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English Presentation ONEtoONE

  1. 1. M&A Advisory Services Middle Market and Private Companies
  2. 2. 1 ONEtoONE Capital Partners 2 ONEtoONE advisory services 3 Why ONEtoONE Capital Partners? Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 2
  3. 3. 1 ONEtoONE Capital Partners We provide high-quality, investment banking solutions of the largest leading firms, to the middle market and private companies, offering the highest professional standards to serve our client´s needs. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 3
  4. 4. ONEtoONE Capital Partners provides expert and in-depth advice to corporate clients, private equity/venture capital firms, project finance support to private and public institutions, MBO/MBI teams and entrepreneurs to support M&A The mid-market and privately deals. owned companies have been historically unassisted by investment banking firms. ONEtoONE has covered the ONEtoONE was founded by deep experienced professionals in Investment Banking. It is the major firm in the M&As quality demanded by these and project finance sector in terms of geographical implantation with 80 professionals (year to date) all around entrepreneurs. Spain. Enrique Quemada CEO Our team members come from several professional backgrounds, so they combine their knowledge of the local market place, industry contacts and their specific industry expertise to provide a complete suite of services focused on high quality, comprehensive, and strategic advisory services and to deliver successful solutions in M&A transactions. ONEtoONE also has a strong relationship with a wide array of local and international institutions: Financial institutions, Corporate Finance firms, Private Equity Investors, Audit and Legal firms. ONEtoONE counts with the latest technology market tools. Our private, proprietary database & search engine “INTRANET” has been developed internally and allows the monitoring of the global network, providing critical and usually hard-to-find information on private and public companies. INTRANET tracks a database of more than 800.000 companies, the portfolios of private equity sponsors, other private investors, public reporting companies, latest transactions and our own proprietary transaction experience. The software is designed for document sharing, market segmentation, deal analysis, opportunities matching, etc. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 4
  5. 5. ONEtoONE OUR PILLARS Methodology and ONEtoONE is Industry Specialization Experience Service Standards focused exclusively on Rigourous processes. Our industry knowledge enables We are the major consulting Corporate Finance Demanding Service Standards us to streamline the transaction company in M&As with 80 Monthly record tracking process, understand the particular professionals and 200 closed Strong methodology in counter- facets of the business. deals in our track record. party tracking. ONEtoONE professionals come In terms of geographical Expert search systems from a variety of backgrounds and implantation, we have offices all Time frame quality control bring with them a world of around Spain, providing Knowledge management. specialized industry experience personalised support to local and personal insights into the entrepreneurs. companies we serve Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 5
  6. 6. 2 ONEtoONE Capital Partners Advisory Services International First positioned financial institutions have chosen ONEtoONE as their financial partner in corporate transactions and Private Equity deals. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 6
  7. 7. ONEtoONE ADVISORY SERVICES ONEtoONE assists clients in all Corporate Finance advisory services. Internal Reasons Structuring and Managing Transactions Personal Aquisition, sale and merger transactions Retirement proximity or health problems and no succession is Leveraged acquisitions (MBO, MBI, LBO, LBI, BIMBO, etc.) foreseen. Strategic alliances and Joint ventures Societary Identify potential investors Shareholders s interest conflicts. Sale of a business unit Economic Shareholders replacement Lack of capital, necessary for the company s growth. Competitive Loss of human resources or important clients. Management Team Dificulty to hire, handle and retain an adequate management team Complementary Services Size The need to internationalise the company, or its size is impairing Valuation reports and Fairness Opinion its correct management. Valuation of Investment/ divestiture projects. Financial Business Plans Advisory services in the last stages of the process: External Reasons negotiation, structuring, and final closing Competitive New players in the market with better competitive advantages or the company s technological obsolescence Financial Restructuring Legal Changes in the industry frame, regulatory, tax and fiscal policy. Capital Refinancing/ amortization Identify the optimal capital structure. Alternative Business Financial transaction structuring Change of business, or simultaneously dedicating more time to Raise, negotiate and close the financing other business lines. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 7
