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Givology's inaugural partners exchange and reception, where our field partners shared their trials and tribulations, general management and field experiences and what they have done with Givology thus far

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  • Student fees for 10 students have been fully paid covered by donation through Givology’s website. 5 more profiles were recently added.For Circle of Peace School’s development project, approximately 1/3 of the $3000 benchmark has been raised.Givology Spiders, a Givology giving team based at the University of Richmond, has also raised $5,900.$50 campaign has raised $6,247.
  • Mention Kim Conrad at Victorian Elegance Jewelery (Colorado)
  • Note: proceeds from bake sale and track fundraiser we mainly used for the Concert Benefit
  • Givology VIP partners reception- Marquee 2010

    1. 1. Reflections Givology and Our Partners<br />Second Annual Benefit, Marquee<br />August 7, 2010<br />
    2. 2. Feature Presentations<br />Givology Introduction<br />Educate!<br />Circle of Peace School / Givology Spiders<br />Circle of Women<br />La Vallee Community<br />Peach Foundation<br />Team Tobati<br />Rural China Education Foundation<br />
    3. 3. Givology: Today<br />
    4. 4. Givology: Progress To Date<br /><ul><li>$37,133 total online donations
    5. 5. $17,406 raised by microfundraisers
    6. 6. 834 donations made
    7. 7. 81 students and 25 projects
    8. 8. 1,349 total donors registered</li></li></ul><li>Givology: 2010 Snapshot<br />Partner Funding and Disbursement (A)<br />AHEAD Energy<br />Free the Children<br />Beijing Western Sunshine Foundation<br />Phelex Foundation<br />Peach Foundation<br />Asha for Education<br />Technology Education Connecting Cultures<br />Rural China Education Foundation<br />Circle of Peace School<br />Ecuador Sostensible<br />Global Peace Exchange<br />Solar Meninos de Luz<br />v Completed funding Applied funding Desired funding<br />
    9. 9. Givology: 2010 Snapshot<br />Partner Funding and Disbursement (B)<br />Educate!<br />Skip Peru <br />Volunteers for <br />International <br />Development and Aid<br />Flying Kites<br />Team Tobatí<br />Sheed Society<br />Turning Point Trust<br />Nanubhai Education Foundation<br />La Vallee Community<br />Evershine Foundation for Education<br />Emmaus Road Foundation<br />Ouelessebougou Alliance<br />v Completed funding Applied funding Desired funding<br />
    10. 10. Givology: Future Position<br />All Causes<br />Microfinance<br />Large Donation<br />Education<br />What’s Next?<br /><ul><li>Institutional Funding
    11. 11. Chapters Refinement
    12. 12. Board Development
    13. 13. Fellowship Program
    14. 14. Volunteer Management</li></li></ul><li>
    15. 15. Educate! – Impact at End of 2009<br />76% of Educate! Scholars have taken on a new leadership role since starting the Educate! Experience (school leadership)<br />Before, 24% of E! Scholars thought it would be easy to find a job after graduation. After 7 months, 66% think it will be easy to find a job<br />12 businesses started<br />48 community initiatives started<br />9<br />
    16. 16. 10<br />Lillian Aero<br />Teaches aids widows to make jewelry and provides counseling<br />Works with 36 women<br />Makes a profit for herself<br />
    17. 17.
    18. 18. Circle of Peace School<br /><ul><li> Foundation and History
    19. 19. Currently teaches 250 students, pre K-7,</li></ul>and boards 35 students, many of whom<br />have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic<br /><ul><li> Relocation of Lower</li></ul> Campus in December 2009<br /><ul><li> Joyce, Jia, Iria and I travelled to Uganda in</li></ul>December 2009 to help relocate the school<br /><ul><li> Joyce and Jia formed the idea of the $50 Campaign</li></ul>to help raise funds to develop the now<br />overcrowded Upper Campus<br />Expansion of the school’s facilities is necessary: the Peace School is currently not able to take on any additional students.<br />$60,000 is needed for purchasing and developing on additional land. Plans for the additional land are being worked on and will hopefully include 6 additional classrooms as well as a dormitory, infirmary, library, and computer lab.<br />With this expansion, more than ever before will the Circle of Peace School be able to accept, teach, house, and support more students in need of an education.<br />
