Penka Alexieva, Neofit Rilski Library at Hadzhi Nencho Palaveev 1869 Public Chitalishte in Koprivshtitsa


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Penka Alexieva, Neofit Rilski Library at Hadzhi Nencho Palaveev 1869 Public Chitalishte in Koprivshtitsa

  1. 1. THE LIBRARY:a Sought-afterPartner
  2. 2. Historical Background Firstlibrary collection created by Neofit Rilski at the newly established class school In 1859 used as a public library In 1909 Hadzhi Nencho provided 1,300 napoleons for the construction of a chitalishte building with a library
  3. 3. The Library Today
  4. 4. New books maintain readers’ interest
  5. 5. The Glob@l Libraries – BulgariaProgram: Basis for Local Partnerships This project, in addition to new services and benefits, resulted in new opportunities for joint activities through the provision of free access to information and knowledge and enhancement of communication and community services.
  6. 6. Library PARTNERS- L. Karavelov Secondary School-Library at Museums Directorate-Koprivshtitsa Municipality-NETTLE Youth Association-Local business-Annunciation Women’s Society-Pensioner’s club-Simel Publishing House – Budilnik Library-Private donors – Koprivshtitsa library
  7. 7. Simel Press Publishing Housein Budilnik LibraryBEFORE: NOW: book presentations: presentation newly published  Ivan Pehlivanov, “Priest Nikola print publications Belchov Koprivshtitsa Citizen”  Rayna Kableshkova, “Todor Kableshkov”  Dincho Karamunchev, “Petko Karavelov: Politician and Diplomat”  Ivan Govedarov, “Koprivshtitsa in Connection with the Spiritual and Political Revival”  “A Koprivshtitsa Woman from the Old Times”  “Hadzhi Nencho Palaveev: Koprivshtitsa’s Benefactor”
  8. 8. Annunciation Women’s SocietyBEFORE: organization of NOW: establishment of poetic nights, travelling new contacts with other library – the ladies women’s societies and offered home based clubs and web based services to senior and ill communication. New people rubric – get to know the world online. Online health related knowledge and advice.
  9. 9. Business Library Funders NOW: free internet – 2004 and pre-printBEFORE: preparation for republication of old books Annual from the library stock under the donations for “Koprivshtitsa Library” project. To date, subscription seven library books were prepared and the from Mr. Kiril following were republished: Palaveev “Koprivshtitsa Leader” by Pulekov, published in 2004, 2007 and 2011 “Golden Dust” by Debelyanov, 2010 “The Holy Fire” by Archimandrite Evtimiy, 2009 “Koprivshtitsa from a Viewpoint...” by Pranzhov, 2008 “The Songs of Koprivshtitsa”, 2012
  10. 10. Private Book DonorsBefore: Now: immediate preparation and Poor printing of records and certificates promotion Georgi Kukudov and Teodora Staykova donate and difficult collections of old publications, foreign accountability language dictionaries, contemporary fiction. Library book donors include many fellow citizens and guests: Maria Dushkova, Nenka Dimitrova, Milena Alexieva, Nikola Koklev, Lidia Pindzhikova- Mayer, Penka Tishkova
  11. 11. Collection DonorsA new acquisition of our library is the NOW: collection of artistic reproductions of A new opportunity for works painted by artists from all online promotion over the world and from all times; and presentation of probably unique, composed of private collections reproductions which Mr. Zdravko Dafinov, collected, catalogued and preserved in special wooden cabinets. Donated by his heirs – Borislav Vilarov and Darina Dafinova.Dr. Emilia Goshova donated an entire collection of gramophone records
  12. 12. Pass On the Book to FriendsA new opportunity for creation of information materials on library initiativesOrganization of new initiatives:“Pass on the Book to Friends”“Illustrate the Book “Bulgarians from Old Times”“Readers nominations and contests”
  13. 13. Koprivshtitsa MunicipalityThe new equipment: a new opportunity for project based Preparation and printing of partnerships. congratulatory addresses, sample forms and advertisements of municipal events
  14. 14. Pensioner’s Club BEFORE: Organization of literary readings NOW: New activities – e-letters and online correspondence with families and friends living in the country and abroad
  15. 15. Library at the MuseumsDirectorate BEFORE: assisting library service provision through book based information from its own archive NOW: photocopying, scanning and creation of an accessible archive for our users
  16. 16. NETTLE Association Young people use the internet and the equipment to create promotion brochures and boards on environmental protection and bio-farming and bio-foods.Its members agricultural producers receive the necessary information and fill in subsidy application forms.
  17. 17. The chair of the association presents“Solidary Agriculture”
  18. 18. Local Business and CitizensService provision to tourist agencies for creation of advertising materials, publishing of online announcements and packages, computer and photocopying services.
  19. 19. Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School BEFORE: book based reference activities NOW: internet based reference and learning activities; preparation and printing of homework assignments, study papers, etc. Entertaining computer games and movies for children