Mariela Savkova, Manager of the District Information Center in Vidin


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Mariela Savkova, Manager of the District Information Center in Vidin

  1. 1. DISTRICT INFORMATION CENTER, VIDIN PROMOTION OF EU COHESION POLICY IN BULGARIA AND VIDIN Partnership with the Global Libraries Network Mariela Savkova 10-11 April 2012 Vidin, Bolonia HotelПроект № 0068-ОВН-3.3 Областен информационен център – Видин. Финансиран по договор забезвъзмездна финансова помощ № BG161PO002-3.3.02-00014-C0001 от Оперативна програма„Техническа помощ”, съфинансирана от Европейския съюзчрез Европейския фонд за регионално развитие.
  2. 2. Overview of DIC VidinFunded by the Technical Assistance Operational Program, co-funded by theEuropean Union through the European Regional Development Fund as perContract BG161RO002-3.3.02-0014-C0001Part of the national network of 27 active DICsEstablished in partnership between local authorities and central governmentas per a procedure for direct provision of funds from the program of VidinMunicipality. Monitored by the Minister of EU Funds Management,methodologically managed by the Information and EU Funds ManagementSystems Directorate and the Central Information and Coordination Office at theCouncil of Ministers.Total budget: BGN 399,979.69Staff: manager and two expertsDuration: 36 months
  3. 3. GOALS OF DIC VidinProvision of information about the cohesion policy, its goals and existing opportunities in Bulgaria and Vidin in particularProvision of user-friendly access to information about the goals of EU cohesion policy and the NSRFEnsure the right to equitable and full access to informationabout funding opportunities under the Structureand Cohesion Funds (SCF) to all social, ethnic andage groups from across the country andVidin district and provide a wide range ofoptions for accessing this information
  4. 4. Some activities planned for 2012Hold 30 information meetings and events on open calls by the OPs andthe preparation of the next program period 2014 – 2020Organize 4 trainings in cohesion policy goals and project cyclemanagementStudy and present good practices Stimulate the dialogue between partners on the next program period2014 – 2020; hold a regional conference and 5 work meetings to identifyprojects and partnerships for the next multiannual framework programConduct media coverage monitoring of programs and projects funded byEU Structure and Cohesion Funds
  5. 5. Partnership with the Global Libraries network I. INFORMATION EXCHANGE Provision of diverse basic and specific information about the NSRF and the operational programs Distribution of free-of-charge information materials from the EC and other EU institutions, Managing Authorities, generated under projects co-funded by the Structural and Cohesion Funds  Provision of information about open calls for Vidin district and monthly distribution to the smallest settlements with Global Libraries network users  Exchange of good practices  Assessment of information needs
  6. 6. Partnership with the Global Libraries networkII. COMMUNICATION INTERACTION• Referral of DIC users to filling in project proposal application documents• Assistance in reaching smaller settlements• Participation in discussions and focus groups on the next program period 2014 – 2020III. EXPERT COOPERATION• Provision of information to potential beneficiaries about operational programs application opportunities• Answering questions and inquiries, including referral to other specialized sources of information• Preparation of a monthly e-newsletter promoting EU calendar and Bulgaria’s European calendar milestones (e.g. contract dates, brief historical reference)
  7. 7. Useful Information Comparative Data on the Northwest Planning Region*№ Nuts 3 SCF Beneficiaries Total amount of grant funding (No.) (in BGN)1. Vidin district 42 42 761 8262. Montana District 53 72 035 9913. Vratsa District 75 205 486 7474. Pleven District 81 82 808 4135. Lovech District 52 108 264 054 Grant funding, NUTS 3 in the Northwest Planning Region* *According to the UMIS
  8. 8. Useful Information Operational Programs by number of grant agreements in Vidin district* Общ 24 НПО 60 Бизнес 8 Други 770 ОПТП - 3 ОПРЧР - 3760 ОПРР-12 ОПОС- 4 CBC BG- SER -7 ОПКБИ- 650 CBCRO-BG 2540 4030 3020 2010 100 0 * Total SCF amount (2007-2011): 42 761 826 (the lowest in the  Northwest Planning Region)  
  9. 9. Open Calls for Vidin as at April 2012 (10)*OP “Development ofthe Competitiveness of 5 open calls for the business, including class A and B enterprisesthe Bulgarian and SMEsEconomy”OP “Regional 2 calls for municipalities, NGOs, schools and kindergartensDevelopment” 3 calls for proposals for the business, municipalities and NGOsOP “Human ResourceDevelopment” * Further information about requirements, eligible expenses and deadlines is available at the DIC Vidin office, Total amount of grants under OPs in Vidin at 1 March 2012 42 761 826 Number of contracts 68* Total number of beneficiaries 42 +Exclusive of contracts with Romania and Serbia under Cross- Border Cooperation
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention! District Information Center VIDIN Contacts: Vidin 2 BDINTSI SQUARE Temporary Office: Danube Office: 3700 Vidin, 4 Baba Vida St., fl. 2 e-mail:; Mariela Savkova (Vulkova), Manager (phone: 0898 718515) Tsvetomir Tsenkov, Communication, Information and Logistics ExpertThis document was created with the support of Project No. 0068-ОВН-3.3 District Information Center Vidin. Funded as per grant agreement No. BG161PO002-3.3.02-00014-C0001 under Technical Assistance Operational Program, co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund