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Concordancers Prezentacja Concordancers Prezentacja Presentation Transcript

  • Concordancers for FL Teachers Gosia Kurek
  • Task 1 What makes this text sound native?
  • A bit of theory:
    • J. Sinclair (1991) on the idiom principle:
    • … a language user has available to him or her a large number of semi-preconstructed phrases that constitute single choices, even though they might appear to be analysable into segments. (p. 110 ).
    • J. Hill (2000) on collocations
    • Collocation competence makes learners fluent: it allows them to process and produce language chunks at a faster rate as well as convey complex ideas more easily.
    • M. Lewis (2000) on word grammar:
    • „ every word has its own grammar…(and)…. knowing aword involves knowing its grammar – the patterns in which it is regularly used”
    • 70% of adult native language is formulaic ( Altenberg, 1990)
    • Even advanced L2 learner are marked out as non native due to the failure to use formulaic sequences
  • Task 2 – refer to the handout Try: Collins Cobuild Collocation Sampler
  • Be a linguist:
    • We'll have to increase our prices because of the increasing cost of advertising our products.
    • One of the companies producing sweets uses the slogan A load of chocolate to advertise its products. Use a concordancer to find out why the slogan sound s a bit awkward as an advertisement.
  • Explore the language on your own:
    • F ind possibly many adjectives deriving from the word water . Can you use the context to figure out what they mean?
    • F ind the family of words related to the word nutrition - what are they? Use the context to explain the difference between the two adjectives.
  • Just the Word
    • A student wrote:
    • There is big evidence that these people are very badly treated.
    • Check whether the phrase „big evidence” is correct. If not, provide a better alternative.
  • Improve your writing:
    • Use a concordancing program to describe y our bodily reaction to stres s (e.g. during a job interview).
  • Be a detective:
  • Over to you:
    • What are the advantages of using concordancers in the FL classroom?
    • What problems can you foresee?
  • More concordancers:
    • Web concordancer
    • http://
    • Online Concordancer
    • VLC Concordancer http://
    • The Internet Corpus http://
  • Thank you 