Windows Azure Platform - The Color of Cloud Computing


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The Windows Azure Platform. A Presentation for Startup & enterpreuneurs

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  • Windows Azure Application Architecture
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Windows Azure Platform - The Color of Cloud Computing

  1. 1. The Color of Cloud ComputingGeorge KanellopoulosPlatform Strategy
  2. 2. Allocated Load Not Enough IT-capacities Forecast Power IT CAPACITY Too Much Power Actual Load TIME3
  3. 3. Load No screaming Capacity on Forecast customers Demand IT CAPACITY No capital Knob goes laying idle up... And...Lower Capex down Actual Load TIME
  4. 4. Compute Compute Inactivity Period Average Usage Average Usage Time TimeCompute Compute Average Usage Average Usage Time Time
  5. 5. “IaaS”Infrastructure-as-a-Service “PaaS” Platform-as-a-Service “SaaS” Software-as-a-Service host build consume
  6. 6. Cloud Computing Taxonomy The Windows Azure Platform fits here You manage Traditional IT IaaS PaaS SaaS Applications Applications Applications Applications You manage Data Data Data Data Runtime Runtime Runtime Runtime Managed by vendorYou manage Middleware Middleware Middleware Middleware Managed by vendor O/S O/S O/S O/S Managed by vendor Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization Servers Servers Servers Servers Storage Storage Storage Storage Networking Networking Networking Networking Windows® Azure™ Platform
  7. 7. Cloud Services by Microsoft 23 million subscribers 2 billion unique calls per year 14 billion ads per month Over 6 million songs in the Over 3 billion WW Over 600 million unique users catalog queries each month 370 million active Petabytes of data 500 million active Windows Live IDs accounts every month to millions of PCs 10 billion messages processed daily Windows® Azure™ Platform
  9. 9. “The Windows Azure platform is a highly effective and low cost option for hosting complex solutions with agility and scalability.”“With Windows Azure, we didn’t have to make changes to the architecture of our solution to get it running. To start up quickly—that is really big for us."
  10. 10. Cloud Operating System
  11. 11. An illustration Application Compute Storage Config Fabric AppFabric Applications SQL Azure 3rd Party Services Windows Azure Applications Windows Windows Windows Others Server Vista/XP Mobile
  12. 12. A closer lookHTTP/TCP Web Role Worker Role HTTP ASP.NET, main() WCF, etc. { … } Load IIS Balancer Agent Agent Fabric Application Compute Storage Fabric … VM
  13. 13. YourService D N S LB Web Portal (API) Fabric LB Controller
  14. 14. YourServiceService Model Service D N S L B Web Portal (API) DNS config L Fabric B Controller
  15. 15. YourService Service D Service N S Service Service Service L Service B Service Web Portal Service (API) L Fabric B Controller Model
  16. 16. YourService D Service N S Service L B Service Service Web Portal (API) L Fabric B Controller Model
  17. 17. A closer look HTTP Blobs Tables Queues Application Compute Storage Fabric …
  18. 18. A closer look at tables Table Table Table ... Entity Entity Entity ... Storage Property Property Property Accounts Name Type Value
  19. 19. The suggested application model To scale, add more of either1) Receive work Web Role Worker Role main() 4) Do ASP.NET, work WCF, etc. { … } 2) Put work in 3) Get work queue from queue Queue
  20. 20. Extending SQL Server to the Cloud
  21. 21. Highly scaled out relational database as a service Relational database service SQL Azure Database (Windows Azure Compute) Browser SOAP/REST Astoria/REST - EDM HTTP/S HTTP/S Customer Value Props App Code App Code (ASP.NET) (ASP.NET) Windows Azure ComputeT-SQL (TDS) T-SQL (TDS) SQL Server Reporting Server (on-premises) SQL Azure Database MS Datacenter - AD Federation (LiveId /.Net Svcs ACS)
  22. 22. SQL Azure access from within SQL Azure Access from SQL Azure Access from within andMS Datacenter (Azure compute) outside outside MS Datacenter (On-premises MS Datacenter (On- & Azure Compute) premises) Application/ Browser App code/ Tools App code/ Tools SOAP/REST Astoria/REST - EDM HTTP/S HTTP/S T-SQL (TDS) Windows Data Sync SQL Azure App Code App Code Windows Azure App Code App Code (ASP.NET) (ASP.NET) (ASP.NET) Azure (ASP.NET) T-SQL (TDS) T-SQL (TDS) Windows SQL Azure Azure SQL Azure SQL Azure Code Near Code Far Hybrid
  23. 23. DeploymentDB Script SQL Azure TDS
  24. 24. Accessing databases Web Portal (API) SQL Azure Your App TDSChange Connection String
  25. 25. Database Monitoring & Recovery Web Portal (API) Your App SQL Azure TDS !
  26. 26. Building Block Services for developing connected applications
  27. 27. Access Control Service STS Rules ? 3) Return new token 5) Use new token to 2) STS creates new token 4) Present new determine what this user 1) Present according to rules token can do token Client Application UserAccess Control Service Bus
  28. 28. Service Bus 2) Discover endpoints Registry 1) Register 3) Access application Endpoints endpoints Application Application Organization X Organization YAccess Control Service Bus
  29. 29.
  30. 30. World-class Security Data Center within a Data Center Motion sensors 24x7 secured accessBiometric controlled access systems Video camera surveillance Security breach alarms
  31. 31. World-class Security Filtering Routers Firewalls Intrusion Detection Separate Data Networks Penetration testing Scanning and monitoring AVData Configuration/patch Host Security (hardened operating system) Application-Level Countermeasures Application Authentication Authentication to Data
  32. 32. World-class Security Security Data RiskPrivacy Management
  33. 33. World-class SecurityData hygiene supported bymulti-layers antivirus andspam filteringHighly secure data accessfor users via HTTPS Geo-redundant data centers certified with SAS70 and ISO27001
  34. 34. Access Control Service BusPer Message Operation Per Message Operation$1.99/10k transactions $3.99/month per connection
  35. 35. Helping startups succeed with all the right resources
  36. 36. Subscription Level Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDNWindows AzureCompute 1,500 hours of the small compute instance (Enough to run 2 small compute instances 24/7 for 31 days)Storage 30GBStorage Transactions 2,000,000SQL Azure 5GBAppFabricAccess Control Transactions* 500KService Bus Connections 5Caching** 128 MB cacheData transfers 35GB (WW) Out 35GB (WW) InAnnual Savings $3500
  37. 37. Microsoft BizSparkWindows AzureWindows Azure Training Kit Windows Phone 7 iOS Devices Android Social Games Windows vNext