Uc&C First Tuesday Bergen Apr 2009 Final


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UC&C/NGWP presentation at First Tuesday Bergen April 2009

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Uc&C First Tuesday Bergen Apr 2009 Final

  1. 1. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE UC&C and the “Next Generation Workplace” First Tuesday Bergen, April 2009 LARS SVERRE GJØLME
  2. 2. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Good tools used by smart people adapted to the actual business landscape really does the job TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE STRUCTURES
  3. 3. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE A significant opportunity has emerged for the CIO to deliver game-changing value to the business thru Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C). Communications and collaboration are ► essential ingredients of business success. Technology innovations over the last ► couple of decades have mainly electronified communications, but have not fundamentally changed collaboration – until now. It is up to the CIO (and others) to harness ► these technologies to create strategic business benefits. To obtain the benefits though, the CIO ► (and others) must also address the resultant security issues, build the appropriate supporting network and desktop infrastructure, and address and deploy end-user change.
  4. 4. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Powerful collaboration tools have emerged to seamlessly connect individuals , teams, partners and companies... Unified Interface – access telephony, email, voice mail, IM, conferencing, and document sharing from one interface. Accessibility – Locate, connect and collaborate with others seamlessly and instantaneously regardless of one’s location and available communication device.
  5. 5. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE … erase the lines of geography and corporate boundaries enabling the workforce to collaborate as if in the same room. Natural Human Interaction – Increase executive interaction and impact, with less travel and reduced corporate carbon- footprint. High End/TelePresence Workgroup Collaboration – Teams work together more effectively by obtaining the visual elements of communications. Mid Range Low End/user
  6. 6. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Solve my problem: “Imagine your future workplace where …” You spend less time searching for information You can store information You have one-click in a well-organized access to experts and intuitive way On-line presence makes Single sign-on gives you it easy to contact your access to relevant colleagues applications The communication You get easy access to technology enables learning material better collaboration You can share documents with colleagues in a more efficient way
  7. 7. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE “Next generation workplace” is a framework for discussing alternative routes to the future (“Enterprise 2.0”)  NGWP companies links people, organizational structures and work processes with technology, to create an exiting, effective and collaborative business environment  It fuels unprecedented levels of communication Unified Portals & and collaboration by streamlining and Communication Content simplifying how people work in the enterprise, & Collaboration Management  It offers great tools so people can connect with NGWP each other, using applications and information through various access points regardless of Enterprise Business time and location Search Intelligence  It creates a platform for delivering better customer service through a more effective workplace  It reduce cost, because hardware and software are configured precisely to business roles
  8. 8. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE The NGWP framework | performance accelerators… JIT Process Support Knowledge Management Learning Management Process flows, best practices, Customer K, product K, technical Assessment of competencies, methodology, procedures, task K, industry K, competitive K, training, learning 2.0, support, forms, templates, reusable deliverables, best simulations, games, JIT learning, standards, examples, linkage to etc. practices, etc. applications, etc. Search and Performance Access to Experts Data Relationship Management Expert locator, expert messaging, Highly relevant information from Individual performance against expert conferencing, expert structured & unstructured data goals, peers, group performance, sources & automatically deliver knowledge transfer, networks, information related to what I’m bonus calculator, linkage to CoP’s etc. working on learning, etc. Access to Collaboration & Access to Business Applications Communication Intelligence Single sign on access to relevant Project work areas supporting applications, integration between collaborative development of Data queries, reports, analysis, applications, personalized GUI’s work products, status reporting, analytics, discovery, etc. etc. issue tracking, etc.
  9. 9. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Cornerstone’s of Unified Communinication Workgroup Productivity – Individual Productivity increasing productivity by extending productivity enabling employees to improvements to save time in everyday workgroups through activities through collaboration and communication/messaging conferencing tools, and capabilities. generating significant cost PERSON WORKGROUP savings through system consolidation, reduction in external communications Communications Enabled UC costs, travel, and even real Business Processes – estate spendings. improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Enterprise Transformation enterprise by directly accelerating the identification PROCESS CHANGE embedding unified of new products, services communications capabilities and channels by using unified into business processes communications and that extend activity across collaboration to engage an functional groups of the ecosystem of customers and enterprise. partners. INNOVATION
  10. 10. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Tools designed for introducing the concept to a customer “NGWP Handbook” – presentations, workshops, market material+++ Total Maturity Economic Assessment Impact Performance Learning 2.0 Workspace 10
  11. 11. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Facts found through the Maturity Assessment can be used in various formats within an organization Future direction Present situation Sophisticated process. High visibility Mid year reviews. Limited visibility Basic annual Rigorous authoring Performance process process with easy Management centralised access Moderate quality. Web based access Low quality, Team work consistency & Process rewarded. Full tool hard to find Team work support Support encouraged. Basic Primary focus on tool support Role of expert is key. individual Experts helpful & activities Collaboration easy to find Single list of all experts. Up to date Expert not Training at identified or employee and Access to accessible managers Regular update. Experts discretion Training at Training at managers discretion career Leadership milestones / committed. Budget. Learning business change Adequate Tools. Way of life centralised Inconsistent knowledge stores ways to share Data shared between Knowledge knowledge integrated systems Single front page. Single sign on Many different, Easy to use. overlapping Access to Relevant results. applications Search in many data Applications Moderate search stores and results. Basic taxonomy Simple keyword. Relevant and useful A-Z taxonomy Search info. On demand Targeted info and data reports Limited info pushed to Business employee Intelligence 1 2 3 4 5 6
  12. 12. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE The new workforce – the NetGen or Millennials… • Prefer technology over F2F • Email is passé • No secrets online • Choose what they • Life over use work • Free software & • Always on, always content texting • Expect instant • Expect latest access, 24/7 services technologies •Oblivious to corporate policies
  13. 13. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE The (old) management team @ Millennial characteristics Freedom Collaboration Customization Entertainment Scrutiny Speed Integrity Innovation
  14. 14. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Next Generation CIO’s… “Many chief information officers do an excellent job of overseeing IT operations, but very few lead their companies' efforts to get real business benefits from IT investments. A new style of leader is needed—one who can find ways for IT to change the company, not just run it.” © Copyright 2009 Accenture & Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  15. 15. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Accenture Collaboration 2.0 Strategy Efficient Leadership Enabling User Groups People-to-People High Cost/Collaborator 1. Leaders: Decide 300 2. Experts: Guide ~15,000 Leveraged Expertise 3. Teams: Build ~170,000 High Performance Teamwork Push Pull People-to-Info Low Cost/Collaborator
  16. 16. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Accenture internal UC&C initiative – “Collaboration 2.0” Unified messaging Instant messaging Audio-/Video Conferencing CONNECTING Telepresence Intranet/Corporate Portal ACN People NETWORKING Social Bookmarking Town Square, Groups Knowledge Exchange (KX) SHARING Media Exchange ACN Encyclopedia ACN Wiki ACN Search 2.0 TEAMING ACN Beta SW SP Team Sites Decission Support Tools 180.000 users, 50 global sites
  17. 17. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Problem or opportunity? Kvifor sosiale medier? ”Hege Skjeie skreiv i DN lørdag 4.4 at det er mykje tull på Twitter – eit populært sosialt medium. Det er det - nett som det er mykje tull på tv og i avisene. Det betyr ikkje at mediet er ubrukeleg.” Bård Vegar Solhjell Kunnskapsminister
  18. 18. NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE Questions about NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE? Lars Sverre Gjølme Senior Manager, Management Consulting lars.sverre.gjolme@accenture.com +47 9829 0025