One More Chance

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  • 2. Its anotherMorning I have to go to office
  • 3. I Saw Today’s Newspaper
  • 4. Ohh!!! This is ME…
  • 5. I shouted having a glance on my snap in today’s newspaper What the hell it is doing in the Death Column?
  • 6. One Sec…Let me Think!
  • 7. When I was going to bed, Last NightI have severe Pain in My Chest
  • 8. I was taken toHospitalButI thinkI had SoundSleepThere..
  • 9. Its 10AM Now… I will be lateWhere is My Coffee? for office My Boss will get a chance to irritate me
  • 10. But.. Where is Everyone?
  • 11. I Think There is a Crowd outside my Room.But Why Some of them Crying
  • 12. I looked inside the Room
  • 13. I Was lying on the Floor
  • 14. I Was Shocked
  • 15. I Shouted
  • 16. Nobody was Looking at meThey were watching my bodyLying on the floor
  • 17. Am I DEAD? I asked myself
  • 18. Where is my Wife, MyChildren, My Friends?
  • 19. She Was CryingI Saw my Wife in Next Room She was Looking Very SAD
  • 20. My little kid was also crying because her Mom was SAD
  • 21. How Can I Go Without Saying My Wife that She was the most Beautiful and Caring Wife in this World.How Can I GoWithout SayingMy KidthatI Really Love ThemI Really do CareFor them!
  • 22. How Can I Go Without Saying My Friends that Without them perhaps, I have done Most of the Wrong things in My Life
  • 23. Oh! The Guy there was used to be my Best FriendSmall Misunderstanding made us apartI Just want to say himSORRY
  • 24. It seems no one is able to see me
  • 25. Am I Really DEAD? I asked myself
  • 26. I sat Down Near ME. I was alsofeeling likeCrying
  • 27. I prayed..
  • 29. I Want to make my Wife,My Kids, My Friends RealizethatHow much I LOVE THEM!
  • 30. I Saw My Wife entered the Room I Wanted to Tell her that…
  • 31. OhhGodI Screamed
  • 32. A Little More TimePLEASEEEEEEEEE!
  • 33. One More Chance toHug My Child
  • 34. One More ChanceTo Thank My Wife forStill Being There in my life
  • 35. I Shouted..God, One More Chance Please…
  • 36. ife yW lee p” M di nS re? ” ut e ma ho Ni ght u S ..“Yo d… have a i Sa y o u “ Did
  • 37. Oh! Thank God, It was Just a DREAM.I was Sleeping
  • 38. I hugged her and whispered..“You are the Most Beautiful and Caring Wife in this Universe,I really Love You”.
  • 39. I Prayed..
  • 40. Thank you God For This Second Chance
  • 41. Its not too late for all of you who are reading this..
  • 42. Forget your EGO Forget your PAST
  • 43. Express Your Love to Others..
  • 44. Be Friendly
  • 45. Smile Always!!
  • 46. By, Kaushal Mandalia Mandalia.kaushal@in.comVisit my Blog :