2014 Cadillac CTS Digital Brochure


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The All New Redesigned 2014 Cadillac CTS is now available at Gary Lang Cadillac in McHenry, IL. Check out this digital copy of the brochure for more information. If you do have questions, please feel free to contact one of our Cadillac Sales Specialist.

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2014 Cadillac CTS Digital Brochure

  1. 1. 2014 ALL-NEW CADILL AC CTS SEDAN www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  2. 2. THAT R AREFIED SLIVER BET WEEN THE GOOD AND THE TRULY GRE AT. THERE’S NO MAP TO HELP YOU FIND THIS ELUSIVE PL ACE. THE ONLY WAY TO GET THERE IS SIMPLY TO BELIEVE YOU CAN. At Cadillac, we’ve set out to create our own uniquely American breed of extraordinary. It’s why we’ve created our own daring school of design that bends steel way beyond its comfort zone. It’s why we’ve pushed technology two generations ahead by pioneering a bold new way for drivers to intuitively access entertainment and information with the flick of a finger. And why, in everything from safety to performance, we’re setting the standard. BOLD. DARING . ORIGINAL . These are the kinds of luxury vehicles we build. It takes tenacity, a refusal to leave well-enough alone. That is the difference between good and great. That is the dif ference bet ween just making luxur y vehicles, and making Cadillacs . THE SMALLEST SPACE KNOW N TO MAN. IT IS PERHAPS www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  4. 4. 0 4 OVERVIEW CR AFTED TO THR ILL C T S VSP ORT PREMIUM / Radiant Silver Metallic Its design is striking, inside and out. Every component, honed and crafted. Thrilling performance and sophisticated technology lurk within, while the extraordinary design is outwardly unmistakable. Destined to stand out among the world’s leading luxury cars, this exceptional sedan elevates the notions of luxury and sport. Dynamic, intriguing design. A critically acclaimed lightweight architecture. A meticulously detailed interior. The all-new CTS is a driver’s car in the truest sense of the term and breathtaking to behold, both inside and out. www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  5. 5. C T S VSP ORT PREMIUM / Kona B ro w n HEARTS WILL R ACE. SYNAPSES WILL FIRE. 0 6 PERFORMANCE: VSPORT We proudly introduce the all-new CTS Vsport.1 Inspired by the pedigree of its legendary V-Series brethren—the world’s fastest family of production cars—the Vsport draws from this performance DNA to create its own unique niche of luxury and sport. Built around the most power-dense 6-cylinder engine in its segment, this new direct-injection Twin Turbo V6 puts out a staggering 420 HP and 430 lb.-ft. of torque from just 3.6 liters. Perfectly paired with an 8-speed transmission with magnesium steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters, it launches to 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds. Further bolstering its dynamic credentials is standard Magnetic Ride Control with an exclusive Track chassis mode coupled with enhanced premium ZF steering. Front Brembo® brakes with available high-output brake linings deliver a confident and consistent pedal, while a standard electronic Limited-Slip Differential (eLSD) helps increase control, stability and acceleration. The CTS Vsport is the perfect addition to the V-Series legacy. 1. C o ming e arly 2014. 3.6L T W IN TUR BO DIR ECT- INJECT ION V6 ENGINE www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  6. 6. THE SPEED OF LIGHT. 0 8 PERFORMANCE: HANDLING & SUSPENSION The all-new CTS is the lightest rear-wheel drive car in its class, with a proven dynamic chassis that’s nearly 200 lbs. lighter than the BMW 528i. With advanced lightweight materials used extensively throughout, including aluminum alloy for the hood and doors, the CTS Sedan is nothing short of an engineering marvel. And, to validate its credentials, we tested, stressed and pushed the CTS beyond its limits on Germany’s famed Nürburgring. From there, we brought it back home to fine-tune it for a dynamic yet sophisticated ride. C T S VSP ORT PREMIUM / Phantom G ray Metallic www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  7. 7. Engineering a vehicle this thrilling and sophisticated requires a blueprint comprised of exceptional elements. Pair the potent 272 HP 2.0L Turbo or the available 321 HP 3.6L V6 engine with performance-tuned RWD or available AWD with active-torque technology. Maximize traction with an electronic Limited-Slip Differential (eLSD) when you choose the mighty 420 HP Twin Turbo V6 in the Vsport. But no matter which powertrain you opt for, you’ll always benefit from a solid platform with a fully independent suspension for excellent responsiveness and refinement. The latest generation of Magnetic Ride Control is available, featuring up to four selectable modes—Tour, Sport, Snow/Ice and Track—for uncompromising handling and control. Stopping power is consistently confident, thanks to the racing-inspired Brembo® front brakes. And a premium ZF steering system works in unison to provide an enhanced connection between the driver, the vehicle and the road. EXPECT AN INSTANT R ESPONSE. BREMBO BR AKES We combined forces with the world- renowned brake experts at Brembo to engineer the fixed-caliper, aluminum 4-piston front brakes that deliver remarkable stopping power and consistent pedal feel. MAGNE T IC R ID E CONTROL The available revolutionary Magnetic Ride Control seamlessly adjusts to the road up to 1,000 times per second, maintaining excellent body control, chassis composure and a comfortable ride. EL ECTRONIC L IMI TED -SL IP DIFFER ENT I AL Maximum grip means maximum performance. The CTS features an available electronic Limited- Slip Differential (eLSD) that ensures the highest amount of engine torque is transferred to the rear wheel with the most traction. L IGHT WE IGHT ALUMINUM DOORS Over one-third lighter than traditional steel doors, the use of aluminum not only helps save fuel, but also improves vehicle balance and performance. www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  8. 