    20. 20. Circle of Peace School<br />Working with Givology has been a wonderful, uplifting experience. I am so grateful for everything that Joyce, Jia, Catherine, John, Jennifer, Danielle, and the rest of Givology team have done to help the Circle of Peace School. The students at Peace School and I are blessed to know such kind, charitable people. It was only a little over a year ago since the Peace School partnered with Givology, and since then, Givology has helped raise over 16,000 for the children at the Circle of Peace School. Everyone at Peace School is thankful for your hard work and the countless hours you have poured into making it possible for the Circle of Peace School to continue providing a free education to children who would not receive one otherwise.<br />TOTAL: $16,817<br />
    21. 21. Givology Spiders<br />Began Fall 2009<br />Chapter at University of Richmond<br />Successes this past year<br />Development of a dedicated, cohesive team<br />Partnership with US Task Force and its Advisory Board<br />Raised $5,900 for CPS<br />More is on its way!<br />Word of Givology Spiders has spread<br />
    22. 22. Givology Spiders<br />Organizational Goals<br />Diversify our supporters<br />Develop our web presence<br />Targeted, effective fundraising<br />Establish a permanent network of supporters<br />Upcoming Fundraisers<br /><ul><li>Art Auction
    23. 23. Spider Jewelry
    24. 24. Safari Banquet
    25. 25. And more are in the works</li></li></ul><li>
    26. 26. Why is one of every three women in the world illiterate? <br />Why are 25% of girls in developing countries out of school ?<br />Why do girls make up 70% of the world’s 130 million out-of-school youth? <br />
    27. 27. Student advocates for change<br />We learn about these problems.<br />But what can we do?<br />
    28. 28. Students who define communities that need and want schools<br />More expert partners<br />Expert, local partners<br />Jointhe Circle. Student-run Circle of Women creates schools for girls in developing countries. We are not experts; we bring experts together through one vision:<br />+<br />+<br />+<br />+<br />Creative fundraising campaigns<br />Three exciting things happen<br />A school building replaces a vacant lot, as young<br />girls learn to read, calculate, and generate an income with a vocational skill<br />1<br />A group of students make real change, as well as develop management and leadership skills by running a non-profit business<br />2<br />Those students realize their method could be easily replicated at<br />other colleges or high schools interested in impacting other communities<br />3<br />
    29. 29. Our projects by numbers<br />Wonkhai<br /><ul><li>10 classrooms
    30. 30. 13 teachers
    31. 31. ~675 students attending (capacity for 1200)
    32. 32. Construction complete in March 2010</li></ul>Keri Reiki<br /><ul><li>Refurbishing computer labs and bathrooms for 600 students
    33. 33. Improvements will double the likelihood girls attend
    34. 34. Construction complete in July 2010</li></ul>Next: Lahore<br /><ul><li>Facility for 1000 students
    35. 35. Construction complete in July 2010</li></ul>Project Wonkhai 2010<br />
    36. 36. In partnership for a sustainable futureLaVallee Alliance<br />Empowering the citizens of LaVallee de Jacmel, Haiti<br />
    37. 37. LaVallee de Jacmel<br />
    38. 38. Home to over 35,000 people<br />Everyone has been affected by the<br />devastating earthquake<br />
    39. 39. Together we have sponsored school children<br />And built the first temporary school in <br />Haiti 8 weeks after the earthquake<br />
    40. 40. Please partner with us and the World Food Program<br />To build a school kitchen<br />We can feed a simple meal of rice and beans<br /> to over 250 of Haiti’s poorest children<br />
    41. 41. + Givology<br />Together we can make a difference!<br />
    42. 42.
    43. 43. 培 志 教 育 基 金 會<br />