  8. 8. 3 Why ONEtoONE Capital Partners? The whole firm is commited to find an investor, buyer or target company, that maximizes the value of each client’s transaction. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 8
  9. 9. Why ONEtoONE? THE BEST TEAM OF SENIOR PROFESSIONALS Leadership in size (yes, size is important): with Management Team more than 80 senior professionals, Dominique Gazel Enrique Quemada Carlos Martínez Commercial Manager CEO General Manager ONEtoONE is the major advisory firm in Merger & Acquisitions in the mid-market and private Abraham García Javier Toro Raquel Arjona companies segment. Technology & Syst. Mgr Corporate Finance Mgr. Marktg & Communic Mgr Capital Partners Agustín Torres Félix Martin Pino José Luis Rebollo Marc Cebrian Sinforiano Fernández Javier González Sopelana Andalucía Central Area Asturias Central Area Castilla la Mancha Cantabria Ulises Vegas Francisco Duato Ander de Irala José Ramón Cos Ma. José Martínez Javier Vidal Central Area Comunidad Valenciana País Vasco Cataluña Central Area Galicia Víctor Suárez F. Javier Carmona David Palet Jon Etxebarria Juan Lorca Mariano Gonzalez Central Area Central Area Cataluña País Vasco Comunidad Valenciana Central Area David Rodriguez F. Javier Leirado Jordi Caldentey Juan Lozano Mónica Fernández Castilla y León Central Area Baleares Central Area Cataluña Enrique Pérez-Hernández Gonzalo Izquierdo Jordi Casellas Juan Carlos Gallo Rafael Brotons Central Area Comunidad Valenciana Cataluña Navarra Comunidad Valenciana Eugenio Ciscar Guillermo Embid Ramón Requeni Jorge Aso Juan Carlos Vilar Comunidad Valenciana Murcia Comunidad Valenciana Aragón Central Area Félix Fernández Claverie Héctor Lumbreras José Luis Gonzalo Juan Jose Hernandez Sergio Alarcón Canarias Central Area Central Area Central Area Aragón Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 9
  10. 10. Why ONEtoONE? INDUSTRY FOCUSSED We understand that certain corporate transactions demand full industry knowledge to achieve the optimal outcome. ONEtoONE recruits Capital Partners from diversified professional industry backgrounds, who have an understanding of the unique business cultures and complexities of middle market companies, so they bring not only their financial and investment knowledge, but also specialized expertise in the industries we serve. We add the deepest experience in the business environment: investment banking experts, ex-CFOs and ex-CEOs in some of the main national and multinational groups. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 10
  11. 11. Why ONEtoONE? NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL NETWORK In Corporate Finance for privately owned companies, the main difficulty is to find a counter-part that maximizes the value of the client. ONEtoONE s network brings a significant advantage for the clients. Our office network and institutional agreements create a seamless advantage for our clients: Gepiconsult Germany UK • • Argentina Italy • • Austria Portugal • • Netherlands Switzerland • • China Turkey • • France Uruguay • • Holland USA • • India • Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 11
  12. 12. Why ONEtoONE? NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL NETWORK In addition, for worldwide Cross Border transactions, ONEtoONE collaborates with MAZARS network, established in more than 50 countries worldwide, and actively work together in corporate transactions and identifying counter-parties. Argentina India Senegal Australia Ireland Singapore Austria Italy Slovakia Belgium Ivory Coast South Africa Benin Japan Spain Bermuda Lebanon Sultanate of Oman Brazil Luxemburg Sweden Cameroon Lybia Switzerland Canada Madagascar Thailand Chile Malta Tunisia China Mauritius Turkey Cyprus Mexico Ukraine Czech Republic Morocco United Arab Denmark Netherlands Emirates Djibouti New Caledonia United Kingdom Dutch West Indies Norway United States Egypt Peru Uruguay Estonia Poland Venezuela France Portugal Vietnam Germany Romania Hong Kong Russia Hungary Saudi Arabia Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 12
