Towards a more dynamic Museu Picasso Barcelona through the web 2.0


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Towards a more dynamic Museu Picasso Barcelona through the web 2.0

  1. 1. A MUSEUM WITHOUT WALLS Towards a more dynamic Museu Picasso Barcelona through the web 2.0 Presentation of the Master Thesis Master in Cultural Heritage Management, University of Barcelona Jacqueline Glarner – June 2010
  2. 2. Present the essence of the project Why? Knowledge of the project by jury, evolution of data and some proposals already implemented19 December 2009: 30 June 2010: Fans Facebook: 2623  7633 Articles Blog: 38  78 Channel Youtube: 738  2229
  3. 3. The base of 2.0 Transparency is conditio sine qua non Accept the dialogue with the visitor Importance of the content Define, create and project an image
  4. 4. The analisis: context 2.0 of MPB The leading museums are all Anglo- Saxon Other monographic museums: none with a visible 2.0 strategy Little 2.0 presence of the other Picasso museums The MPB is leader in his category
  5. 5. The analisis: communication at MPB Broad range of communication tools: offline, unidirectional online and 2.0 Use of 3 languages with high coherence Traditional offline and rather detached from the online communication Existence of a global 2.0 strategy
  6. 6. The analisis: social networks Blog: motor of creation, tool for dissemination and content depository; needs more debate Facebook: a lot of interaction, more ephemeral, 3 languages; danger to be a notice board Twitter: direct retransmissions Youtube, Flickr: success of Flickr contest; lack of more and better quality contents Slideshare, Delicious: intention to be transparent; lack of contents
  7. 7. The analisis: common trends Increase of contents, fans and visits in all networks Not always proportional increase of interactions The characteristics of each network are outlined: resource centres, forums for debate
  8. 8. Proposals for enhancing the exisiting Consolidate the existent networks Be original! Taking action goes beyond 2.0: coherence of all communication channels Creation of diversified contents Choose the best format: text, video, photo Find the ideal dissemination tool
  9. 9. Selection of proposals for new action Social tagging Virtual classroom Open contents Actions offline Actions directed at the museum staff
  10. 10. Evaluation tools Importance and difficulty to evaluate 2.0 3 areas:  Attention: visitors, visits  Participation: reactions  Influence: created opinion Choose the ideal indicators and tools: less is more
  11. 11. Conclusions Accept the visitor as an equal partner Strategic planning Assess the needs and possibilities Generate and accept new content Foster dialogue Evaluate success and draw conclusions Never lay back: 2.0 is not a perpetuum mobile !
  12. 12. THANK YOU!Contact: Jacqueline Glarner