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Copper Shingles

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Paradigm Slide Show 1.4 For Web

  1. 1. Paradigm Shingles, Inc. Style, Elegance And Grace website email [email_address] telephone (877) 674-4645 facsimile (802) 893-0094 Paradigm Copper Shingles P.O. Box 27, Milton VT 05468
  2. 2. For those who appreciate the fine art of building, every structural detail is an opportunity to make an aesthetic statement. The superior beauty and quality of copper make it the perfect medium for distinctive and creative expression. Make an Architectural Statement with the Elegance of Copper
  3. 3. Roofing That Reflects Your Style The rich, distinguished look of Paradigm Shingles complements any architectural style, from traditional to contemporary. It’s equally at home in the city or the country and lends a touch of elegance to residential and commercial structures alike.
  4. 4. Copper…The Crowning Touch From ancient times to the present, copper has been the crowning touch to homes, churches, and public buildings which proudly display - for generations, - their original roofs, made even more beautiful by time.
  5. 5. Paradigm shingles are manufactured from solid copper meeting ASTM B370 quality standards. This provides you with a long-lasting, value-enhancing beauty backed by our 50-year transferable warranty. Paradigm Copper Shingles … Beauty that Endures
  6. 6. Copper Patina - Time Honored Elegance Patina is a process that builds naturally on any metal surface. Copper Patina is a crystalline structure, which over time, goes through a sequence of development. Starting as a bright, shiny surface, the copper matures into a rich blue green known as verdigris patina. Depending on location, this verdigris patina process can take up to 25 years.
  7. 7. The Grace And Durability Of Copper Paradigm shingles are self-healing, so scuff marks, scratches, and other minor blemishes quickly weather and disappear into mellow bronze tones, then to a rich green patina that blends with the surrounding environment.
  8. 8. Paradigm Shingles meet the requirements of a Class-A roof covering for new construction. This resistance to fire makes them ideal for fire-prone areas. Year after year, Paradigm Shingles stand up to the harshest forces of nature, as well as man-made hazards like acid rain and environmental pollutants. Designed to withstand hurricane force winds and rain, Paradigm Shingles have passed laboratory tests of winds exceeding 110 mph with eight inches of rain per hour with no leaks. Protection From Fire, Wind, Rain And The Elements
  9. 9. Verdigris, the beautiful patina that naturally protects copper, is not the only “Green" thing about a Paradigm Shingle roof... Environmentally, Paradigm Shingles are the ideal “Green“ building product. They are manufactured from recycled copper; one of the highest recycled content of any engineering metal (95%). Additionally, they will never end up in a landfill, as they are 100% recyclable and will actually hold a salvage value. Few building materials put so little burden on the environment. Putting the Green into Green Building
  10. 10. L eadership in E nergy & E nvironmental D esign (LEED) Compliancy LEED® is a voluntary program developed to define, establish and promote a standard measurement for high-performance, sustainable building. Developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED® is revolutionizing the build environment through it’s environmental, economic and health benefits. LEED® awards points towards the total recyclable contents of all the building products. Copper with it’s high degree of recycled content contributes significantly towards LEED® points. More and more local and state governments are offering an array of incentives to build “Green”.
  11. 11. The Paradigm system can be specified for new roofs, re-roofing projects, or to accent architectural details such as overhangs, gazebos, or cupolas. Paradigm Copper Shingles can also be used for siding and other creative architectural applications. Bring The Character Of Copper To Life
  12. 12. Easy To Install … Because Paradigm Shingles are lightweight (approximately 140 pounds per square compared to 350 to over 750 pounds for most other roof coverings) they don’t need extra roof support or framing. Our shingles are strong enough to withstand foot traffic, dropped tools and the forces of nature without perforating. Paradigm Shingles are almost as quick and easy to install as asphalt shingles and easier and less expensive than a roof of slate, tile or cedar. There are no special skills required and no special tools. You install them over conventional plywood or solid lumber substrates - no special decking, sheathing or underside venting are needed. E xtremely durable and weather tight Paradigm Shingles require little or no maintenance. 
