iPad workflow solutions
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iPad workflow solutions



New England 1:1 Summit

New England 1:1 Summit



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iPad workflow solutions iPad workflow solutions Presentation Transcript

  • iPad Workflow Solutions Sharing & Submitting Greg Kulowiec greg@edtechteacher.org @gregkulowiec www.kulowiectech.blogspot.com
  • Sharing: Evernote• Individual Notes• Entire Folders• No student account required• Create shortcut on iPad homescreen to shared folder• Test: http://goo.gl/AUUVs• "Link to my account 1:1 or Shared Setting option "
  • Sharing: Box• Entire Folders• No student account required• Create shortcut on iPad homescreen• Test: http://goo.gl/zvgtD• Folder updates = end user content update Ideal for Shared Setting• Ideal for shared / carts
  • Sharing: Dropbox• Create & share folders• Teacher creates course content folder & shares with students.• Student account required to share.• Ideal for 1:1 settings
  • Sharing: WebDav & Otixo 1:1 Setting OnlyHow to: http://www.ipadcreative.com/blog/tag/otixo
  • Submitting: Evernote• Submit content via email to Evernote account.• Finding Evernote Email: goo.gl/UnC3B• Video Tutorial: http://vimeo.com/ 37105656• Email subject line: @foldername• Practice: gkulo.a3f00bc@m.evernote.com Subject line: @1:1 Summit
  • Submitting: Box• Submit content via email to a Box folder• Video tutorial: http:// vimeo.com/37108618
  • Submitting: Posterous• Submit content via email to individual or collaborative blog.• Subject line of email = blog post title• Submit: documents, PDFs, images, audio, video• Posterous as a class blog: http://goo.gl/ hzwVf• Setup a moderated class blog: http:// goo.gl/dHWLF• Practice: ipadworkflowsolutions@posterous.com
  • Submitting:Dropbox• Solution1:• Send to Dropbox: http:// sendtodropbox.com/• Connect Send to Dropbox with Dropbox account.• Distribute email to students
  • Submitting:Dropbox• Solution 2:• Student creates Dropbox Folder & shares with teacher• Connect Send to Dropbox with Dropbox account.• Student emails content to shared folder or shares to Dropbox from within an app
  • Submitting & Storing: WebDav & Otixo 1:1 Setting OnlyHow to: http://www.ipadcreative.com/blog/tag/otixo
  • Submitting: Google Forms• Create 1 form for continuous use.• Create a new form for each project / unit.• Tip: Links to work can often be found when sharing project via email• Practice: http://goo.gl/EEFjr
  • PDF Annotation & Note-taking Apps Workflow:Share ---> Annotate ---> Submit
  • Web to PDF on the iPadhttp://www.joliprint.com/ipadHistory 2.0 Blogpost: http://bit.ly/A1T22u
  • Audio SubmissionsExport to YouTube or Soundcloud
  • Video SubmissionsExport to YouTube or Vimeo
  • Sharing via Social Media & Twitter
  • It is Not About the iPad or Apps http://goo.gl/eg3Rt