8. 1 2 EX TERIOR www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  9. 9. UN-UNDERSTATED. C T S PERFORMANCE COLLEC T ION / Radiant Silver Metallic To achieve a physique this striking, countless hours were spent refining the bold look of the reimagined CTS Sedan. No element, no detail, no characteristic was left untouched. A long, low profile with a short front overhang yields an athletic yet sophisticated presence. Finely sculpted lines flow from front to rear, giving it a pulled-back stance. And a strong, confident grille completes a look that is unmistakably Cadillac. 14 EX TERIOR DESIGN www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  10. 10. A STATEMENT IN EVERY DETAIL. 16 EX TERIOR DETAILS BOLD, CONFID ENT GR ILLE Accentuating its striking design, the sleek grille is framed in a low-gloss Galvano satin-chrome finish, adding just the right touch of sophistication. DIR ECT IONAL HID HE AD L AMPS To help light the way, the brilliant High- Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps are available with Adaptive Forward Lighting. Sensors react to the car’s speed and steering, directing the headlamps to cast light precisely into your path of travel. INTEGR ATED R E AR SPOIL ER Seamlessly fused with its sculpted lines, the rear decklid spoiler ingeniously doubles as an LED center brake lamp. Striking from every angle, the distinct look of the CTS begins with a refined grille, accented by a Galvano satin-chrome finish. Then, flanked by vertical LED signature lighting with available adaptive High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, your eye is pulled from the grille to the filleted crease work on the stunning aluminum hood. From there, the silhouette takes shape as the dramatic angle of the acoustically laminated windshield slopes back. Subtle touches like the available LED illuminated door handles spark intrigue as the precision-sculpted side creases draw you to the rear. There, you’ll find artful touches like an integrated dual exhaust and a decklid spoiler that ingeniously doubles as an LED brake lamp. The CTS delivers an unmistakable presence down to every perfectly shaped detail.
  11. 11. www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  12. 12. 2 0 INTERIOR www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  13. 13. AMBIENT INTER IOR L IGHT ING Available Ambient Interior Lighting highlights the dash and door trim, creating a museum-like presentation. PR EMIUM FUL L- L E ATHER SE AT S Finish the meticulously crafted interior with the available Opus semi-aniline full-leather seating. This unique, luxurious leather is renowned for its ultra-soft feel and refined appearance. EL ECTRONIC CUPHOLDER COVER There’s even an ingenious touch-sensitive electronic cupholder cover that opens only when you need it and is concealed when you don’t. THE SEAT OF POWER IS A BEAUTIFUL ONE. C T S PREMIUM COLLEC T ION / Kona Bro w n 2 2 INTERIOR DESIGN The dynamism created by the CTS’s stunning exterior is carried into the cabin. With a brilliant design that revolves harmoniously around you, controls are placed precisely where the hand naturally falls. Authentic materials, including the choice of exotic woods, anodized aluminum, or carbon fiber heighten this premium experience. Even the exceptional, available leather hides are skillfully joined using hand cut-and-sewn craftsmanship. Personalize your CTS with one of eight unique interior environments featuring an array of meticulously choreographed colors and trims, accented by the warm glow of Ambient Interior Lighting. A Bose® Surround Sound System provides a concert-like experience, while unwanted frequencies are hushed by Bose® Active Noise Cancellation. Further customize your surroundings with available features like 20-way adjustable front seats, reconfigurable gauge cluster, full-color Head-Up Display and dramatic UltraView sunroof.
  14. 14. BUILT WITH AN EMPHASIS ON BR ILLIANCE. 24 CUE 1.Full f u n c t io n alit y r e q uir e s co m p at ible Blu e t o o t h ® a n d s m ar t p h o n e . So m e d e vic e s r e q uir e USB co n n e c t ivit y. 2 .D at a pla n r at e s a p ply. 3.Ma p cov er ag e av aila ble in t h e Unit e d St at e s, U.S. Vir gin I sla n d s, P u er t o Rico a n d C a n a d a . 4.Re q uir e s ac t iv e Siriu sXM s u b s crip t io n . Using cutting-edge technology, CUE1 —Cadillac User Experience—brings the intuitive brilliance of your tablet to your entire driving experience. Standard on each CTS Sedan, its stunning 8" LCD touch screen effortlessly senses your hand as it approaches. Use your fingers to write an address or zoom closer on a map. Even swipe to breeze through your music choices. When an icon is touched, the screen pulses to acknowledge the command, letting you keep your attention focused on the road ahead. Steering wheel controls are conveniently placed, and, with Natural Voice Recognition, making a phone call is as simple as saying a name. CUE also lets you preset up to 60 favorites—including points of interest, addresses and phone numbers—and seamlessly accesses every contact and song on your Bluetooth® -enabled smartphone. It streams Pandora Radio,2 and even features a Handset Voice Recognition function that allows direct access to your phone’s interface, such as iPhone’s Siri. With an available 3-D GPS navigation system3 with SiriusXM Travel Link4 weather maps, the customization and content possibilities are not only endless, but also right at your fingertips. www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  15. 