Clearing Up Cloudy Aquarium Water

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  • 2. Clearing Up Cloudy Aquarium Water Having an aquarium full of tropical fish is a great hobby and it is a great addition to any home. However, once in a while you will have cloudy aquarium water. There are several reasons why one would have cloudy aquarium water in their tank. One of the best ways to clear up this cloudy water is to understand why it is cloudy. Knowing the reason will help one clear up the cloudy aquarium water.
  • 3. The Forecast Calls For Cloudy Aquarium Water There are several reasons why an aquarium would get cloudy water. When this happens, one has to look closely at the cloudy water to determine the cause of it. If the water is a green cloud, this means that there is too much algae in the tank. This usually occurs because of overfeed and overuse of the light. To eliminate the green cloud, one should clean the gravel and filter more often, then lower the amount of food the fish is given on a daily basis and turn off the light for awhile.
  • 4. Tinted cloudy aquarium water White tinted cloudy aquarium water indicates the growth of bacteria in the tank. This can occur when you first set up the tank, or when you add new fish or decorations. The best way to clean this type of cloud is to filter the gravel frequently, wash the decorations and change the filter. The white cloudy aquarium water should clear up soon.
  • 5. Adding The Additives If none of the above suggestions work, then you can go to the local pet store and buy a special additive that you can add to the water to clear up the cloudy aquarium water. Sometimes these chemicals work, and other times they don’t. It all depends on what is making your water cloudy.
  • 6. Source of the cloudiness If you do not removed the source of the cloudiness from the water the cloudy aquarium water will simply return over and over again. Therefore, make sure you know what is causing your cloudy aquarium water before deciding to add the additives.
  • 7. Cloudiness Understand what is making your aquarium water cloudy is the first step in understanding how to clean it up. If you try these steps and the cloudiness still does not clear up, you may want to seek advice from a fish expert at your local pet store. Cloudiness may not be dangerous to your fish in the beginning. However, if it is left untreated it could possible grow into a fatal problem.
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