    44. 44. 關於培志 History of Peach<br />培志教育基金會於2001年在美國加州成立,是一個非營利,非政治,非宗教的組織, 由一群熱心兒童教育人士組成。基金會總部設於加州舊金山灣區。我們的主要项目包括幫助初、高中生,提供無息貸款給大學生,建立小小圖書館、夏令營、小額貸款、修建校舍、醫療基金,等等。捐款人可指定助學項目,專款專用,讓關心兒童教育的善心人士一償夙願。<br />Created by a group of U.S. citizens in 2001, the PEACH Foundation is a California based non-profit organization with no political or religious affiliations. The PEACH Foundation mainly provides financial aid for secondary school students and loans for college students. We additionally build schools, maintain schoolhouses, train <br /> teachers, hold summer camps, donate books<br /> and clothing, and coordinate medical teams <br /> to examine the children. <br />
    45. 45. 資助地區: 雲南省元陽縣,綠春縣,漾濞縣,玉龍縣,寧蒗縣及四川省鹽源縣 。<br />Project sites: Yuan-Yang, Lu-Cun, Yang-bi, Yu-long, Ning-lang in Yu-Nan province and Yan-Yuan in Sichuan Province. <br />
    46. 46. 每個孩子都有上學的權利<br />Every child should have the right to a quality education <br />
    47. 47. 讀書是他們脫貧的唯一途徑<br />Education is the only way for them to break out of poverty<br />
    48. 48. 每天美金五毛錢,就能送一個孩子上學。<br />It costs only US$0.50 per day to send a child to school.<br />
    49. 49. 每天美金五毛錢,就能改變一個孩子的一生。<br />It takes only US$0.50 per day to change a child’s life forever.<br />
    50. 50. 孩子的家A child’s home<br />
    51. 51. 孩子在做饭<br /> This boy is cooking for his family<br />
    52. 52. 一個教室,兩個年級: 一年級上課,二年級自習<br />Two grades share one classroom: the 1st graders are taking lessons, <br /> the 2nd graders are studying by themselves.<br />
    53. 53. 黃明聖的家,父親被熊咬傷,哥哥爲了支撐家庭,只得輟學務農。The home of HuangMingSheng. His father was injured in a bear attack; the older brother had to drop out of school to support the family.<br />
    54. 54. 姚金鳳的父母靠種地供兩個孩子上高中,還贍養三個老人。姚金鳳母親說:“我砸鍋賣鐵也要让兩個女兒讀完大學”。YaoJinFeng’s parents are farmers. They support two children and three elderly relatives. Yao’s mom said, “I will sell everything; I will help my daughters to complete the college education.”<br />
    55. 55. 晏贵清的家:寒冬里衣不蔽體的父親,依然堅持讓孩子讀到大學,父親眼中的滄桑和期盼時時鞭策着贵清。<br />晏貴清---2010年畢業于長春理工大學 <br />Yan Guiqing’s home: Though he had very little material things to give, Guiqing’s father was able to provide the strength and encouragement to keep Guiqing strong and motivated.<br />Yan Guiqing graduated from Changchun University of Science and Technology in 2010.<br />
    56. 56. 小時候你的家是山間的一個草棚風雨來了你躲進草棚里寒冷在外溫暖在心... …——向傑 《家》 “The hut was my home in the mountains, When the storm pounded, the home was my shelter.It was freezing outside, yet, my heart was warm...” ——<<<Home>> by XiangJie<br />從左到右:向傑的父親、向傑、會長鄭天琴<br />Left to right: Xiangjie’father, Xiangjie, Ruth Jeng<br />向傑:2003年培志資助至今,目前就讀西南科技大學。<br />XiangJie: sponsored by the PEACH Foundation since 2003. He is attending Southwest University of Science and Technology.<br />
    57. 57. 您的一份愛心,成就她一生夢想<br />“Your Love Helps Me Achieve My Dream”<br />“培志的叔叔阿姨,你們來了,帶著陽光,<br />撫摸著我冰涼的心,我的心開始暖和,我<br />開始敢做梦……”“我要改變命運,我不<br />會被命運改變。”<br /> 張尚虹 2008年畢業於成都中醫藥大學,目前在成都老年醫院任護士。<br />“Dear aunts & uncles of PEACH Foundation, you brought sunshine to warm up my heart and I was able to dream again. I am determined to change my life and to never accept the fate that was imposed on me.”<br />ZhangShangHong: graduated from Chengdu University of TCM in 2008; She is a Registered Nurse in “Chengdu Hospital for Seniors.”<br />
    58. 58. 義工與孩子談話<br />A heart to heart conversation with a student during our home visit trip in 2004.<br />
    59. 59. 义工家訪途中,險象環生<br />PEACH volunteers have encountered many challenges during home visit trips to inspect the children’s homes.<br />
    60. 60. 每年夏令營,孩子们与义工叔叔阿姨欢聚一堂<br />PEACH Foundation’s annual summer camps provide great opportunities for the PEACH children and volunteers to learn & play together.<br />
    61. 61. 與美國小老師打成一片<br />Learning and playing with the young volunteer teachers from the United States was an exciting part of the summer camps.<br />
    62. 62. 与培志的兄弟姐妹们開心唱歌<br />PEACH children love singing<br />
    63. 63. 请您 把希望带给孩子们! With your support, we bring hope to these children!<br />
    64. 64. 你的梦就是我的梦. Your dream is my dream.<br />
    65. 65. 請立刻加入我們!Please join us.<br />我們非常需要各界的捐助。您的捐款百分百用於您指定的項目。請捐贈孩子的助學金,並支持我們其他助學項目:圖書室,大學貸款,師資培訓,夏令營,醫療基金,衣物捐贈,小額生活貸款等。<br />We need your help to continue our work. Whether you choose to sponsor a specific child or to support a program through the PEACH Foundation, together we can make a difference. To donate:<br />Please send your check to: PEACH FOUNDATION1098Marlin Avenue, Foster City,CA94404Tax ID:91-2155836<br />Phone: (650)525-1188 <br />Website: www.PeachFoundationUSA.orgemail:<br />
    66. 66.