15. EVEN THE SEAT HELPS KEEP YOU CONSTANTLY AWAR E OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. 2 6 DRIVER AWARENESS TECHNOLOGIES The best safety measure is avoiding a collision in the first place, which is why we developed the available Driver Awareness Package. Using strategically placed advanced radars and cameras, it helps alert you to potential hazards you may not even see. Ever-vigilant, the groundbreaking Safety Alert Seat intuitively notifies the driver with pulses when the Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Alert and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert are activated. What’s more, the package also includes Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Vision Camera, Rainsense automatic wipers, and IntelliBeam automatic high- and low-beam headlamps. www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  16. 16. Building on the extensive elements of the Driver Awareness Package, the available Driver Assist Package adds even more intelligence. Equipped with Front/Rear Automatic Braking, the CTS Sedan can apply the brakes for you to help prevent certain low-speed collisions. There’s also full-speed Adaptive Cruise Control,1 which seamlessly adjusts to the ever-changing flow of traffic, and Automatic Safety Belt Tightening for additional convenience and safety. Perhaps most impressive of all, when equipped with Automatic Parking Assist, the all-new CTS Sedan can automatically steer itself into a parallel parking space with nearly effortless execution. 1. A d a p t iv e Cr uis e C o n t r ol is n o s u b s t it u t e f or t h e driv er ’s p er s o n al r e s p o n sibilit y t o o p er at e t h e v e hicle in a s af e m a n n er. T h e driv er n e e d s t o r e m ain at t e n t iv e t o t r af f ic a n d r o a d co n dit io n s a n d pr ovid e t h e s t e ering, b r aking or o t h er in p u t s n e c e s s ar y t o r e t ain co n t r ol of t h e v e hicle . DRIVER ASSISTANCE, WITH AN EVEN HIGHER IQ. 2 8 DRIVER ASSIST AND AUTOMATIC PARKING ASSIST www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  17. 17. A HIGHLY INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO PERSONA L PROTECTION. We started with a protective safety cage constructed with ultra-high-strength steel alloys for exceptional rigidity. We then surrounded it with strategically placed crumple zones and added preventive safety features like StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control and full-function traction control systems. From there, a sophisticated antilock braking system (ABS) with Auto-Dry functionality and Electronic Braking Force Distribution help balance stopping power between the front and rear brakes. Then there’s the confidence that comes with ten standard airbags1 and OnStar®2 with Automatic Crash Response. In most crashes, built-in sensors in your vehicle can automatically send an alert to an OnStar Advisor, who is immediately connected into your car to help. Among its many anti-theft innovations is an available tilt sensor that sets off an alarm when the system senses a change in the vehicle angle, such as would occur when the vehicle is lifted for wheel theft or unauthorized towing. 1. A l w ay s u s e s af e t y b elt s a n d t h e corr e c t r e s t r ain t f or your c hild ’s ag e a n d size . Ev e n in v e hicle s e q uip p e d w it h t h e Pa s s e ng e r Se n sing Sy s t e m, c hildr e n ar e s af er w h e n pr o p erly s e c ur e d in a r e ar s e at in t h e a p pr o priat e in f a n t , c hild or b o o s t er s e at . Ne v er plac e a r e ar-f acing in f a n t r e s t r ain t in t h e f r o n t s e at of a ny v e hicle e q uip p e d w it h a p a s s e ng er air b ag . Se e t h e O w n er ’s Ma n u al a n d c hild s af e t y s e at in s t r u c t io n s f or m or e s af e t y in f or m at io n . 2 . Visit o n s t ar.co m f or cov er ag e m a p, d e t ails a n d s y s t e m limit a t io n s . Ser vic e s v ar y by m o d el a n d co n dit io n s . O nSt ar ac t s a s a link t o exis t ing e m er g e n c y s er vic e pr ovid er s . 3 0 SAFET Y & SECURIT Y: ITS MISSION IS TO PROTECT YOU www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  18. 18. 3 2 COLLECT IONS www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  19. 19. 3 4 LUXURY COLLECTION AMBIENT INTER IOR L IGHT INGSID E BL IND ZONE AL ER T Crafted with an eye for beauty and purpose, the CTS is further enhanced by the Luxury Collection. Rich leather seating surfaces with heated and ventilated front seats provide all-climate comfort, while the split-folding rear seat adds convenience. Equipped with the Driver Awareness Package, the Luxury Collection features the groundbreaking Safety Alert Seat, Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Vision Camera, Rainsense automatic wipers, and more. Other amenities include a heated steering wheel, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with Adaptive Forward Lighting, and the choice of two potent engines: a 272 HP 2.0L Turbo or an available 321 HP 3.6L V6. And it’s all surrounded by the intuitive brilliance of CUE with an 8" color touch screen, Natural Voice Recognition, Pandora Radio, Bluetooth® with streaming audio, and more. To finish it off, the bold 17" Ultrabright wheels make a dramatic exclamation point. PR EMIUM L E ATHER SE AT ING SUR FACES W I TH FR ENCH ST I TCHING With hand cut-and-sewn craftsmanship, luxury extends to every detail. French stitching on the leather seating surfaces adds a touch of understated elegance to an exceptional environment. ELEGANCE, INFUSED WITH INTELLIGENCE. THE LUXURY COLLECTION: www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  20. 