Using Aquarium Air Pumps
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Using Aquarium Air Pumps






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Using Aquarium Air Pumps Using Aquarium Air Pumps Presentation Transcript

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  • Using Aquarium Air Pumps When setting up a home aquarium, it is important that you properly set up the aquarium air pump. Without the aquarium air pump, the fish will not be able to breath and most would eventually die. Here are some of the essential things you should know about setting up an aquarium air pump.
  • The Need For An Aquarium Air Pump Almost all aquariums will need an aquarium air pump. In most cases, the air pump pumps air through the tubes, into the water and through the filter. They provide the needed oxygen that most tropical, saltwater and freshwater fish need for survival. There are different types of air pumps. The type of aquarium you have and the number of fish you have in your tank will determine what type of aquarium air pump you should buy.
  • Air Stones And Bubble Wands One of the easiest and most common aquarium air pumps are air stones and the bubble wands. These are ideal for smaller aquariums and tanks. With this system, one end is attached to tubing and air circulates through the tubing and into the water through the stone. This type of air pump circulates air while creating bubbles in the water.
  • Under Gravel Aquarium Air Pumps The under gravel aquarium air pumps are those systems that are place under the gravel in the bottom of the tank. The air is pumped through tube and then up through the underwater gravel. This type air pump is better suited for larger aquariums or tanks. The under gravel air pump is nice because it is easy to hide inside of the aquarium and it gives it a more natural look.
  • How To Use An Aquarium Air Pump The use of an aquarium air pump is really easy. You just follow the instructions that come with your air pump. Basically, you take out the air pump from the box, put it into the aquarium and start it. If the air pump attached to a filter, then you have to clean it frequently, because it gets very dirty.
  • Product specific questions Make sure you read the directions closely when you have a new air pump. That is best way to learn to use it properly. If you have any product specific questions, most air pumps have a toll free number on their box that you can call, or you can simply ask your questions to the local pet store employee.
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