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Broadcast publishing v6.11 Broadcast publishing v6.11 Presentation Transcript

  • Broadcast Publishing
    Comufy is a registered trademark of Astrapia Ltd.
  • Broadcast Overview
    Post description
    Delivery time
    Select channel to publish to
    Select account to publish to
    Send / schedule message
  • Broadcast
    Post description
    The post description is a title given to the message.
    It allows you to easily see which messages are
    Scheduled in the calendar and to track your
    statistics relating to this message.
    Delivery time
    Messages can either be sent now, or scheduled for
    a future delivery time and date.
  • Broadcast
    Select channel to publish to
    A channel relates to either Facebook or Twitter. If
    you wish to send to both Facebook and Twitter,
    simply fill in the message details for both channels.
    The Post Description and Delivery Time will be the same for both channels. If you wish to send
    messages to Facebook and Twitter with different Post Descriptions or Delivery Times, you need to
    publish two separate deliveries.
    Select account(s) to publish to
    Comufy lets you publish to multiple accounts at the same time. Click on the account(s) that you
    wish the message to be published from. In this example, we have selected the Tweetswitch account
    for Facebook. If you have multiple accounts, you can filter using the search bar.
  • Broadcast
    Send / schedule message
    Click ‘Send’ to publish your message now or ‘Schedule’ to publish your message at a specific date
    and time.
    Please note, this button will send / schedule both your Facebook and Twitter message at the
    same time.
    Once your message has been sent / scheduled you will be taken to a confirmation screen.
  • Broadcast to Facebook
    Once you have selected your Facebook account(s) to publish from, you have the option of publishing a
    ‘status’ update or a ‘photo’ update.
    The status update is a simple, plain text update.
  • Broadcast to Facebook
    The ‘photo’ update allows you to be much more flexible and descriptive with your message. In addition to
    the status text, you can select an image to post with the status.
    You have the ability to add text alongside the image. This includes a Headline, a Caption and a Description.
    Finally, you are able to assign a URL to the image and the Headline.
    To select an image for your post, click on the visible image.
    By default, this image will be the most recently posted.
    There are three options to select an image.
    1 – choose a recent image, displayed
    2 – click the upload / up arrow button to select an image from your computer
    3 – enter a URL into the ‘Location’ box and click off the box
  • Broadcast to Facebook
    Geo-targeting allows your messages to only be visible to your Facebook Fans in certain countries, or
    country groups. To apply geo-targeting, simply select the countries from the geo-targeting dropdown.
    For more information on setting up country groups, please see the Settings document.
  • Broadcast to Twitter
    Once you have selected your Twitter account(s) to publish from, you then compose your tweet.
    A tweet must be 140 characters or less. Any URLs that are to be shortened will be shortened to a
    maximum of 20 characters, i.e. if your tweet contains one short URL, you have 120 characters to write
  • Broadcast
    Short URLs
    When publishing a message, any URLs that are typed starting ‘http://’ or ‘https://’ will automatically be
    shortened and tracked by Comufy’s analytics platform.
    If you do not have an integrated short URL associated with your account, the Comufy short URL
    will be used. Alternatively, we are able to integrate your own URL shortener or enterprise URL.