20. 1. Ma p cov er ag e av aila ble in t h e Unit e d St at e s , U.S. Vir gin I sla n d s, P u er t o Rico, a n d C a n a d a . 3 6 PERFORMANCE COLLECTION CUE W I TH NAV IGAT IONMAG N ESIUM PAD D L E SHIF TERS THE PERFORMANCE COLLECTION: Experience the thrill of this dynamic chassis with the CTS Performance Collection. Featuring the 2.0L Turbo or the available 3.6L V6, it builds on the impressive components of the Luxury Collection. Beautiful 18" wheels are paired with Magnetic Ride Control and its three dynamic modes—Tour, Sport and Snow/Ice—keeping the balanced chassis dialed in on any road. Enjoy the brilliance of CUE with 3-D GPS navigation1 and your very own concert hall sound with a 13-speaker Bose® Centerpoint® Surround Sound system. There’s even the convenience of a full-color reconfigurable Head-Up Display and Automatic Parking Assist for nearly effortless automated parallel parking. With a vast-spanning UltraView sunroof, heated outboard rear seats and Tri-zone climate control, this stimulating experience is further enhanced. ULTR AV IEW SUNROOF Spanning both rows of seats, this sunroof can fill the cabin with a wealth of natural light, giving the CTS an even more spacious feel. AN ADRENALINE SHOT. www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  21. 21. 3 8 PREMIUM COLLECTION ALUMINUM SPOR T PEDAL SAVA IL ABL E OPUS SEMI - ANIL INE FUL L L E ATHER SE AT ING Step inside the Premium Collection, and discover a statement in every detail. In addition to the Performance Collection amenities, there’s a cabin engulfed with premium materials like the choice of exotic wood or authentic carbon fiber trims, with fine leather enveloping the instrument panel, armrests, center stack and doors. There are even 20-way adjustable front seats and a select Opus semi-aniline leather available for the seating surfaces. Customize the 12.3" reconfigurable instrument cluster to one of four personas. Enjoy the convenience of full-speed Adaptive Cruise Control, Front/ Rear Automatic Braking, and Automatic Safety Belt Tightening in the Driver Assist Package. And choose your potent powertrain from either the 2.0L Turbo or available 3.6L V6. Polished 18" wheels and available 19" polished wheels put the finishing touches on the ultimate blend of luxury, technology and sport. DY NAMIC 19 " WHEEL S Featuring an aggressive yet intriguing 10-spoke pattern, these available 19" polished aluminum wheels are the ideal complement to the striking CTS design. THE PREMIUM COLLECTION: PRECISION MAKES PERFECT. www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  22. 22. 1. D o n o t u s e s u m m er- o nly t ir e s in w in t er co n dit io n s, a s it w o uld a d v er s ely af f e c t v e hicle s af e t y, p er f or m a n c e a n d d ur a bilit y. Us e o nly GM - a p pr ov e d t ir e a n d w h e el co m bin at io n s . Un a p pr ov e d co m bin at io n s m ay c h a ng e t h e v e hicle ' s p er f or m a n c e c h ar ac t eris t ic s . For im p or t a n t t ir e a n d w h e el in f or m at io n, g o t o g m ac c e s s orie s zo n e .co m or s e e yo ur d e aler. 4 0 VSPORT COLLECTION E XCLUSI VE VSPOR T WHEEL SVSPOR T D ECKL ID BAD GE Choose the CTS Vsport, and step into an exhilarating 420 HP Twin Turbo V6. The RWD chassis with eLSD is at home on the street or track with an exclusive Magnetic Ride Control Track mode. Powerful front Brembo® brakes with available high-performance brake linings sit behind stunning 18" wheels wrapped in grip-enhanced, summer- only1 run-flat tires. Inside, you’ll find leather seating surfaces with heated and ventilated front seats, along with the convenience of the Driver Awareness Package and CUE with navigation and Bose® Centerpoint Surround Sound. There’s also a unique grille and other exterior touches that set the Vsport further apart. Select the available Vsport Premium for an enhanced interior featuring a reconfigurable gauge cluster, full-color Head-Up Display, heated outbound rear seats, Trizone climate control and 20-way adjustable front seats that can be overlaid with supple Opus semi-aniline leather. What’s more, there’s even an UltraView sunroof, Driver Assist Package and polished 18" wheels. The CTS Vsport. Pushing an already impressive machine to even higher levels. UNIQUE VSPOR T GR ILLE Not only does the exclusive Vsport grille allow more air to pass through for increased cooling, but it also features black chrome accents for an ultra-sleek touch. VSPORT COLLECTION: COME BACK SOON, BREATH. www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  23. 23. 4 2 COLOR OPTIONS 1. Av aila ble at ex t r a co s t . 2 . No t av aila ble w it h Me diu m T it a niu m / Je t Black in t erior. T INTCOAT A premium 2-layer paint application with the addition of a tinted clearcoat, lending the finish an extra depth and brightness. TR ICOAT A meticulous 3-layer process that results in a dramatic hue-shifting color. PAINT FINISHES MOCHA S TEEL ME TAL L IC BL ACK R AVEN BL ACK DI AMOND TR ICOAT1 PHANTOM GR AY ME TAL L IC OPUL ENT BLUE ME TAL L IC2 WHI TE DI AMOND TR ICOAT1 R ADI ANT SILVER ME TAL L IC SILVER COAST ME TAL L IC MA JEST IC PLUM ME TAL L IC1 R ED OBSESSION T INTCOAT 1 FPO FPO FPO FPO FPO FPO FPO FPO FPO FPO www.garylangauto.com | 815-385-2100
