Dt final evaluation


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Dt final evaluation

  1. 1. <ul><li>The picture of my final toy-914400685800Grace Roh</li></ul>My overall design looks like the pictures in the left side. I love my design. My design is very creative and eye-catching. About the out looking, I used black, yellow and red, yellow kinds of contrasting colors to paint this toy, which makes the eye-catching effect. Additionally I love the functions of the toy. The kids who play with my toy will be able to choose either to pull or to push my toy to play. But other toys are simply just pulling or pushing. By this function, I think my toy has a great functional design. There are some interesting designs, though. The small bump on the back of the cat is for the mouse. The kids can put mouse in the bump, which goes in accurately. By putting the mouse on the top of this toy, the string and mouse would not annoy them.<br />Pulling my toy-1143000912495 If I were to make my toy again, I will make my toy’s tail shorter and the wheel to role roundly, not the out center way. Also, I would make my toy’s string shorter. Here are some reasons why I want to make changes of that. First, the tail was kind of dangerous. The first kid played with it and hit someone else’s head. Then I found out that it is dangerous for young kids. Second, I found out that the kids liked simply rolling toys not the bumping toys. I would reflect it for sure because the preference of the toys is very important. The string was so long that annoyed kids to play with. Every time, I had to go to kid and help the kid to take off the string from a wheel. <br />My toy includes the movement of rolling. It is rolling but at the same time, it rocks. <br />The front wheels go up and down but the back wheels just rolled. So<br /><<= Here is the video of how it moves. <br />I am very happy with the materials that I chose. I chose a pinewood. It was because that wood is very big. The project that I wanted to make was kind of big so I needed a big wood. At the time when I had to choose my material to use wood, that pinewood was the biggest one. Even I make this toy again, I will use the same material, pinewood.<br />The color scheme that I used was not very satisfying. From my final design, the color is supposed to be red-orange color for the whole cat project. However, I painted it so many times that I used to be in the exact color that I wanted changed into bright red color. I found out that little kids don't like red or bright green color from my younger brother (he is 4 year-old now) and his peers. I should have considered that more seriously. I don't really think my toy looks good with the red color. <br />My moving toy 2D design sheet-457200-685800To create my project took quite long time. It took exactly 3 months. From March 23rd to May 23rd. It is because I had to make many pieces of toy to create the whole toy. I needed 6 pieces of toy and connected them by using screw, nail, PVA glue. It took 3 weeks to finishing up the actual body part of my toy and making and revising my toy’s tail part took almost 1 week and half. I think it was the minimum time to finish creating this toy, because I didn't slow down at all. The only way to get this project done earlier is not making it in high quality. <br />I don't think the factory can create a line to manufacture this toy regularly. It is because the shape of this toy is very complicated and has lots of round parts on my toy. It will be hard to do all the delicate works that I did with my hands with rough and tough machines. <br />My project is not “that” safe to “really” young children who can’t figure out how to play with my toy. It is because my toy’s nose part is little bit sharp and the tail is very tall for young, short kids. It is not that dangerous for little kids when they don't hold my toy by holding the tail part with their hands. They might hammer each other accidently. Also, when the children fall down, the high tail might poke their body. But, when the children play with the toy in correct way, they wont be dangerous. To avoid these kinds of incidents, I will have to make the tail shorter and file the nose more carefully next time I make the same toy. <br />I used the both of hand and power tools. I used saw (gent saw, tenon saw, coping saw) to cut out the basic shape of my toy. I used files (round file, flat file, half-rounded file) to file all the sharp edges of the toy. I used disc sander to make the toy smoother and looks professional. I used pedestal drill to make holes on wheels and my toy. These techniques that I used was very appropriate for my project. If I were to make my toy again, I will use the same technique and tools as I did this time to make the toy. <br />The young kids who are 3 – 5 will like my project best. It is because their height is appropriate for my toy’s handle part. Also, my younger brother is 4 years old and he said his friends love that kind of cat or dog. I made this toy aiming at 3 – 5 years old so it must be liked the most by them.<br />I made a survey about my toy. Here are some parts of the results from my survey. <br />By this survey, I could know that many people liked my design. They gave some more specific opinions about my toy, which were:<br />0765175<br />From 254000254000the first result, I was very disappointed, because I thought my project was very nice. But by the last three results, I found out that majority of people who took survey think it is a nice project. <br />The wheels work very well. The final toy rolled very well. But while I was in creating stage, the wheels didn't role well so I had to make two wheels again. It was the biggest problem of the toy because it is supposed to move. I learned how the wheels balance the toy and I could finally make the toy move. <br />I think it had effects on environments. It is because I used little amount of wood and I recycled all the wood that has been used but thrown away. They were used as the sticks that used for taking out some paint from paint bottle.<br />