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Music essay jazz

  1. 1. MUSIC JAZZ – Grace Roh These days, we are learning some jazz music. I searched about them and I found a great jazz song of Eddie Higgins, which is called “estate” and “autumn leaves”. I will analyze these music and here they are. Music called “Autumn leaves” performed by Eddie Higgins. I liked this song because of its lonely but delighting feeling. The starting of it is very nice. It starts with a swing rhythm. There are lots of usages of blue notes. It was used for 3rd bar and other bars. There are also lots of drop offs that have been used, it is used for almost every part of music. It had very many popping sound by this technique. Its time signature was 4/4. I couldn't listen any contrast of dynamic. The accent of music was usually used when the music has started. I think this music was very monotonous. When the music just started, it was very loud but when it goes to middle of music, the sound goes very low. Until it goes to the end of the music from the middle of it, it goes loud and small. It continues that and finally, it goes louder and louder and goes smaller and finally stops. From this music, I could hear the sound of piano, which was playing the main melody of it. There was drum as well. Here was no singer. I think that is all. Drums made this music sound jazzier. There was lots of contrast between light texture and heavy texture. The heavy structure and light sound came out time about it. The first 9 bars have been repeated. The tempo of it was very swinging. It had a term of “strong” – “medium” – “weak” – “weaker”. It repeats it. The speed of this song changes a lot. First it was fast and it goes slow. After the first change, it repeats this speed. By this repetition, the music sounds much jazzier. It has an effect that the music makes listeners feel tantalize. Another music called “Estate” sounds very nice. Because of its nice melody played by piano and nice back beat sounds played by drum and cymbals sound it is very relaxing. If I hear this song at rainy day, then I will get to be very relaxing. There are lots of blue notes used. When I listen this song, I can hear some melodies that have been went out of normal melody, which is normally used. Some sounds are very low, even the before and after melody is not that low. So it feels like “drop offs” or grace notes. The vibrato is used to make the expression more delighting and lonely. I thought so because of the jazzy mood of vibrato that the performer used. The swing rhythm has been used for its feelings and expression. By using it, the music sounded jazzier. By the swing rhythm, I felt more delighting not just feeling down and sad. The first, third, fifth melodies were emphasized. They were kind of staccato and the performer put one more same melody after that emphasizes melody. The time signature of this music is 2/4.
  2. 2. First, when the music starts, the sound of this music is normal. However, when the music goes to the climax part, it goes very loud and dynamic. But the sound goes smaller when the song was about to finish. Piano, which played the main melody of this music made the most effect that made music sound jazzier my using grace notes and drop offs. Also, the usage of some blue notes, it sounded very jazzy. There was only two instrument that have been used for this music, which is piano and cymbals. I think these selections of instrument are really nice to make this music jazzier. It is also a small swing as well. The first bar of this music was being repeated. By this opportunity to be related with jazz music, I learned lots of things. These two jazz music made me familiar with another jazz music. Now, I am in love with the jazz music. I will only find jazz music now. Not just for studying, also for my better mood, jazz music are really nice.