  24. 24. Jet Black4 / Morello Red Accent s / Morello Red Carbon Fiber Trim Twilight Blue2 / Jet Black Accent s / Black A nodized Aluminum TrimJet Black1 / Medium T itanium Accent s / Natural Sapele Wood Trim Jet Black4 / Kona Brow n Accent s / Natural Elm Clus ter Wood Trim Jet Black 3 / Jet Black Accent s / Black Carbon Fiber TrimJet Black2 / Light Platinum Accents / Natural Sapele High Gloss Wood Trim INDIVIDUALIZED INTERIOR THEMES. Exerspitibus aspelenda nis doloriamus, core volorenis arume velit fuga. Genda nus doloris ipsant ut volor aspernatio voluptis volupta qui cuptatur? Faccupta solo quatate ssuntiant, volore venis que magnatu rionseque num am, site num eatecto taquid magnim alitiun Medium Cashmere / Light Cashmere2 Accents / Black Olive Ash Wood Trim Jet Black2 / Jet Black Accent s / Natural Sapele High Gloss Wood Trim 4 4 INTERIOR THEMES AND COLORS 1. L e at h er e t t e s e ating . 2. L e at h er s e ating sur f ac e s . 3. Full Soleil Keis el L e at h er Se at s . 4.Full Se mi-A nilin e L e at h er Se at s . O O
  25. 25. 1. D o n o t u s e s u m m er o nly t ir e s in w in t er co n dit io n s, a s it w o uld a d v er s ely af f e c t v e hicle s af e t y, p er f or m a n c e a n d d ur a bilit y. Us e o nly GM - a p pr ov e d t ir e a n d w h e el co m bin at io n s . Un a p pr ov e d co m bin at io n s m ay c h a ng e t h e v e hicle ' s p er f or m a n c e c h ar ac t eris t ic s . For im p or t a n t t ir e a n d w h e el in f or m at io n, g o t o g m ac c e s s orie s zo n e .co m or s e e yo ur d e aler. 2 . L o w er pr of ile t ir e w e ar f a s t er w h e el a n d t ir e d a m ag e m ay o c c ur o n r ou g h or d a m ag e d r o a d s f r o m s ur f ac e s or c ur b s,d e b ris or o b s t acle s . T his d a m ag e is n o t cov er e d by t h e GM Ne w Ve hicle Limit e d Warr a n t y. 18 " ALUMINUM W I TH PR EMIUM PA INTED FINISH Standard on CTS Performance Collection and available on CTS Luxury Collection, includes P245/40R18 all-season run-flat tires Size: 18" × 8.5" front and rear 17 " ALUMINUM W I TH PR EMIUM PA INTED FINISH Standard on CTS, includes P245/45R17 all-season run-flat tires Size: 17" × 8" front and rear 18 " ALUMINUM W I TH ULTR A - BR IGHT MACHINED FINISH AND MID NIGHT SILVER PA INTED POCKE T S Standard on CTS Vsport Premium, includes performance summer-only1 run-flat tires, P245/40R18 front, P275/35R18 rear Size: 18" × 8.5" front and 18" × 9.5" rear 18 " ALUMINUM W I TH POL ISHED FINISH Available on CTS Luxury, Performance, and Premium Collections; includes P245/40R18 all-season run-flat tires Size: 18" × 8.5" front and rear 18 " ALUMINUM W I TH POL ISHED FINISH Standard on CTS Premium Collection and available on CTS Performance Collection, includes P245/40R18 all-season run-flat tires Size: 18" × 8.5" front and rear 17 " ALUMINUM W I TH ULTR A - BR IGHT FINISH Standard with CTS Luxury Collection; includes P245/45R17 all-season run-flat tires Size: 17" × 8.5" front and rear 19 " ALUMINUM W I TH POL ISHED FINISH Available on CTS Performance and Premium Collections, includes P255/35R19 all-season run-flat tires2 Size: 19" × 8.5" front and rear 18 " ALUMINUM W I TH MID NIGHT SILVER PR EMIUM PA INTED FINISH Standard on CTS Vsport, includes performance summer- only1 run-flat tires, P245/40R18 front, P275/35R18 rear Size: 18" × 8.5" front and 18" × 9.5" rear 46 WHEELS
  26. 26. MYCADILL AC APP 1. W hic h e v er co m e s f ir s t . Se e d e aler f or limit e d w arr a n t y d e t ails . 2 . W hic h e v er co m e s f ir s t . Se e d e aler f or s ele c t s c h e d ule d m ain t e n a n c e d e t ails . 3. Av aila ble o n iP h o n e,® A n dr oid™ a n d s ele c t BlackB err y ® d e vic e s . Ser vic e s v ar y by p h o n e, v e hicle a n d co n dit io n s . Re q uir e s a n ac t iv e O nSt ar s u b s crip t io n . 4. Visit o n s t ar.co m f or cov er ag e m a p, d e t ails a n d s y s t e m limit at io n s . Ser vic e s v ar y by m o d el a n d co n dit io n s . O nSt ar ac t s a s a link t o exis t ing e m er g e n c y s er vic e pr ovid er s . 5. Requires active OnStar subscription. The ingenuity of the CTS doesn’t stop with the vehicle. As a Cadillac owner, an advanced complimentary app is available for your new car. From virtually anywhere at anytime, a few taps of your finger on your iPhone or Android smartphone let you access features like parking reminders, Roadside Assistance, and more. Plus, in conjunction with the OnStar RemoteLink3 app, you’ll have the ability5 to remotely start your vehicle (when factory equipped) from any place you have cell service, and lock and unlock your doors. In addition, you can access key diagnostic information, including fuel tank level and range, and remaining oil life. CADILL AC SHIELD LUXURY OW NERSHIPTHE STANDARD OF ROADSID E ASSISTANCE Cadillac offers more years of Roadside Assistance standard than any leading luxury brand, with services for 6 years or 70,000 miles.1 The program provides lockout, towing, refueling, Dealer Technician Roadside services, and more. COUR TESY TR ANSPOR TAT ION This Cadillac program provides alternate transportation and/or reimbursement of certain transportation expenses if your Cadillac requires warranty repairs for 6 years or 70,000 miles.1 That is more years of service standard than any luxury automaker. WAR R ANT Y PROTECT ION Cadillac’s 6-year or 70,000-mile1 Powertrain Warranty offers more years and miles standard than BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In addition, our 4-year or 50,000-mile1 Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty covers repairs on your entire