Emerging trends in philanthropy
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Emerging trends in philanthropy



Thematic lecture by Jenny Harrow at the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists Global Donor Forum 2012.

Thematic lecture by Jenny Harrow at the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists Global Donor Forum 2012.



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Emerging trends in philanthropy Emerging trends in philanthropy Presentation Transcript

  • Global Donors Forum World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists Kuala Lumpur, 26 April 2012 Thematic Lecture I: “Emerging Trends in Philanthropy” Professor Jenny Harrow ESRC Centre for Charitable Giving and PhilanthropyCass Business School, City University London , United Kingdom www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • Global philanthropy demonstrates a series ofemerging trends in response to changes in the supply and nature of global wealth and the demands and needs of global civil societies. www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • the era of a single means of ‘defining philanthropy’is now passingThe overarching trend in global philanthropy –the appearance of multiple philanthropy prototypes www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • What are the characteristics found in thesephilanthropy prototypes?- Disposition - Effort - AmbitionThe trends we see - whether they are passingfashions or real advances - cluster around these threecharacteristics . www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • Discerning trends ?through research synthesis and research agendas?through accessing social media and webtechnologies to check out what other people aretalking about?e.g. ‘Trends’ Search Engines www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • the trend for ‘naming names’the names and personalities of key philanthropists are onceagain central creating public awareness of and interest in thepractice and the achievements of philanthropyThe disposition, effort and ambition which come together inthese major donors’ contributors are for some people almost‘the whole story ‘ in philanthropy www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • The personification or re-personification ofphilanthropyAn example from CGAP family philanthropy research’s launch at Cass ,November 2011; our Panel discussionThe Buffett decision to add significant funds to the Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation funds - a trend to emulate ? a self-effacing and ‘investment ‘ style decision – or regretting that this does not seem to use ‘all the brains that are available’to help solve global social challenges –philanthropy ‘s intellectual capital case – becomes the trend for ‘going italone’ www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • So , increasing numbers of philanthropic institutions /actions is itself a trend to be welcomed - even if it makes philanthropy less coherent, less tidy, less easy for governments and each other .the very untidiness of philanthropic action is itself tobe welcomed -But some challenging of each other’s ways of www.shaw-trust.org.ukworking?
  • Some trends no longer ‘emergent’driving forward the impact agenda to raise upachievementacting on the power of collaborationmaximising gains from creativity in e.philanthropyand the use of social mediaBut all can be contested www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • Further important trends are themselves being challenged,e.g.professionalization in philanthropy challenged bylocal expertise, or by direct gift-giving throughremittances or cash giving ;place based philanthropy affected by populationmobility or by competing visions as to whatphilanthropy should achieveConsumerism responsiveness (“commodityphilanthropy”) by anti -consumerism www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • Trends more aspirational than emergent include focus on women’s roles in /for philanthropy ‘everyone a philanthropist’, thus shifts inimportance of traditional mediating institutions,”flashgiving”the growth of creativity in philanthropythe opening up of discussion about philanthropy’sfailures www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • These trends represent interlocking puzzles forphilanthropy – a lot about disposition and effort butwhat about ambition?Among the harshest critiques of philanthropy is thatits disposition and ambition outrun its ideas and itsefforts , so that it over-promises and under –deliversCan these trends, together, combine towards anothertrend - of transparency and accountability ? www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • With accountability in mind, the missing trend- philanthropy’s changing relations withbeneficiaries?What would the beneficiaries of philanthropy saywere the ‘emerging trends in philanthropy’?Would they even recognise this ‘list’ and if they did ,what would their interpretations be? www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • The Trends’ ‘Puzzle’ Impact Commodity Beneficiary Philanthropic Failures Perceptions Measurement Philanthropy Collaboration Professional- isation Creativity Personification Women’s/ Account- Minorities’ Everyone Place-based ability Giving Leadership a Philanthropist www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • The characteristics of philanthropy, affectedby these trends, become fourfoldDispositionEffortAmbitionAccountability www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • How and from whom do philanthropic decisionmakers learnabout these trends and find the time to reflect on them?How does that learning affect their ambitions andaccountabilities?Do some trends lend themselves more than others tospecific fields of philanthropic action ?Strategically, what are the ‘early mover’ (or ‘late mover’)advantages in trend-responsiveness or advocacy? www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • These questions are helping to transform philanthropyin expected and unexpected ways, as philanthropy isin continual transition and development – the purposeof the Forum this week Thank you to my audience for your attention –An audience which collectively represents thephilanthropy prototypes , and the philanthropymachines that are ‘flying’ . www.shaw-trust.org.uk
  • www.cgap.org.uk www.shaw-trust.org.uk