Beautiful Fish Of The Sea At The National Aquarium

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  • 1. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// /
  • 2. Beautiful Fish Of The Sea At The National Aquarium The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland is one of the finest aquariums in the United States. It features more than 16,500 specimens of sea life and more than 600 species of animals. There is so much to explore at this aquarium that it may take more than one day to see it all. But once you come, you will be glad you did.
  • 3. National Aquarium features The National Aquarium features animals and sea creatures from all over the world. The National Aquarium has an Australian animal exhibit which features the animals native to the land down under, as well as special exhibits that show stories of survival in that environment.
  • 4. Amphibians Amphibians are also in abundance at the National Aquarium. These are the types of creatures that most people are familiar with and can see in nature. Some of the National Aquarium’s specimens can be found in your own backyard, while others come from all over the world and are very rare.
  • 5. Sea dwelling birds Besides fish and other sea life, the National Aquarium is also home to birds, mammals and reptiles. Some mammals are also sea dwelling creatures, like the dolphin. The birds that they have at the National Aquarium are land and sea dwelling birds. Some fish right out of the sea for their meals while others look on land.
  • 6. Invertebrate species The National Aquarium is also home to a large collection of invertebrate species. Invertebrates are small animals that do not feature a backbone. Many small sea dwelling creatures fall into this category. Crabs, lobsters and sea cucumbers all fall into this category.
  • 7. Planning A Trip If you would like to plan to a trip to the National Aquarium, it is as easy as checking their website for times, dates of special events and news about new exhibits. It is a great place for a family vacation, as well as for couples and anyone who is interested sea life. The website features a trip planner so that making plans for the aquarium’s special events and exhibits is easier than ever.
  • 8. Baltimore Baltimore is also a great vacation spot. Once you are done visiting the aquarium, there are many other historical and fun activities to explore in Baltimore. Baltimore is a great town for shopping and it is close to Washington, D.C. If you are thinking about taking a vacation to the east coast, make sure that you make Baltimore your central point. You will not regret making the trip to the National Aquarium.
  • 9. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// /