Making Fish Happy: Live Aquarium Plants


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Making Fish Happy: Live Aquarium Plants

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  2. 2. Making Fish Happy: Live Aquarium Plants To most people an aquarium is a beautiful little world all in its own. Whether the tank is in a restaurant, at a hotel or in the home it provides a stunning look into the world of the ocean, all within a small little piece of equipment. However, aquariums are more complicated than fish.
  3. 3. Beautiful piece of the ocean Caring for a tank and creating that beautiful piece of the ocean is a bit more difficult than filling it with water and dropping in a few fish. In fact, rarely when one pictures an aquarium does he or she only picture fish because there are also rocks on the bottom, sunken ships, little castles, shells, reefs and, most importantly, plants.
  4. 4. Aquarium plants serve multiple purposes Aquarium plants serve multiple purposes, and depending on the intention of the owner, different plants can be used. Many beginners use fake plants, especially if they have small tanks with only a few fish. Small bowl-like tanks are not even filtrated so plastic plants, weighted at the bottom, are fine.
  5. 5. Natural surroundings These plants do provide comfort for the fish, as they feel more at home with natural surroundings. But for larger tanks, especially saltwater aquariums, live aquarium plants are a necessity. Both types of plants provide psychological comfort for the fish, but only live aquarium plants truly benefit the fish physically, and can even mean the difference between a successful tank and a failure.
  6. 6. Breathing In Peace Live aquarium plants best mimic the natural ocean world. Especially in saltwater tanks, plant life is integral to health of fish, and for the owner it truly makes the tank a beautiful sight. However, live aquarium plants, just like in natural, are the foundation of the ecosystem in the tank. They oxygenate the water and help to filter dangerous bacteria.
  7. 7. Growth of algae They prevent the growth of algae by absorbing carbon dioxide in the water, and they can provide hiding places for fish in a way not replicated by plastic plants that do not move in such a fluid way.
  8. 8. Chemicals placed in the water Due to the benefits of live aquarium plants owners must take their own health into consideration. Chemicals placed in the water for the benefit of fish must not damage the plants and lighting must be sufficient enough to allow the live aquarium plants to perform photosynthesis. In the end, these plants make the aquarium a healthier place to live, and more fish can be introduced into a tank with flourishing plants than a tank that is barren, especially if that plant life includes coral reefs.
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