Target Marketing Magazine Webinar - Keys To Success On The Mobile Web and How To Build Your Mobile Site


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This is a webinar I did for Target Marketing Magazine about having a successful mobile website and how to build one.

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Target Marketing Magazine Webinar - Keys To Success On The Mobile Web and How To Build Your Mobile Site

  1. 1. WEBSITE DESIGN FOR A MOBILE WORLD Strategies and tips for making your website mobile and future friendly.GREG HICKMAN
  2. 2. Greg Hickman• Mobile Marketing Consultant & Coach• Founder & Host of• Started In Mobile In 2005• Worked with clients such as • NY Jets • AT&T • 300 Shopping Centers @gjhickman @mobilemixed
  3. 3. What’s the deal yo?• Why bother having a mobile website• 4 key components to a mobile & future friendly site• Responsive design vs. separate site• 6 options for building your mobile site
  4. 4. So, like, OMG, mobileis a big deal.
  5. 5. MOBILE PC 2015By 2015 more U.S. Internet userswill access the Internet throughmobile devices than through PCsor other wireline devices. via IDC: More Mobile Internet Users Than Wireline Users in the U.S. by 2015
  6. 6. These are just a few of channels that drive people to the web on mobile devices.
  7. 7. 74% of consumers will wait 5seconds for a web page to loadon their mobile device beforeabandoning the site. via Gomez:
  8. 8. 46% of consumers are unlikely toreturn to a mobile site if it didn’twork properly during their lastvisit. via Gomez:
  9. 9. 71% of mobile browsers expectweb pages to load almost asquickly or faster as web pageson their desktop computers. via Gomez:
  10. 10. How does this affect me on alocal level?
  11. 11. More important for local.• 88% of total search volume for the keyword “restaurant” is from mobile.• 97% for the keyword “bars”• “Restaurants near me” gets 10k searches per month from desktop. 4 times that from mobile.• 90% of local searches result in an action within 1-hour. (call, visit, purchase etc) via Google:
  12. 12. Mobile is driven by theconsumer. Give them whatthey need.
  13. 13. Simplified version of Kristofer Layon’s hierarchy of mobile needs by Brad Frost
  14. 14. Access is giving people what they want.
  15. 15. Users need to be able to interactwith the content and get around the website. (i.e. navigation)
  16. 16. Performance is underrated. Don’t assume too much about the users context.
  17. 17. Don’t settle on one-size fits allexperiences. Mobile devices arenot desktops. Leverage features & step it up a notch.
  18. 18. Responsive or separatemobile website? Simplified version of Kristofer Layon’s hierarchy of mobile needs by Brad Frost
  19. 19. It depends... (crowd boo’s)• Creating the best mobile experience for your customer is genuinely hard.• It’s NOT a one and done approach.• Your business type.• Your budget.• Your situation
  20. 20. If it were me, I’d go...Separate mobile site if: Responsive site if:• Small business • Content based (i.e.• Retail Boston Globe, Smashing• Service (i.e. Salons, Doctors) Magazine)• Restaurants/Bars/Quick • Agencies Serve • Photography• Entertainment Venues • Brand (i.e.Grey Goose) • Products (i.e.Fork) • Blogs
  21. 21. Google’s opinion... via Google:
  22. 22. Ultimately we’re all looking forfuture-friendly experiences.• Check out
  23. 23. So how in the heck do Imake my site mobile?
  24. 24. 6 options...1. Custom built mobile platform2. Mobile template or plugin from CMS (i.e. Wordpress)3. Transcoding4. D.I.Y. template driven mobile CMS5. Responsive design6. Hybrid mobile website
  25. 25. Custom built mobile platform• Custom built using XHTML/ HTML,CSS,Javascript and a custom back-end.• Good if you have a lot of time and unlimited budget.• A lot of testing on various devices• Examples: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.
  26. 26. Mobile template or plugin• Re-formats presenation layer (CSS & HTML) for mobile.• Good if you run a simple blog.• Navigation is usually a challenge & look & feel all depends on the template.• Ex: Wordpress blogs such as
  27. 27. Transcoding• Just don’t do this...• Some of the D.I.Y. services that claim you’ll have a site in seconds sometimes leverage this.
  28. 28. DIY template driven CMS• Design a mobile-site from scratch using basic templates.• Good if for coffee shops, hair salons ,some restaurants etc.• Very affordable & quick to implement.• Won’t always update along w/ web version. Very much separate.• Limited creative options.
  29. 29. Responsive design• Dynamically change layout based on screen size.• Flexible images allow for large or small based on resolution/browser.• Great for publishing industry.• Easier to manage content but not necessarily site maintenance.• You’ll likely need more time & $.• I don’t recommend if you’re a small business. At least not yet.
  30. 30. Hybrid mobile site• Combines custom coded, mobile stylesheets and responsive design.• Choose pages to custom tailor for mobile & which should automagically update from your www site.• Good for marketers at mid-size or larger businesses.
  31. 31. Remember - 90% of localsearches result in an actionwithin an hour.Just get started.
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  33. 33. Questions?