vehicle, including parts and labor, to correct problems in materials or workmanship. PR EMIUM CAR E MA INTENANCE Standard on all 2011 and newer vehicles, Cadillac’s Premium Care Maintenance program covers routine oil changes, tire rotations, certain air filter replacements and a thorough multipoint vehicle inspection for 4 years or 50,000 miles.2 Mercedes-Benz and Lexus programs do not. We set out to create the ultimate customer experience that exceeds every luxury vehicle brand. The result is Cadillac Shield, and it backs every vehicle we sell. Cadillac Shield is the most comprehensive suite of owner benefits offered by any luxury automotive brand in the world. From innovations like Remote Vehicle Diagnostics and advanced mobile apps to our Premium Care Maintenance program, Cadillac Shield gives luxury owners everything they need. SECUR I T Y BY ONSTAR If you’ve reported your Cadillac stolen, OnStar4 can use GPS technology to help authorities quickly locate and recover it. An OnStar Advisor can further assist authorities by sending a remote Stolen Vehicle Slowdown® signal to your vehicle to slow it down. Advisors can also enable a Remote Ignition Block, making it impossible to restart a stolen vehicle once it has been turned off. DI AGNOST ICS BY ONSTAR With best-in-class diagnostics from OnStar,4 maintaining your Cadillac can be as simple as checking your e-mail or your OnStar RemoteLink™3 mobile app. Every month, you can receive an e-mail with the status of key operating systems or push your OnStar button for a real- time diagnostics check on demand. EMERGENCY BY ONS TAR In most crashes, built-in sensors can automatically alert an OnStar4 Advisor who is immediately connected in to your Cadillac to see if you need help sent to your exact location. Other OnStar4 emergency services include Injury Severity Predictor and First Assist, which ensure you quickly get the help you need when seconds matter most. All Cadillac models come with 1 year of OnStar service standard. The standard one-year Directions and Connections® Plan allows you to push one button to connect with a live Advisor to find the things and places you want. Get directions or a diagnostics check while you drive. Make calls safely with both hands on the wheel and control your vehicle with the RemoteLink3 mobile app. And as always, get help immediately in a crash or an emergency. These are just a few examples of the level of personal service we think you deserve as a Cadillac owner. CONNECT IONS BY ONSTAR Available Hands-Free Calling capability from OnStar4 allows you to make and receive calls safely from your Cadillac. With the OnStar RemoteLink3 mobile app, you can access real- time information and control your Cadillac from anywhere you have cell phone service. Now you can even find a destination with RemoteLink3 and send directions right to your vehicle. NAV IGAT ION BY ONSTAR Just push the OnStar4 button and an Advisor can download voice-guided turn-by-turn directions to your Cadillac, and a voice will call out every turn or send them to your navigation system, if equipped. You can also plan routes using MapQuest.com® and send them to your Cadillac. 4 8 CADILL AC SHIELD
  27. 27. 61.4" 72.2" 61.7"114.6" 195.5" 57.2" – AVAILABLE– STANDARD STANDARD LUXURY PREMIUM VSPORT VSPORT PREMIUMPERFORMANCE 5 0 COUPE FE ATURES AND OPTIONS DIMENSIONS FRONT REAR Head room 40.4" 37.5" Hip room 53.8 53.3 Leg room 45.7 35.4 Shoulder room 56.9 54.8 CAPACITIES Cargo volume 13.7 cu. ft. Seating 5 Fuel (gal., approx.) 19.0 DRIVETRAIN 2.0L TURBO DIRECTINJECTION, VVT 4CYLINDER ENGINE With 272 HP and 295 lb.-ft. of torque 3.6L DIRECTINJECTION, VVT V6 ENGINE With 321 HP and 275 lb.-ft. of torque 3.6L TWIN TURBO DIRECTINJECTION V6 VVT ENGINE 1 With 420 HP and 430 lb.-ft. of torque EXHAUST, DUAL OUTLETS, BRIGHT TIPS REARWHEEL DRIVE ALLWHEEL DRIVE TRANSMISSION 6-speed automatic with Performance Algorithm Shifting, includes steering wheel-mounted paddle shifting 8-speed automatic with Performance Algorithm Shifting, includes steering wheel-mounted paddle shifting (on 3.6L RWD models) Electronic rear limited-slip differential CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION BRAKES Brembo® front, 4-wheel vented disc with anti-lock system, Duralife rotors, featuring AutoDry and Intelligent Brake Assist Performance brake linings ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL SYSTEM, STABILITRAK STEERING ZF premium, speed-sensitive, variable-effort power rack-and-pinion, electric SUSPENSION, 4WHEEL INDEPENDENT Front MacPherson-type with dual lower ball joints, twin-tube struts and direct-acting stabilizer bar, Rear five-link with twin tube shocks Magnetic Ride Control featuring Tour, Sport, Snow/Ice, and Track modes (Track mode on Vsport only) TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM TRACTION CONTROL All-speed with brake and engine intervention EXTERIOR FEATURES ACTIVE AERO GRILLE SHUTTERS ADVANCED SECURITY PACKAGE AUTOMATIC PARKING ASSIST DRIVER ASSIST PACKAGE Front/Rear Automatic Braking, Automatic Collision Preparation, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Automatic Safety Belt Tightening DRIVER AWARENESS PACKAGE Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, IntelliBeam headlamps, Rear Vision Camera, Safety Alert Seat, and Rainsense wipers GRILLE With XXX accents With YYY accents ILLUMINATING DOOR HANDLES LIGHTING Adaptive Forward Lighting Daytime Running Lamps HID headlamps with LED vertical light signatures Projector halogen headlamps MIRRORS, BODY COLOR Power, heated Power, heated, driver-side auto-dimming, with integrated turn signal indicators and puddle lamps