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Experiences Of James Jin
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Experiences Of James Jin


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10-year China Central government relations experience

10-year China Central government relations experience

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  • 1. James Jin’s Working Experiences
    • Establishing a Team of Food and Drug Labs in 2 years
    • Protocol business in Beijing Central Government Agency for 10 years
    • Services in Washington with Hundred of Chinese High Level Government Delegations
    • Strong Connections with China’s Ministries of Commerce, Health, Agriculture, CIQ and other Agencies
  • 2. James Jin, VP, Amerita (Tianjin) Food and Drug Laboratory Co. Ltd. and Director of US Office
    • Working in China's National Defense University from 1985-90 with Master's degree in International Relations; Studying in University of Maryland, School of Public Administration in Ford Foundation scholar. He worked as senior researcher at the Atlantic Council in Washington and worked as Director of Protocol Division, Foreign Affairs Bureau of the China Congress for a long time; later, he worked for China's National Defense Science and Technology Association as representative in the U.S for the peaceful uses of military technology. Annual project work to attract investment so that he has accumulated a wealth of investment experience. He is in good planning, strong coordination and communication skills.
  • 3. James has important connections among current BJCIQ directors
  • 4. May 12, 1991 at People’s Great Hall James accompany Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, General Hong Xuezhi and the former Soviet Union Defense Minister Marshal Sokolov
  • 5. In the 1990s his foreign affairs activities in China and protocol working experiences of State Government Agency
    • During his working in Foreign Affairs Bureau of the CPPCC National Committee, he is the assistant to vice chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Mr. Han Ke-hua (former deputy foreign minister); he host the former Soviet Defense Minister Marshal Sokolov to meet the Central Military Commission Chairman Jiang Zemin, Liu Huaqing, Zhang Zhen, vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman of Hong Xuezhi; his duty is for meet, participation, accompany China Party and State leaders Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Yang Shangkun, Li Xiannian, Gu Mu, Hong Xue-zhi, Qian Qichen, in protocol foreign affairs activities, and to accompany state leaders to visit the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Korea, Japan and other countries. He repeatedly worked for Shanghai Mayor Wang Daohan as consultant for his Clinton administration's cross-strait policy advice; on many occasions working for the State Council Information Office Directors Li Yuan Chao and Guo Weimin to do the U.S. Congress on China policy advice; working for the People's Congress, Foreign Affairs Committee, Chairmen Zhu Qizhen, Zhu liang and Zeng Jianhui, in advice to the U.S. Congress policies.
  • 6. James escorts Vice Chairman of People’s Congress, General Xu Xin in meeting with guests of U.S. Department of Defense at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
  • 7. Years 92-96-98 repeatedly attended Conference in University of Hawaii, East-West Center by the U.S. Pacific Command, he sub-presided over the International Security Strategy Forum
  • 8. As the U.S. Atlantic Council Senior Fellow, he meets with Taipei Mayor Dr. Ma Ying-jeou (now China Taiwan’s President) at the George Mason University in 2003
  • 9. James and General Michael Byrnes, former Defense Attaché to US embassy in Beijing (2009)
  • 10. Autumn afternoon James and Dr. Zhu Chenghu the Dean of National Defense College and NDU classmate, Major General in US Home backyard
  • 11. July 1, 1992 he is as the Chinese government delegation member in Myohyang-Mountain Presidential Palace in Pyongyang, meeting with North Korean leader Kim Il Sung
  • 12. In October 2007 James as the Third China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue The first advance group of service agency staff
  • 13. A long time for the World Bank Board's China Office varies services, James has done establishment of an important network and connections with important people resources
    • James Jin's Arlington US-China Resources Inc. to do service work for the United States and China Strategic Economic Dialogue many years, as well have service for the China People's Bank of President Zhou Xiaochuan, Vice Minister of Treasury Li Yong, assistant Minister Zhu Guangyao also work with China Ministry of Treasury, World Bank Division to establish a good relationship with the World Bank Board, China Executive Director of Ms. Zou Jiayi, Deputy Executive Director Yang Yingming.
    • James Jin's Arlington US-China Resources Inc. have service for the China Sovereign Fund (China Investment Corporation) in pass three years, which have important talks in Washington DC. He works with the President of Board, Lou Jiwei, Vice President Jin Liqun, with implementation of good relations of Jesse Wang Fu Dong
  • 14. The third China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue Schedule (Part II)
  • 15. The third China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue Schedule (Part III)
  • 16. The third China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue Schedule (Part IV)
  • 17. Visiting US Schedule for President of Board, Lou Jiwei of China Investment Corporation (Beijing-Washing DC-New York-Beijing) February 17-23, 2008
  • 18. In February 2009, as the reception team staff for China's Sovereign Fund---China Investment Corporation delegation to visit the United States in Washington DC
  • 19. James and US FDA, Director of Chinese Office,Christopher Hickey, Ph.D. January, 2009
  • 20. China-US Workshop on Food Safety Nov 18, 2008 China's Health Minister, Chen Zhu Secretary of US HHS, Mike Leavitt
  • 21. James established the Connection Points between ATFDL & US Government Agencies, Laboratories, Universities, Corporations in 2009 09/01/11
  • 22. 09/01/11 U.S. Department of Agriculture laboratory in Atlanta, the eastern part of Russell Building
  • 23. James has connection with the Eastern Part Of USDA Laboratory In Atlanta, Russell 09/01/11