Argentina legends


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Argentina legends

  1. 1. Gauchito Gil Antonio Gil was born in Corrientes, he was cought like a prisioner by sergeant Zalazar and accused of being coward. He belined in the "Sanint of death". But... Who was "Gauchito Gil"? There are many versions of his life and his dead. The first version says that "Gauchito Gil" had a romance with a rich widow. Her brothers and the sheriff began the was of "Triple Aliance" against Paraguay. When he votado back, some soldiers tried todo recruit him against "El partido liberal", he didn't go and his attitude was considered a crime. When he was cought he was hung of the tree and they cut his nech using a knife, before dying he said to his killer that his son was sich and if he wanted his son gets better he should pray in his name. After that, his man was buried and people prayed for miracles. The second version says that he was a thif who won the affection of people. He was captured because of a crime he did. He said to a sheriff. Who wanted to shoot him under the tree, that the letter to confirme his innocence would arrive. He answered "You aren't going to be rescuared Gauchito Gil" said that they were killing an innocent. At that moment people belived that the blood of "The innocent" the made miracles third version is about the "Gauchito Gil" with other men who went from town to town stealing mony from rich people to give it to poor familier, killing "liberals" who were disagree about this arttitude, he was captured and hung in Corrientes. But, we didn't know wich one of these versions are true. But people believed in "Gauchito Gil".
  2. 2. The bad light It's one of the most important myth in Argentina and Uruguay. It talks about the appearance of a light at night. It can move, stay quietly, or run scaring people. These manifestations are scaring because the "bad light" is identified as a soul in pain. It is the spirit of a dead person who wasn't buried as a Christian. If you see it, you should pray and then bite a knife sheet. The best is to face it with a gun. In the West of Argentina people give it the name of "Mandinga", it can often be seen in the hills. The light appears in places where there are gold or silver and the light is the spirit of the old owner trying to get away because nobody knows where the ligth starts. Only a few people saw under the light and they found methalic ojects. The bad light is just the result of the reflection that is produced by the moon on the bone of dead cows in the field. The reflects at night produces a light effect that people think it is bad and kill animals.
  3. 3. The Wolf man It’s a famous legend from Argentine and other countries. The first time that the wolf man appeared was in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, in 1877. The legend says that the wolf man is the seventh son that at full moon night on Fridays or Tuesdays he becomes an animal partly wolf and partly human. The wolf man lives in the countryfield. This person starts to feel bad, in pains and goes to a place to be alone, he drops to the floor and then he gets up as a big, black and horrible wolf with red eyes. The big feet are like human hands and leg are like a dog. He walks at night until day light and he hides behind the mountains. The wolf man eats chicken poop, dead men and hardly ever babies. When the dogs see the wolf man, they bark and howl. The wolf man is a stick, thin and lonely man. The day after the transformation he has a stomachache. The wolf man hills who discovers his secret and he becomes a man when he is cut. It’s necessary to kill him with a knife or a blessed bullet. For going away from people kneel down and pray or throw holy water. The wolf man is cured when he walks under the legs of another person and then this person becomes the wolf man. The wolf man appears in October and November. The different stories say that the wolf man is not aggressive with humans but people must avoid his attacks because he is not friendly
  4. 4. The “Guarani” tribes worked the land and became excellent craft men. These people believed in a god, he showed them the secrets of health and medicine; he also revealed the healthy qualities of native plants. Among these plants was the “yerba mate” which was healthy and gave energy. The tribe was constantly moving, they were tired of such behavior so they decided to stay where he was, and the youngest of his family followed him. Her father felt that this lovely gesture deserved to arrived at the ranch, he saw that the girl was unhappy and she decided that she wanted to be with the rest of the trive. The shaman gave them a plant infusion with kindness and told them to plant it and dry its leaves, add cold or hotwater and drink the infusion. The Shaman told him that they would find heatly people, no it does matter how sad and lonely they got. When they were together it became a habit to drink it. They could drink it and courage. This is the leyend of “The Mate”, which is drunk among friends. Photo link:
  5. 5. Nahuel Huapi . “Nahuelito” is an unknown aquatic creature that lives in the lake Nahuel Huapi in Argentina. The legend goes back to indian stories. The first sight of this monster was around 1910, when George Garret could describe it as a monster of “about 400 metres, a creature whose visible part measured between 10 or 7 metre long and about two metres high”. In 1897, Dr Clemente Onelli, director of the Buenos Aires Zoo, started getting reports about a strong creature which lives in the patagonian lakes and he organized a search expedition. There were no positive results. In 1922 Dr. Onelli received a report from Martin Sheffield, about a supossed trail of large foot prints on the shore of lake Nahuel Huapi, the Sheffield also said he had seen on enormous unknown animal. Conviced by Sheffield report, Onelli decided to organize a search expedition. The director of the 200, Jose Chiagi reorganized an owned hunters with rifles to hurt elephants and dynamite for the lake. People reacted negatively and Di. Albarracin, president of the protection animals association, asked the miniser to revoke the authorization for the search, because the lawa forbide the hunting of exotic animals. Finally he got the permission and the expedition moved on, but never the less it returned to Buenos Aites with possitive results- The story had international echos, becoming mentioned in the megazines such as scientific American Megazine. In 1960, the argentina´s army saw an unidentified submarine object in the lake for 18 days without getting identified. The most popular hypotesis is about a prehistoric monster, “nahuelito” would be a surviser from the era of dinosaurs. It has also been suggested that it could be a “milodon” land mammal without aquatic habits.
  6. 6. A fantastic modern versión of Nahuelito would suggest that it is a strange mutation of the same local animal produced by nuclear test made in 1950 by German Scientists and more recently by the Bariloche Atomic Center. Nahuelito is about 10-15 metres length, it has two humps and leather skin. The description is similar the one done by the Mapuches 200 years ago. Sources: 677&q=nahuel+huapi+lago&oq=nahuel+huapi&gs_l=img.3.1.0l10.1348.3458.0.5702. pFBVD8o#hl=es&biw=1024&bih=677&site=imghp&tbm=isch&q=monstruo+nahuel+huapi+lago &spell=1&sa=X&ei=qdbJUcvzHbDi4AO4- 4CYDg&ved=0CEoQvwUoAA&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48293060,d.dmg&fp=a2f4d18a4f9ce 637&facrc=_&imgrc=iDYnexTXsxAJiM%3A%3BRQQSrqYbjHN8wM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252F ngh_y90Xo%252Fs1600%252FNAHUEDELFI2.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fmevoyaviviralsur. nahuel.html%3B600%3B337
  7. 7. The Pombero: It is short and fat. It is different of the christian’s idea of a devil. It has a lot of hair, with long arms big hands and short legs. It hasn’t kin elss. His movements are aggressive. It wears a big hat and he is naked. It lives in the forest, in an empety house and it likes to walk on October and November. It likes the snuff and the honey. It can be a friend or an enemy for humans. His job is to protect the mount and wild animals. It can become an animal or a plant. The reform people never see him. Other people say that it is tall and thin, and has got lats of hair with huge shanfe sometimes a bag on his shoulder. Everybody say that it has a big mouth, with very white. Teeth flat eyes and log eyes brows. It walks without noise. It becomes in a log, Indian or a camalote. A it can be invisible too. It can run in four legs and imitate the sing of all the birds an the shout of animas. If he meets children hunting birds, he kidnofs them away from your home. It kiles children in Chaco too. If some children sleep the nap, his father threats them with the Pombero. At night, it wakes up the woman with his hands. Sometimes, he kidnaps her, and they get pregnant.