PARK ASSIST Front Rear SOLARABSORBING WINDSHIELD SPOILER, REAR DECKLID Integrated with LED center high-mounted stop lamp (CHMSL) WHEELS, ALUMINUM See page XX-XX for more information WINDSHIELD WIPERS Driver selectable variable speed Automatic Rainsense wipers with moisture detection INTERIOR FEATURES ADAPTIVE REMOTE START Activates heated seats (if equipped), climate control system and rear defroster AIRBAGS2 Driver and front passenger frontal, front seat thorax and pelvic, rear thorax for outboard seating positions, side-curtain and driver and front-passenger knee AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM Automatic air circulation and air quality ALUMINUM SPORT PEDALS ARMREST Center front and rear with hidden storage AUDIO SYSTEM Bose® Premium 11-speaker sound system Bose Premium 13-speaker sound system CD/MP3 single-disc player Three USB ports, SD card reader and auxiliary audio connectivity HD Radio SiriusXM Radio with three-month trial3 BLUETOOTH® Hands-free calling and data-service streaming with Natural Voice Recognition4 CLIMATE CONTROL Automatic moisture detection and defog Dual-zone automatic electronic climate control with individual settings for driver and front passenger Tri-zone for driver, front passenger, and rear seating areas Rear window defroster STANDARD LUXURY PREMIUM VSPORT VSPORT PREMIUMPERFORMANCE INTERIOR FEATURES (continued) CONSOLE Center front with integrated shifter, covered storage and two cupholders with motorized cover CONSOLE, OVERHEAD Includes OnStar controls and reading lamps; also includes Universal Home Remote and UltraView sunroof and power rear window sunshade controls (if equipped) CRUISE CONTROL Electronic, with set and resume speed Adaptive Cruise Control CUE (CADILLAC USER EXPERIENCE) 5 Information and media control system 8" full-color LCD capacitive touch screen DOOR LOCKS Power programmable with lockout protection ELECTRONIC PARKING BRAKE FLOOR MATS Carpeted front and rear GAUGE CLUSTER With full-color Driver Information Center display Reconfigurable, four-theme: Balanced, Enhanced, Performance or Simple GLOVE BOX Electronic push-button opening HEADUP DISPLAY Full-color, configurable KEYLESS ACCESS EZ Key Full Keyless Access offers keyless entry to all doors and trunk Remote Keyless Access includes lock, unlock, panic functions and two transmitters KEYLESS IGNITION WITH PUSHBUTTON START LIGHTING Interior ambient accent lighting on the doors and center console Front and rear reading lamps, and cargo area lamp MEMORY PACKAGE Two presets for driver seat position and outside mirrors, and vehicle exit preset function MIRROR Frameless automatic dimming rearview NAVIGATION5 Integrated with CUE and includes voice and text guidance ONSTAR 6 Standard one-year Directions & Connections Plan POWER OUTLETS Three auxiliary 110V household-style power outlet located in front center console REAR VISION CAMERA Includes "guidelines" indicating the vehicle's projected path when vehicle is put in reverse RETAINED ACCESSORY POWER Power windows, audio system, and UltraView sunroof (if equipped) remain operational after ignition is switched off for 10 minutes or until driver's door is opened SAFETY BELTS Lap and shoulder belts for all positions with belt-to-seat mounting and pretensioners for driver and front passenger; rear outboard comfort guides Automatic Safety Belt Tightening SEATING 5-passenger Front bucket Rear, fixed seat-back includes fold-down center armrest, integrated storage, dual cupholders and trunk access door Rear, 60/40 split-folding seat-back includes fold-down center armrest, integrated storage, dual cupholders and trunk access door Head restraints, 4-way adjustable front and 2-way adjustable outboard rear Heated and ventilated driver and front passenger seats Heated rear outboard seating positions Driver and front passenger 8-way power adjustments, plus 4-way power lumbar adjustments (2-way on Standard models) 20-way performance driver and front passenger seats Leatherette seating Leather seating surfaces Full leather seating Opus semi-aniline seating STEERING WHEEL AND COLUMN Audio, cruise control and DIC controls Heated steering wheel rim Leather-wrapped rim Leather, sport Magnesium paddle-shift controls on steering wheel Manual adjustable rake and telescope Power adjustable rake and telescope SUNSHADE Power, rear window Manual, on each rear side-door window THEFTDETERRENT SYSTEM Engine immobilizer Audible alert theft-deterrent system ULTRAVIEW SUNROOF Power, tilt-sliding, electric with express-open/close over front-row seating, and power sunshade UNIVERSAL HOME REMOTE, 3CHANNEL WINDOWS Power, with front and rear express up/down; includes rear passenger lockout VISORS Driver and front passenger illuminated vanity mirrors 1. Coming early 2014. 2. Always use safety belts and the correct child restraint for your child’s age and size, even in vehicles with air bags. Even in vehicles equipped with Passenger Sensing System, children are safer when properly secured in the rear seat, in an appropriate infant, child or booster seat. Never place a rear-facing infant restraint in the front seat of any vehicle equipped with an active frontal air bag. See the vehicle Owner ’s Manual and child safety seat instructions for more safety information. 3. Requires a subscription, sold separately by SiriusXM af ter the trial period. SiriusXM Radio ser vice only available in the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. For more information and to view Customer Agreement, visit siriusxm.com. 4. LEGAL HERE LEGAL HERE LEGAL HERE. 5. LEGAL HERE LEGAL HERE LEGAL HERE. 6. LEGAL HERE LEGAL HERE LEGAL HERE.
