Emerging trends in philanthropy


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Thematic lecture by Jenny Harrow at the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists Global Donor Forum 2012.

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Emerging trends in philanthropy

  1. 1. Global Donors Forum World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists Kuala Lumpur, 26 April 2012 Thematic Lecture I: “Emerging Trends in Philanthropy” Professor Jenny Harrow ESRC Centre for Charitable Giving and PhilanthropyCass Business School, City University London , United Kingdom www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  2. 2. Global philanthropy demonstrates a series ofemerging trends in response to changes in the supply and nature of global wealth and the demands and needs of global civil societies. www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  3. 3. the era of a single means of ‘defining philanthropy’is now passingThe overarching trend in global philanthropy –the appearance of multiple philanthropy prototypes www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  4. 4. What are the characteristics found in thesephilanthropy prototypes?- Disposition - Effort - AmbitionThe trends we see - whether they are passingfashions or real advances - cluster around these threecharacteristics . www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  5. 5. Discerning trends ?through research synthesis and research agendas?through accessing social media and webtechnologies to check out what other people aretalking about?e.g. ‘Trends’ Search Engines www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  6. 6. the trend for ‘naming names’the names and personalities of key philanthropists are onceagain central creating public awareness of and interest in thepractice and the achievements of philanthropyThe disposition, effort and ambition which come together inthese major donors’ contributors are for some people almost‘the whole story ‘ in philanthropy www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  7. 7. The personification or re-personification ofphilanthropyAn example from CGAP family philanthropy research’s launch at Cass ,November 2011; our Panel discussionThe Buffett decision to add significant funds to the Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation funds - a trend to emulate ? a self-effacing and ‘investment ‘ style decision – or regretting that this does not seem to use ‘all the brains that are available’to help solve global social challenges –philanthropy ‘s intellectual capital case – becomes the trend for ‘going italone’ www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  8. 8. So , increasing numbers of philanthropic institutions /actions is itself a trend to be welcomed - even if it makes philanthropy less coherent, less tidy, less easy for governments and each other .the very untidiness of philanthropic action is itself tobe welcomed -But some challenging of each other’s ways of www.shaw-trust.org.ukworking?
  9. 9. Some trends no longer ‘emergent’driving forward the impact agenda to raise upachievementacting on the power of collaborationmaximising gains from creativity in e.philanthropyand the use of social mediaBut all can be contested www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  10. 10. Further important trends are themselves being challenged,e.g.professionalization in philanthropy challenged bylocal expertise, or by direct gift-giving throughremittances or cash giving ;place based philanthropy affected by populationmobility or by competing visions as to whatphilanthropy should achieveConsumerism responsiveness (“commodityphilanthropy”) by anti -consumerism www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  11. 11. Trends more aspirational than emergent include focus on women’s roles in /for philanthropy ‘everyone a philanthropist’, thus shifts inimportance of traditional mediating institutions,”flashgiving”the growth of creativity in philanthropythe opening up of discussion about philanthropy’sfailures www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  12. 12. These trends represent interlocking puzzles forphilanthropy – a lot about disposition and effort butwhat about ambition?Among the harshest critiques of philanthropy is thatits disposition and ambition outrun its ideas and itsefforts , so that it over-promises and under –deliversCan these trends, together, combine towards anothertrend - of transparency and accountability ? www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  13. 13. With accountability in mind, the missing trend- philanthropy’s changing relations withbeneficiaries?What would the beneficiaries of philanthropy saywere the ‘emerging trends in philanthropy’?Would they even recognise this ‘list’ and if they did ,what would their interpretations be? www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  14. 14. The Trends’ ‘Puzzle’ Impact Commodity Beneficiary Philanthropic Failures Perceptions Measurement Philanthropy Collaboration Professional- isation Creativity Personification Women’s/ Account- Minorities’ Everyone Place-based ability Giving Leadership a Philanthropist www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  15. 15. The characteristics of philanthropy, affectedby these trends, become fourfoldDispositionEffortAmbitionAccountability www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  16. 16. How and from whom do philanthropic decisionmakers learnabout these trends and find the time to reflect on them?How does that learning affect their ambitions andaccountabilities?Do some trends lend themselves more than others tospecific fields of philanthropic action ?Strategically, what are the ‘early mover’ (or ‘late mover’)advantages in trend-responsiveness or advocacy? www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  17. 17. These questions are helping to transform philanthropyin expected and unexpected ways, as philanthropy isin continual transition and development – the purposeof the Forum this week Thank you to my audience for your attention –An audience which collectively represents thephilanthropy prototypes , and the philanthropymachines that are ‘flying’ . www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  18. 18. www.cgap.org.uk www.shaw-trust.org.uk