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Stanton Student Work 1
Stanton Student Work 1
Stanton Student Work 1
Stanton Student Work 1
Stanton Student Work 1
Stanton Student Work 1
Stanton Student Work 1
Stanton Student Work 1
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Stanton Student Work 1


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Interviewing the co-manager of the plymouth farmers market
    • By Dominick Colangelo
  • 2. Plymouth Farmers Market
    • The Plymouth Farmers Market is held on Thursdays and Saturdays.
    • Melissa Colangelo is the Co-Manager of the Farmers Market.
  • 3. How long has it been around?
    • “ 8 years.”
    Type of investments in it?
    • “ Lots and lots of time and effort. The government also made us buy the equipment for the SNAP program” (SNAP is an in-kind service.)
  • 4. Fixed and Variable costs?
    • “ Insurance is a big fixed cost, along with advertising.”
    • “ The expectation of the vendors is that they sell what they grow, and participation in the SNAP program is a requirement. The prepared food makers have to use local ingredients. Educating the community is another important aspect.”
    Expectations of employees?
  • 5. How has the economic downturn effected the Farmers Market?
    • “ It’s been really bad. People have a perception that Farmers Markets are more expensive, however the quality and value of local produce is unparalleled to anything one might buy at the supermarket. Not only is the value of local produce greater, but buying local means you are helping to stimulate the local economy and employ these farmers. ”
  • 6. Seasonal nature of business?
    • “ Well, this year has been especially tough on us. It’s rained all but two weeks out of the season, which has really limited us as well as the customer turnout. The bad weather also effects the crops produced by farmers.”
    How do agricultural risks effect the farmers market?
    • “ If crops don’t have enough water or get too much water, they turn out crappy. Diseases like blight also play a role.”
  • 7.
    • “ Let’s start with the Town of Plymouth. The Board of Health regulates us. Every vendor has to have a license to sell their stuff at the Farmers Market. If a vendor prepares food or alters it from it’s natural state, the vendor has to produce paperwork that states the food was made in a certified kitchen. The town also provides us with the space and storage for the Farmers Market, as well as electricity.
    Role of local, state, and national government in regulating business?
  • 8. Words of wisdom?
    • “ Supporting your local farmer is very beneficial. It stimulates our local economy because revenue remains within your local community.”