  13. 13. Why ONEtoONE? CORPORATE FINANCE STANDARDS Rigour We care about Quality standards in the elaboration of the necessary deal documentation: Info Memorandum, Valuation Report, etc. Compliance We set ourselves the highest service standards, meeting time frames for each phase of a mandate. Our solid Methodology tracks the best qualified investors, buyers or sellers for each mandate. This methodology has Methodology been developed from decades of experience in dealing with the issues and complexities associated with completing M&A assignments and more than 200 transactions closed. Follow Up Every meeting with a potential investor is reported, and a monthly feed back is made for each mandate. Senior professional Each mandate counts with a Capital Partner who coordinates and manages the work of team of analysts and a support Team team to ensure the success of the transaction. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 13
  14. 14. Why ONEtoONE? INVESTOR ATRACTION ONEtoONE has builded, with a constant and methodological pace, one of the strongest Investor data bases that Data Bases currently exist in Spain: Qualified data base of more than 800.000 companies More than 200 Family Offices with investor profile. Private Investors with reinvestment needs. Managers who will to acquire a company in an MBI transaction Private Equity data base and its invested Portfolio Data Base of the last years transactions in the different industries. Additionally, ONEtoONE has Fluent relationship with investment banking peers. National office network, source of potential investors and counter-parties. International Data Base Collaboration agreements with international investment banks ONEtoONE’s size and track record attracts Private Equity firms, investors and top managers willing to acquire a Focus of attraction company or structure a MBI. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 14
  15. 15. Why ONEtoONE? OUR VALUES ONEtoONE has established rigorous processes, methodologies, and service levels to pursue the highest professional Excellence standards of efectiveness and confidenciality. From the moment we get the client s assignment, a structured process starts and is mainly focussed to maximize the potential value of the transaction. Independence enables ONEtoONE to be flexible and quick in decision taking and to be clearly aligned with the client s Independence interests. The is no possible conflict with other interests. Ethics is our basis. Our investment bankers pride themselves on being solution providers, working always for the benefit Ethics ot our clients, we are not transaction sellers. In ONEtoONE we specially care about confidenciality, preserving always our client´s interests and generating value for Confidentiality them. Our team has professionals from a variety of backgrounds, so we combine financial and investment knowledge with Team industry expertise. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 15
  16. 16. Why ONEtoONE? NOMINATED ADVISOR FOR THE MAB You can have ONEtoONE’s as your Nominated Advisor, to raise capital in the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB), a market that offers smaller growing companies all the benefits of being traded on a public market, within a regulatory environment that has been designed specifically to meet their needs. Capital raising to fund the companies’ development. Market revalorization. Companies’ “Costume made” expenses and regulation. Advantages Liquidity improvement mechanisms Broadens stockholders list. Improves visibility, specially among clients and financial suppliers. Sometimes may be the previous step to quoting in the BME. Investor’s Advantages Develops a specialized market to meet small growing companies needs in a specific niche market. Expands business lines of the national players. Offers new investment products. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 16
  17. 17. Why ONEtoONE? OUR CLIENTS ONEtoONE has closed year to date, 200 corporate deals. Our confidentiality policy does not allow us to reveal all the closed deals. Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 17
  18. 18. For more information about ONEtoONE Capital Partners please contact: Gonzalo Izquierdo Busteros Director Claudio Coello 124 4ª 28006 Madrid Tel: + 34 91 183 48 58 - Fax: + 34 91 411 65 gonzalo.izquierdo@onetoone.es www.onetoone.es ONEtoONE Capital Partners Headquarters C/ Claudio Coello 124, 4ª Planta 28006 Madrid Tel: (+34) 902 121 004 Fax: (+34) 91 411 65 20 info@onetoone.es www.onetoone.es Private & Confidential © ONEtoONE 2008 Page 18