Ncd programme aug24 25,11

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  • 2. THE FIRST NATIONAL NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES FORUMHELD AT THE GREAT RIFT VALLEY LODGE 24-26 AUGUST 2011 PROGRAMMEDAY ONE Wednesday, August 24, 20118.30 - 9.00am Registration and Administrative Issues -9.00 - I 0:00 am Opening session Chairperson: Permanent Secreta1 1 Ministry of Medical Services - Ms. Mary Ngari, C BS Welcoming Remarks: • Director of Medical Services I Director of Public Health • Pe1·manent Secretary- Public Health and Sanitation • Minister fo r Public Health and Sanitation, Hon. Beth Mugo EGH , MP • Minister for Medica l Services, Hon. Prof. Peter Anyang Nyongo10.00 - 10.30 Health BreakGlobal and Regional Perspectives of NCDs Chairper son- Dr. Willis AkhwaleI 0:30-11 :00 Global and Regional Perspectives of NCD s- Dr. J ack Abdoulie11.00- 11.30 Country situations of NCDs in Kenya - Dr. Francis Kim ani11.30 - 12.00 The Economics of NCDs and country development - Dr. KJaus Hornetz12:00-12:30 UN High level Summit on NCDs - Dr. William Maina12.30 - 1:00 Discussions1:00-2.00 LunchHea lth a nd Socio-economic iJl1pacts of NCDs in Chairperson- Dr. W illiam Maina2:00- 2.20 Risk factors for NCDs - Dr. Nan cy Ngugi 12.20 - 2.40 Health and Social Impacts of NCDs Yong; lj2.40 - 3.00 Economic Impact of NCDs - Angela Oloo Akumu3.00 - 3.20 Case study: Life of a NCD patient -Dr. Patricia O dero3.30-4.00 Pa nel Discussion
  • 3. 4.00-4.30 Health BreakProviding a C ontlnuum of Ca re fram Primary Preve ntion to Palliative Care C hairperson: Dr. Mary A.Nya mongo4:30-6:00 Panel Discussion- Panelists: I Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care - Prof. Elijah N. Ogola 2 Palliative Care as Integral part of continuum of care -Dr. Zippora It Ali 3. Health systems alignment for Continuum of care for NCDs in developing countries set up - Prof. Fred Hagigi 4. Mental Health- Diagnosis, care and healing process - Dr. Frank Njenga 5. Diagnostic Services for CDs in poor resource settings. - Raphael Razon :
  • 4. 4 .00-4.30 Health BreakProviding a Continuum of C are from Primary PreHntion to PalliatiC Ca re C hai rpe rso n: Or. A.iiyamon go- :30-6:00 Panel Discussion- Paneli sts: I. Primary. Secondary and Tertiary Care - Prof. Elijah N. Ogola .., Palliat ive Care as Integra l part of conti nuum o f ca re - DL Zippo rah Ali 3. Hea lth system s ali gn ment to r Co nti nu um of care for NC Ds in developing cou ntries set up- Prof. Fred Hagigi 4 . Mental Health - Diagnos is. care and hea ling process - Or. Fra nk Njenga 5. Diag nostic Services for NCDs in poor re!>Ource settings. - Raphael Razo n:Day 2 Thursday, August 25th 2011Chairm a n: Or. Ma rtin Awori8.30-9.15: Integrating NCDs into existin g Progra mmes- An AM PATH Experience in W estern Ken ya Or. Sylvester Kimai yo9:15 - 10.00: Expe riences from Kenyans ab road • Dr. Juma Bharad ia • Dr. C harles Otieno • Amb. Paul Kurgat10.00- 10. 15 Panel Discussions10.15 - 10.30 Health BreakBest Bu ys Approac h: Countr-y Approaches: C hairperson - Or. Jerem iah C ha kayaI0.30 - I 1.00 Diabetes: Public Private Partnershi p- Eva M uchemiI 1.00 - I 1.30 Tobacco- Ro le o f C ivil Society in Enforcement ofTC/ - Vi ncent KimosopI 1.30 - 12.00 Germanys experiences in tack ling NC Ds in the context o f the ir aging pop ul ation. Pro f. Steffen Flessa12.00 - 12.30 Invest ing in our children- Or. Ass umpt a :Vl ureit hi12.30 1.00 Costing of Pallati vc Care fu r ch ildre n in Kenya- Atia llossain1.00 - 1.30 Pa ne l discussions
  • 5. 1.30-2.30 LunchStrengthening Health Systems for NCOs in Kenya C hai r perso n: Dr. Klau s Hornetz2:30- 2.50 Inter-relations between Interventions and Healt h Systems - Or. Humphrey Karamagi/ Or. Kiam bat i/Or . Were2.50 - 3.10 Policy C hange fo r NCDs: Implicat ion of new constituti on. Health Pol icy framework - I r. Elkana Ong uti v,c,M )3. 10 -3.30 Inc reas ing AcL:ess to care tor lCDs- Essential Med icines - Or. Elizabeth Ogaja3.30-3.50 Na irob i Cancer Registry - Dr. Samuel Gathere3.50-4.00 Plennary d isc ussi ons4.00-4.30 Health Break Strengthening Health Systems for in Kenya C hairperson: Dr. Were Samuel4.30-4.50 Treat ing Cancer by Radiation: Experience, Breakthroughs and Opportunit lor Training. - Prof. Mack Roach4.50-5 .1 0 Par1ners hips for NCDs-Thc role of Community - Or. Ma•·y Nya mongo5.10-5.30 lntcrlife : A PPP with Kenyatta National Hosp ital- Ma ria Sotomayor Ruiz5.30-6.00 P lennary disc ussionsDay 3: Friday 26th August 20118:00-10:00 Multi-secto ral and integrated Approaches for NC Os: C hairperson - Pro f. Ger ald Yonga Panel di scussio ns, Panelists • Or ,._ Edward Rukwa1·o- (HMO) • Dr;_ Samuel Oti Oji - (Research) • Ansel my Opiyo (KN H)(Discuss ion: Ro le of Academia. Research and HMO in suppo11ing CD prevention and Control)
  • 6. 10:00- 10:30 Health BreakC hairperson : Directo•· of :vtedical ServicesI 0:30-1 I :00 Learning from a11d collaborating with others P rof. Mac k Roach11:00-11 :45 Way forward- Minister for Medi ca l Services: lion Prof. Peter A. Nyo ngoI I :-l5-1 2:45 C all for Action - All12: ... 5 - 1:15 Lunch