  13. 13. The Paradigm’s Unique, Two-Piece Design Paradigm Shingles are actually a system comprised of two, separate pieces – the visible, solid copper shingles plus concealed joint pans. This two-piece system insures the greatest weather protection and installation flexibility. Laboratory tests clearly demonstrate that the Paradigm’s two-piece shingle system provides protection against wind driven rain at the shingles, not at the underlayment. Since the shingle does not rely on leak-prone side locks, there is no predetermined installation sequence (i.e., lower left to upper right) as with other metal shingles. As a result, installation may begin at any location along the eave and proceed in either or both directions. Joint Pan Paradigm Shingle (48” x 8.5” exposure)
  14. 14. Paradigm Shingles are manufactured from solid copper meeting ASTM B370 Standards. They will very likely last as long as the building it protects. Our shingles have no applied finish; they will not chip, chalk, dry out, curl, lift, split, break, mold or mildew. We also manufacture a complete line of accessories such as drip edge, hip & ridge and various flashings; all of which are designed specifically to integrate with our weather tight shingle system. Beauty That Is More Than Skin Deep Paradigm Shingle Physical Data Composition 99.9% Copper Thickness 0.019" (25 B&S gauge) Tensile Strength 36,00 psi Length 48" Exposure 8.5" Coverage per shingle 3 square ft Packaging 18 shingles + joint pans Coverage per package 51 square feet Packages per square 2 Weight per square 145 Quality Standard ASTM B370
  15. 15. Paradigm Shingles Installation Instructions   Surfaces: The Paradigm Shingle is designed to be installed over solid substrates only on roofs and walls with slopes of 3:12 or greater. Acceptable substrates include exterior grade plywood (1/2” minimum thickness) or well-seasoned lumber.   Underlayment: Surface to receive Paradigm Shingles should be covered with two layers of Type 15 felt or one layer of Type 30 felt for the field of the roof. In locations subject to ice build-up, two layers of Type 15 felt should be applied shingle fashion cemented together with approved material between the ply’s extending from the eave up the roof to a point at least 36 inches inside the exterior wall line of the building.   Edge Strips: Copper edge strips (drip edge) should be installed continuously along eaves and gable rakes. The roof flange is secured to the substrate with copper nails spaced 3” apart.   Shingles: Installation may begin at any location along the eaves and proceed upward. First shingle course locks over previously placed edge strip; subsequent courses lock into course below. Ends of each shingle butt with a space of approximately 1/16” between shingle ends. Prefabricated joint pans are placed under butt joints. Butt joints are to be broken at least 12” in adjacent courses. Each shingle is secured to the substrate with five copper nails spaced approximately 12” apart through pre-punches holes.   At gable rakes shingles are cut and folded over to form a 5/8” lock, which hooks around a previously placed edge strip. At valley shingles are cut and folded over to form a 5/8” lock, which hooks into the double fold in the previously placed valley flashing. Chimneys, vent stacks, and similar projections are flashed with copper sheet.   Valleys: Valleys should be of copper in 8-foot lengths. Each length is nailed at the top edge only and laps the lover length not less than 6” in direction of the flow. Outer edges of valley flashing are secured with copper cleats spaced 18” apart and secured with two copper nails.   Hips and Ridges: Hips and Ridges are finished with special copper caps as manufactured by Paradigm Shingles. Caps are placed over the shingles, then locked into place, and secured with two copper nails.   Nails: All nails used to secure edge strips, shingles, valleys, hip and ridge caps, and other flashings should be 1-1/4”, number 11, barbed slating nails.
  16. 16. Compare the lifetime cost of a Paradigm Shingle roof to that of other materials… Consider the longevity, fire and storm protection, increased resale value, plus its high salvage value and you’ll discover that our copper shingles are an affordable roofing material. Beauty, Practicality And Affordability
  17. 17. Additional Paradigm Shingle Products & Applications Diamond Shingles Copper, Steel or Aluminum Paradigm Classic Painted Steel & Aluminum Shingles Custom Shingles & Ornaments Bermuda Shingle used as siding Paradigm Shingle used as siding