My journey evaluative notes


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My journey evaluative notes

  1. 1. George Turner My journey evaluative notes. What has worked well so far? What am I pleased with? I think the story I have written for my journey is one of its strong points. This is because I managed to write a witty story that pokes fun of itself a lot and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Another strong point is the framing for the illustrations. Not only is it nearly complete and ready to have illustrations added to it but it also looks rather nice as it stands on its own. The colours aren’t too strong for most of it and it follows a rough colour scheme throughout the story. How am I managing my time? I think I am managing my time in class well. At the end of each lesson I seem to have made at least some progress towards my goal. However I haven’t done a considerable amount of work outside of the set lesson times and, unless I do put in some of my own time, I may not manage to meet my deadline. Practical ability and skills… what do I feel confident with? What do I need to work on and improve? I feel that this project has made me far more comfortable with my painting abilities. I used to feel clumsy with a brush in hand but this project has definitely given me a lot more confidence in my painting abilities as well as helping me refine my own style of painting. I feel as though the illustrations themselves (or as it stands the rough drafts of the illustrations) could be better. I would like to try and improve the actual drawing by adding a little colour to them (something that none of my draft illustrations have had) and I also might experiment with a more cartoony style. However, due to time constraints, this might not be possible.
  2. 2. George Turner What changes/refinements have I made throughout the design process? I have adjusted my layout since the first incarnation of my story. The first layout just had the frames as boxes and each page was split evenly into 4 frames with the exception of the front and back which was going to be just 2 frames. One for the title/the end in block letters and one for a large illustration. However when it came to planning my layout this changed as I decided it would look far more interesting as well as being easier to draw if I adjusted the size and shape of each frame to suit the illustration that I would draw on it. This was done on a singular A4 piece of paper and I simply scaled it up to 4 pieces of a4 to get my current layout. After writing my second story I also made some slight adjustments to the one I would be actually using since the second story did spark some ideas e.g. making the video game illustration game over screens. Have these changes improved my overall work? I would say that they have. The improvements to my layout have made me work look far more interesting and given each of the frames shapes a little character to them rather than just having them all look more or less the same with few variations. The slight changes I made to the story have added an extra touch of humour as well as making the illustrations less complicated to draw and as a result far easier to fit into the A4 size I have decided to work with. What I still left to do? Mostly the illustrations need to be done. I have rough drafts for them so I know roughly what I want them to look like they just need to be drawn in neat. I also what to try painting 4 pieces of A4 in a similar way to my colour scheme but with strong colours. I will then
  3. 3. George Turner use this to stick my frames onto however the current priority is finishing my illustrations. How will I manage my working habits in order to meet the deadline? I will continue what I’m doing in lessons and if by the end of Wednesday lesson I decide that I won’t make the deadline at the current rate I will come to class during my own time on Thursday/Friday in order to ensure I meet that deadline.