    67. 67. An all volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to working with and assisting the poor of Tobatí, Paraguay.<br />Goals: <br />To improve the education and medical infrastructure offered to the poor of Tobatí, Paraguay.<br />To educate and inspire U.S. students by exposing them to a different socioeconomic reality and by giving them opportunity to create a better world.<br /><br />Team Member volunteering at a Tobati public school<br />Roof construction at CONADOMI High School<br />
    68. 68. Givology and the ReinaldoMacchi School<br /> Over the past 3 years, Givology has helped fund the education of 11 Macchi students.<br /> The $1,600 raised by Givology has supplied the students with school supplies, uniforms and tuition.<br /> Without the help of Givology, Ariel and other gifted but impoverished children would not receive a top education nor the special benefits of the Macchi school.<br />Givology has allowed Ariel Velazquez, the top student in his class, to attend the Macchi School:<br />“My goals are to be a good professional in my job, to help my family and to improve my community by helping the people. I want to change the practices of the government and get rid of the corruption. I would also like to improve the political system because citizens are worried about the situation and they are hoping for change.”<br />
    69. 69. The Future of Team Tobati & Givology<br />Global Partnership Initiative<br />Team Tobati has partnered with the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps and the Children’s hospital of Asuncion, Paraguay to create Camp TapéJerovía in Tobati, Paraguay.<br />In February, 2011, Team Tobati will open Camp TapéJerovía, a summer camp to serve children with leukemia and other forms of cancer.<br />It is our hope that Givology can help Team Tobati in our fundraising efforts to allow Paraguayan children to attend Camp TapéJerovía, where they will be treated as campers first and patients second.<br />
    70. 70.
    71. 71. State of Education in Rural China<br /><ul><li>Poverty is still a harsh reality
    72. 72. 60% of China’s population or 800 million people still live in rural areas with per capita income of $800/year in 2009
    73. 73. Students are under-educated</li></ul>- Around 80% of rural children do not go on to high school <br />- Rural children are future employees and citizens of society<br /><ul><li> Schools are under-resourced</li></ul>- Rural schools face shortages of quality teachers, equipment, and infrastructure<br /><ul><li> Curriculum is un-inspired
    74. 74. Teaching is exam-oriented and centered around the national college entrance exam
    75. 75. Emphasis of teaching methods is on rote memorization
    76. 76. Information taught is often irrelevant to students’ lives and does not provide practical skills</li></li></ul><li>Who Are We?<br /><ul><li>Founded in 2005 by Sara Lam and Diane Geng, graduates of the Harvard Graduate School of Education
    77. 77. Named among the “Best Emerging Social Change Entrepreneurs” by the global nonprofit seed fund, Echoing Green
    78. 78. Aims to pioneer new model of education based on local needs of rural students and teachers
    79. 79. Programs include
    80. 80. Experimental Schools and Curriculum Development
    81. 81. Summer Camps and Conferences
    82. 82. Small Grants for progressive rural teachers who share our philosophy
    83. 83. Major supporters include
    84. 84. Tiger Woods Foundation
    85. 85. Clinton Global Initiative
    86. 86. Global Giving
    87. 87. Global Fund for Children</li></ul>“To promote education for people in rural China that empowers them to improve their lives and their communities.”<br />
    88. 88. RCEF develops teaching methods that focus on:<br /><ul><li> Self-Confidence
    89. 89. Independent Thinking
    90. 90. Leadership and Communication Skills
    91. 91. Empathy
    92. 92. Sense of Social Responsibility</li></ul>Flagship Curriculum<br />IntegratedPractice Class<br />Reading<br />Givology enriched rural students’ nutrition with an “egg a day” project. Students started raising their own chickens.<br />Givology helped build a library at one of our partner elementary schools in Shanxi Province.<br />
    93. 93. Example - Integrated Practice Class<br />RCEF help students engage with real life issues in and out of the classroom <br />This is a video clip of students talking about the anti-smoking investigation and campaign in three surrounding villages.<br />Students conducted interviews and presented their research findings to the villagers in a community presentation.<br />Students learned to<br /><ul><li>Identify challenges facing their community
    94. 94. Act on a sense of social responsibility towards their community
    95. 95. Conduct research and summarize findings
    96. 96. Express their opinions publicly
    97. 97. Improve teamwork </li></ul><br />
    98. 98. HOW YOU CAN HELP<br />$50 – Sponsor a special class project (i.e. a field trip, books, art supplies) <br />$100 – One year internet connection for teachers to access online resources to enhance their teaching<br />$200 – A rural teacher’s salary for one month<br />Support RCEF<br />RCEF is a 501(c)(3) public charity and donations in the U.S. are 100% tax-deductible. <br />Your generous donation will go a long way in rural China. Donations can be made online at or checks payable to “Rural China Education Foundation” sent to: Rural China Education Foundation, PO Box 92424, Rochester, NY 14692, USA.<br />For more information on our programs please<br />
    99. 99. Thank you for making us who we are today <br />and making all of our work meaningful<br />