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  • 3 Months! Yes we did it in 3 months. Did we provide better tools for our end users in 3 months? Yes we did.Did we end up having a much better relevant search in 3 months? Yes we did!Did we build the very foundation for Enterprise Social Media in 3 months? Yes we did!Did we get much better compatibility with different browsers? Yes We did?Did we manage to get all our 28000 Pages work with Chrome on MAC? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here  But can it be done? Yes it can!
  • Straight up! Will show you live applications!Here add Performance Point! Visio Diagram!Access Database!PMO Resource Tracker!
  • Don’t rush into it, build the foundation firstScrub The Hub: Insert the Scrub the Hub Picture here at the 3rd bulletDo not dictate technology
  • You just need to take my word for it 
  • Insert the before and after diagram hereMake sure you compile data before and after the upgrade to measure performanceWe have geographic presence in EU, Asia, Australia, North America…. Reports from Asia alone has been very impressive
  • Have you heard of this? The Agilistic Scrum over the Spiral Waterfalls!I was thinking of trademarking this What do you do when you have MCS on your back, a nagging architect who loves agile and a PMO which insists upon documentation?Run 3 different tracks. Start the development (the actual upgrade) in DEV early (don’t worry about documentation)Get your Microsoft Architect to keep you honest EVERY STEP OF THE WAY (say this loud to wake up the crowd)Get your eBay Architect to start the DRD, TDD, PHD etc.MEET in the middle
  • Only 345 features. My architect and I spent 3 hours on this and it really paid off as the blueprint for the project
  • Only 345 features. My architect and I spent 3 hours on this and it really paid off as the blueprint for the project
  • Ebay Upgrade Slides

    1. 1. Visio DemoAccess Demo (Product and Sprints Backlog: Relational Lists)
    2. 2. Expertise SearchMMS and Search
    3. 3. Enterprise Social Networking (Foundation)Enterprise Social Networking (Coming up : My Social!)
    4. 4. The Hub Intranet •Developers •Sales Force Yammer ChatterDirect Access Mobile Apps/Sites Newsgator Others •Communities& •Linked in Special Groups •Twitter •Facebook The Hub Extranet 8
    5. 5. Agilistic Scrumover the SpiralWaterfalls!
    6. 6. rmobasseri@ebay.comchris@architectingconnectedsystems.com
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