Natalia Pancheva, Senior Culture Expert at Pravets Municipality


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Natalia Pancheva, Senior Culture Expert at Pravets Municipality

  1. 1. Pravets Municipality:Target Libraries and Their Partners
  2. 2. Pravets municipality –clean nature, historical and cultural sites, elite high schools, alternative social services, good investmentpolicy, sports and tourism.
  3. 3. Human activities on the territory of Pravets date back to the Neolithicperiod. Thracians and Romans, proto- Bulgarians and Slavs left their markshere. The numerous remains are silent, yet positive proofs of ancient life on these lands. The name of Pravets comes from “straight road”. Ancient roads ranhere: Roman, medieval, the road from the capital Tarnovgrad to Sredetsduring the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.
  4. 4. In 1883, Pravets municipality was established as a villagemunicipality which subsequently changed its structure andterritory repeatedly. In modern times, Pravets was announced a town with aPeople’s Republic of Bulgaria State Council Decree of 16 October1981. 31 years after that, the town keeps reviving. Today, it is the center of a municipality incorporating a totalof eleven settlements – the town of Pravets and ten villages. The population of the municipality is 7,892 people of whom4,417 people live in the town of Pravets.
  5. 5. Eight chitalishte operate on the territory of Pravetsmunicipality. In 2012, a new chitalishte was established in thesmallest settlement of the municipality.
  6. 6. The town of Pravets hosts Zarya 1895 Public Chitalishte. The chitalishte library was approved for participation inthe Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program under Stage 2009. This facilitated the access to information provided by thelibrary, transformed it into one of young people’s preferredplaces and created opportunities for enhanced and newpartnerships.
  7. 7. Zarya 1895 Public Chitalishte, Pravets The library at Zarya 1895 Public Chitalishte in Pravets workssuccessfully with institutions in various fields of action: - educational institutions: Vasil Levski Primary School, AlekoKonstantinov Foreign Language High School, Vocational High Schoolof Computing and Technology Systems; - cultural institutions: Museum of History in Pravets, MozartFestival Pravets ’04 Association; - social institutions: St. Ivan Rilski Wonder Worker ProtectedHouse, Day Center Pravets, Club for Senior and Disabled People; - Peace Corps volunteers; - local authors, etc.
  8. 8. Zarya 1895 Public Chitalishte, Pravets School children from the primary school and the vocational schools in the town visit the chitalishte library on a daily basis.The access to modern library services helps them integrate to the globalinformation society and receive up-to- date information.
  9. 9. Zarya 1895 Public Chitalishte, Pravets In 2010, “Our Summer” municipal program was launched. The program includes activities with first to fourth-graders and fifth to seventh-graders from Vasil Levski Primary School, some of which are hosted by the chitalishte library. US Peace Corps volunteers Philip Snedegar and Adam Medoff work with the children.
  10. 10. Zarya 1895 Public Chitalishte, Pravets Activities with children include computer classes, English language lessonseducational movies, etc. The targeted activities are instrumental to the efficient utilization ofchildren’s leisure time in the summer.
  11. 11. Zarya 1895 Public Chitalishte, Pravets Senior people from St. Ivan Rilski Protected House, the Day Center, and theClub for Senior and Disabled People can visit the library and also receive on-siteservices like distribution of and discussions on books, etc. On various occasions and holidays, the young chitalishte amateur performersorganize dance and music shows which makes senior people’s daily lives more cheerful.
  12. 12. Zarya 1895 Public Chitalishte, Pravets The building of Zarya 1895 Public Chitalishte hosts the Museum of History in Pravets and the Mozart Festival – Pravets ‘04 Association.Many of their initiatives are implementedwith the support of the chitalishte and the equipment provided by the Global Libraries – Bulgaria Program.
  13. 13. Vasil Tsenkov 1936 Public Chitalishte, Razliv Approved at Stage 2010, the library at Vasil Tsenkov 1936 Public Chitalishte opened its computer room in 2011. This is a step toward making the library a modern information center where lifelong learning takes place. Users include people of any age andethnicity – all of them make use of the new opportunities.
  14. 14. Vasil Tsenkov 1936 Public Chitalishte, RazlivThe library works successfully with theschool children from Hristo BotevPrimary School and St. Ivan RilskiHome for Children Deprived of ParentalCare who prepare for school, makepresentations and stay busy in their freetime. The chitalishte staff provides one-on-one training of children and adults including: text- processing; internet for beginners and information search; social networks, etc.
  15. 15. Vasil Tsenkov 1936 Public Chitalishte, RazlivThe village club for senior and disabled people, together with the chitalishte, organizes village celebrations – a successful model for the small-sizesettlements with predominantly elderly population.
  16. 16. Vazrazhdane 1927 Public Chitalishte, Dzhurovo In the summer of 2011, the library at Vazrazhdane 1927 PublicChitalishte, renovated and equipped under the Global Libraries –Bulgaria Program, opened doors. The library is located in the village with the biggest populationin the municipality.
  17. 17. Vazrazhdane 1927 Public Chitalishte, Dzhurovo The chitalishte library works with thechildren from Hristo Botev Primary School withthe main purpose of facilitating their integrationsince they are of predominantly Roma origin. A variety of training courses andactivities are implemented – computer skills,games, listening to favorite fairy tales and songs,watching movies. Many young people learned to complywith library rules. They learn about the benefitsof knowing computer technology and acquirenumerous useful habits. Villagers show a special interest in thefast and easy internet communication with theirfamily members living abroad.
  18. 18. Razvitie 1898 Public Chitalishte, Vidrare The folk song group at Razvitie 1898 Public Chitalishte takes part in numerous regional, national and international forums. It has received numerous awards. Through the Global Libraries – Bulgaria Program, many young people returned to the library to find more opportunities for expanding their knowledge.
  19. 19. Razvitie 1898 Public Chitalishte, Vidrare Library partners include school children from Vasil Levski Primary School and St.Panteleimon Home for Children with Mental Disabilities. Their socialization and integration is also supported by US Peace Corps volunteers. In the summer, many children coming to their grandparents forthe vacation show special interest in visiting the library.
  20. 20. The Global Libraries – Bulgaria Program opened up to chitalishte libraries new opportunities for activities, partnerships and initiatives. The easy and equitable access to information, knowledge, communication, e-services, free internet and other information and communication technology enabled chitalishte libraries to make small villages more attractive places offering improved living, working and recreation conditions.Thank you for your attention! Prepared by Natalia Pancheva, Senior Culture Expert