  28. 28. SCAN TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 2014 CTS ABOUT THIS CATALOG We have tried to make this catalog comprehensive and factual. We reserve the right, however, to make changes at any time, without notice, in prices, colors, materials, equipment, specifications, models and availability. Specifications, dimensions, measurements, ratings and other numbers in this catalog and other printed materials provided at the dealership or affixed to vehicles are approximates based upon design and engineering drawings and prototypes and laboratory tests. Your vehicle may differ due to variations in manufacture and equipment. Since some information may have been updated since the time of printing (08/13), please check with your Cadillac dealer for complete details. Any variations in colors shown are due to reproduction variation in the printing process. Cadillac reserves the right to lengthen or shorten the model year for any product for any reason, or start and end model years at different times. Note: Some photographs in this catalog show vehicles with optional equipment. ONSTAR OnStar services require vehicle electrical system (including battery), wireless service and GPS satellite signals to be available and operating for features to function properly. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Subscription Service Agreement required. Call 1-888-4ONSTAR (466-7827) or visit onstar.com for OnStar’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and details and system limitations. ENGINES Cadillac products are equipped with engines produced by GM Powertrain or suppliers to GM worldwide. The engines in Cadillac products may also be used in other GM makes or models. TIRE SEALANT AND COMPRESSOR KIT If your vehicle has a tire sealant and compressor kit, it uses a liquid tire sealant to temporarily seal up to a 1/4- inch puncture in the tread area of the tire. After using the inflator kit, it is recommended to take the tire to an authorized dealer for inspection and repair as soon as possible but at least within 100 miles of driving. The tire sealant cannot seal and inflate sidewall damage, punctures larger than 1/4 inch, or a tire that has unseated from the wheel. The sealant can only be used on one tire one time before its expiration date. ASSEMBLY Cadillac vehicles and their components are assembled or produced by different operating units of General Motors, its subsidiaries or suppliers to GM worldwide. We sometimes find it necessary to produce Cadillac vehicles with different or differently sourced components than originally scheduled. Since some options may be unavailable when your vehicle is assembled, we suggest that you verify that your vehicle includes the equipment you ordered or, if there are changes, that they are acceptable to you. UPDATED SERVICE INFORMATION Cadillac dealers receive useful service bulletins about Cadillac products. You may purchase them from Helm Incorporated by calling 1-800-551-4123 or by visiting www.helminc.com. NEW-VEHICLE LIMITED WARRANTY World-class coverage comes standard on every 2013 Cadillac. This warranty is for Cadillac vehicles registered in the U.S.A. See your Cadillac dealer for terms and conditions. COVERED FOR 6 YEARS/70,000 MILES (WHICHEVER COMES FIRST) Powertrain Limited Warranty with no deductible, Roadside Assistance Program,1 Courtesy Transportation Program1 COVERED FOR 4 YEARS/50,000 MILES (WHICHEVER COMES FIRST) Bumper-to-Bumper coverage; Tires –Defects in material and workmanship; Repairs made to correct any vehicle defect; Corrosion on body sheet metal panels. RUST THROUGH PROTECTION Cadillac vehicles are designed and built to resist corrosion and rust-through corrosion. Any body sheet metal that rusts through (in the form of an actual hole in the sheet metal) is covered for six years unlimited mileage. Cosmetic or surface corrosion, resulting from stone chips or scratches in the paint, for example, is not included in the Rust Through coverage. Application of additional rust-inhibiting materials is not required under the Rust Through coverage and none is recommended. See your Cadillac dealer for terms of this limited warranty. FLEET ORDERS Some standard content may be deleted with fleet orders. See dealer for details. 1. Roadside Assistance Program and Courtesy Transportation Program are not a part of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. A separate booklet entitled “Warranty and Owner Assistance Information” furnished with each new vehicle provides detailed warranty coverage information. GM, the GM emblem, Cadillac, the Cadillac badge, OnStar, the OnStar emblem and the slogans, emblems, vehicle model names, vehicle body designs and other marks appearing in this catalog are the trademarks and/or ser vice marks of General Motors, its subsidiaries, affiliates or licensors. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. ©2013 General Motors. All rights reser ved. 52
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