “The World’s Old and New Wonders” - Art, Sports, Nature - “My Idea of a Better World” - “My Dream Library”, etc.
  • 13. The library: a talent hunting spot Magdalena Apostolova and Ellie Sarafova write poems
  • 14. Radina Neykova prepared the Kristina Arabadzhievapresentation “A Walk in the World of the charming girl from Asenovgrad Cartoon Characters” as part of the who won “Bulgaria’s Got Talent” summer program. show on bTV and was a guest at the library.
  • 15. Anna Ivanova, seventh-grader from Angel Kanchev PrimarySchool, took part in the “Dino the Dinosaur” play Irina from Knyaz Boris I Secondary School and Eliza from P. Karavelov Primary School help younger kids in the creative workshop
  • 16. Younger and bigger kids take active part in the summer program Dilyana Bozhanova, seventh-grader from Angel Kanchev Primary School, presented her serviette collection; Vanya Borisova, forth-grader from Knyaz Boris I Secondary School, exhibited her paintings; Ralitsa Kutomanova, first-grader-to-be from P. Karavelov Primary School, told stories from the book “MyDog and Puppy Encyclopedia” about hero dogs who have saved human lives and puppies loyal to their owners, etc.
  • 17. Volunteer InitiativeLibrary specialists and children visit kindergartens as book ambassadors and promote library initiatives
  • 18. Good Library Practice Principles 1. We have an honest, respectful and fair attitude toward kids! 2. We help them live fuller lives through the library information services we provide! 3. We take the responsibility of adopting innovations in our work by learning new and modern competencies! 4. Children have chosen to trust us! In response, we strive to understand their needs and make them happy with our services! Library specialists’ major mission: encourage children to read and be informed
  • 19. Challenges to Library Specialists* Be cognizant of international, European and national standards* Be good pedagogues, psychologists, animators, speakers, actors, PR and promotion specialists, sociologists, artists, masters of modern technology* Be good team players* Learn on the go
  • 20. Yet, this is not enough:they must love their jobs and children and be willing to make progress
  • 21. They must be cognizant of:the National Strategy on Children; the UN Convention; EU recommendations and practices; our national experience
  • 22. Children’s competencies we build and develop:* social competencies: communication and teamwork skills * personal: self-identification * motivational * cognitive: imagination and creativity креативност; * value relatedcompetencies: respecting differences and otherness, solidarity * traditional and electronic information search, assessment and selection skills
  • 23. What is important for the success of the program? The program should be educational and instructive, and yet entertaining, attractive and diverse.
  • 24. For children it is of crucial importance: * The right to choose: the opportunity to chooseindependently what activities they want to take part in * Being active participants rather than passive observers
  • 25. Long-term Program Effect Analysis of exit level questionnaire results Statistics:(average number of participants per activity) 2010 - 15 kids 2011 - 40 kids 2012 - 60 kids
  • 26. As a result of our work with our youngest readers, the “Library Friends” Club composed of participants in our summer activities was born. Our program goes on after the vacation, once a month.
  • 27. Epilogue Day after day, we keep looking for our choices –what we should be, what good we can do. What we learn today can change our lives tomorrow! “The library is a nice place for the young and the elderly –some get a taste of the wisdom of the ages, others recollect of far-off days! Somewhere there is the “cross-point” where generations meet.” Rositsa Andonova, mother of the library’s youngest reader
  • 28. Thank you for your attention! Prepared by: Milena Markovska, Director and Teodora Kuzmanova, Librarian at the Children’s Dept. of Paisii Hilendarski City Library, Asenovgrad e-mail: