Must Have Apps for the Mobile Worker


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Are you a mobile worker? Here's our six favourite apps bound to make your life more easier, work more efficient and give you free time for the things you love.

We'll cover remote storage, project management, productivity management, note taking, to-do lists, idea management, conference calls and screen sharing.

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Must Have Apps for the Mobile Worker

  2. 2. INTRO Are you a mobile worker? Most of us are these days, whether we realise it or not. The team at HotDesk have compiled a list of some of the best remote working tools around. So without further adieu, here’s six tools to make you more efficient as a mobile worker and give you more time for the most important things in life…
  3. 3. STORAGE Access Your Work Anywhere. Dropbox is the web’s preferred platform for storing documents on the cloud and ensuring availability from any location (so long as you’ve got an internet connection that is (which is still only accounts for about 40% of the world by the way). A number of alternatives to Dropbox exist such as Google Docs, Microsoft’s One Drive (formerly Sky Drive) and Kim Dotcom’s which offers a whopping 50GB of free online storage to new users.
  4. 4. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Get Sh!t Done. Billed as everyone’s favourite project management app, Basecamp is used to manage daily tasks and milestones for your project across multiple, geographically dispersed teams. Deskaway and Join Contacts are viable alternatives while Trello finds favour amongst many a startup.
  5. 5. TASK & IDEA MANAGEMENT Your ‘To Do’ List Arguably, Evernote is the ultimate tool for task and thought management across multiple devices. The app has gone from mere note taking to an enterprise class knowledge management solution. Rich with features such as PDF annotation, ample storage, an intelligent search function (which allows you to search inside PDFs and find text in images!), offline access and snazzy team sharing capabilities, it charts near the summit on most ‘top apps’ lists and tops our list here at HotDesk.
  6. 6. CONFERENCE CALLS Because Sometimes…You Need to Talk to People When it comes to calling somebody online, Skype is the default go-to option the world over. But what if you need to speak to a team of people at once – a team that happens to be geographically dispersed? Oovoo allows you to add up to eight members on a single video or voice chat across all devices. Problem solved.
  7. 7. PRODUCTIVITY MANAGEMENT Measure, Track and Demonstrate Your Worth Our favorite productivity management and benchmarking tool is Rescue Time. Boasting a beautiful graphical presentation of your most time consuming activities along with a recommendation of whether it is good to proceed with them or not. The goal dashboard possesses an intellectual algorithm, assessing the time you spend on various tasks, suggesting goals to accomplish for the upcoming working week. For those who have have negotiated or are negotiating remote working privileges, this is a great tool to demonstrate your productivity and output to your boss.
  8. 8. SCREEN SHARING For When You Need to Show and Tell The best way to communicate something is often via visual demonstration, yet as a mobile worker you don’t have the ability to sit down with someone and point things out on your screen. Actually you can, minus the sit down that is. With tools such as and, you can seamlessly share your screen with other people and use the built-in chat or call function to support your demonstration. Too easy.
  9. 9. … AND WE’RE DONE! Do these make your list of top remote working tools? Which other tools do you use? Like this? Share it!