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What i’d like the world to read for sports lewis hamilton my story gladys_090910_finalversion

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a refkection of my passion! :)

a refkection of my passion! :)

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  • 1. What I’d Like The World To Read For Sports: An autobiography on one of Formula One’s most prolific drivers
  • 2. Background of Formula 1 (F1)
    • The pinnacle of all motor-racing events
    • The brainchild of Bernice Ecclestone in 1972
    • The yearly F1 race calendar consists of 18-20 Grand Prixes, where points are rewarded based on the drivers’ performances
    • The driver with the highest accumulated points in the year is bestowed with the World Championship title
  • 3. Chosen Book to reflect the Olympicism in Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton: My Story
  • 4. Lewis Hamilton- How he started out:
    • Born: January 7, 1985, in Great Britain
    • Started karting at the tender age of 8, after developing the passion for motor racing
    • A natural talent; slowly rose up the ranks in karting
    • Was Britain’s youngest cadet kart champion at the age of 10
    • McLaren-Mercedes signed him up for the Mercedes-Benz Young Drivers Programme when he was 13, which was a boost to his future career
  • 5. Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1
    • The first black driver to win the Formula One World Championship in 2008
    • Made his debut in 2007 with McLaren-Mercedes
    • Changed the landscape of Formula 1 by being a contender for the world championship title in his rookie year
    • Anticipated to follow in the footsteps of Michael Schumacher, the legend of Formula 1
    • Hot favourite to capture his second world championship title in the 2010 season
  • 6. About the chosen book--- Lewis Hamilton: My Story
    • An autobiography of Lewis Hamilton
    • Call No: English 796.72092 HAM -[REC]
    • Published in 2007, after his debut season
    • Include both on and off-track reflections of his inner self
    • Purpose of the book, as Lewis Hamilton puts it in the foreword--- to allow readers to “know more about (him)” and “how (he) made it to Formula 1”
  • 7. Olympic Values highlighted in the book
    • Excellence : Lewis Hamilton constantly strives for excellence and commits himself to reap the best results out of his car through sheer courage, talent and mental determination
    • Friendship : Hamilton manages to inspire and motivate his team, McLaren-Mercedes, to put in the best for him. Able to gel everyone together and cultivate camaraderie in the team.
    • Respect : Hamilton respects his opponents by congratulating them on their victories (eg. Kimi Raikkonen, when he won the Championship title in ’07). Respects the rule of the sport and engages in fair play in his debut year
  • 8. Significant parts presented in the autobiography:
    • How Lewis Hamilton dealt with his tough childhood and overcame all odds to unleash the racer in him
    • Race-by-race analysis of Hamilton’s debut race season, presented through a narrative style of writing
    • Authentic sentiments towards various events– a strained relationship with his teammate, dealing with fame, heightened pressure on him etc.
  • 9. Why YOU should read the book
    • Trace the racing path of Lewis Hamilton and how he rose to the pinnacle of Formula 1 based on his outstanding qualities---determination, excellence, hunger to succeed, commitment, and passion
    • Great time to know a distinguished Formula 1 personality, since Singapore is hosting the annual Singtel Singapore Grand Prix in September 2010
  • 10. Why YOU should read the book
    • Know more about the F1 circus in general, from a driver’s perspective
    • The written voice of Lewis Hamilton is very sincere and truthful, and there is a personal touch to it
    • Unlike other biographies of Hamilton which are rather statistical and include lots of technicality, his autobiography comes in a narrative form=> more interesting for you!
    • As a source of motivation and inspiration when faced with adversities in life
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  • 15. Thank you for viewing =) And add Lewis Hamilton: My Story to your reading list!