Handling Aquarium Problems


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Handling Aquarium Problems

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  2. 2. Handling Aquarium Problems Aquariums are masterful centerpieces in the homes and offices where they are displayed. Natural home accessories are all the rage, and nothing is more natural than a tank full of water and live fish. Unfortunately, there are a few aquarium problems that you need to be on the lookout for. If you are aware of these aquarium problems and deal with them early, you can prevent them from becoming serious problems that may make your fish sick or even kill them.
  3. 3. Too Many Snails Thanks to the hermaphroditic nature of snails, very few aquariums have just one snail. They reproduce more prolifically than rabbits, because they can fertilize their own eggs, have sex with themselves and otherwise reproduce frequently keeping the snail population alive and well.
  4. 4. Keep aquarium problems at a minimum by feeding Some snails are desirable. They keep aquarium problems at a minimum by feeding on dead and decaying animal and vegetable material. When their numbers grow too great snails are usually dealt with by adding Botilias, or loaches, to the environment. The loaches eat the snails, keeping them from taking over the aquarium.
  5. 5. Algae Algae are the bane of the aquarium enthusiast's existence. Aquarium owners are expected to know how to treat brown slime algae, blue-green algae, brown algae, green water and hair algae. Fortunately, algae treatments are all based on algae-reduction technologists that have been with us for centuries. Bodies of water lacking in ammonia result in brown-slime algae, cloudy water results in blue-green algae and nitrates and nitrites, respectively, cause green water and hair algae aquarium problems.
  6. 6. Clean Aquarium Basics Every aquarium owner can avoid the most common aquarium problems by keeping up with simple aquarium basics, like regular maintenance.
  7. 7. Overfeeding Overfeeding fish is one of the biggest problems beginners have, and it can lead to an imbalance in the nutrients in the tank. Fish will overfeed and, more importantly, the dead and decaying fish food will drift down and settle in the gravel at the bottom of the tank. It needs to be cleaned regularly, with well-managed snails, to keep from getting out of hand.
  8. 8. Chemical Imbalances Beware of new tank syndrome, where fish mysteriously die while the aquarium owner adjusts the levels of ammonia and nitrite in the tank. Stocking the tank slowly and giving the environment time to adjust to changes can minimize the effects of aquarium problems.
  9. 9. Home aquarium owners Most home aquarium owners turn to a product like Algone to treat the water in their fish tank. Algone can prevent new tank syndrome and will not interfere with any female's reproductive system.
  10. 10. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// highqualityarticles.com /