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Social media for health professionals at a glance 2013
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Social media for health professionals at a glance 2013



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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA ‘AT A GLANCE’ 2013 Compiled by Dean Giustini, MLS, MEd, Reference Librarian, UBC Biomedical Branch Library What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How is it used in Examples for? medicine? Blog • Free to use • Must be updated YouTube video: • Online support Blog search engines and share frequently by illness or blogsearch.google.com “Make A Free Blog” A contraction of "weblog". • Build a brand • Old content may disease www.youtube.com/watcThis is a website maintained impact your • Information Not running a hospital • Reflect h?v=ThvOLDu2XuA by someone with reputation about blog • Invite commentary, descriptions • Negative comments condition/sympt http://runningahospita comment YouTube video: of events and materials are possible om l.blogspot.com/ • Get feedback “Blogs in Plain English” such as videos & photos • Must interact and • Invite patient • Create an http://www.youtube.co allow user comments/deba Mayo Clinic blog archive m/watch? www.mayoclinic.com/hea comments to be a v=NN2I1pWXjXI&feature te lth/blogpodcastindex/Blog • Discuss topics true blog =channel • Share treatment PodCastIndex in health information Blogger (free software) • Visit media blogs www.blogger.com and post medical links Word Press (free) and news http://wordpress.com/ What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How is it used in Examples for? medicine? Message boards & • Educational • Getting forums Free forums: • Online support WebMD message discussion • Ability to started may take a Google Groups groups by illness board increase traffic lot of work • Invite patient www.webmd.com/com This is an open online by repeat • Monitoring Lefora free forums comments on munity/boards
  • 2. discussion website. It is visitors comments may be www.lefora.com/ service lines; equivalent to a bulletin • Organization time-consuming treatments Health Boardsboard. Forums are web sites gains YouTube video: • Share www.healthboards.co to manage user-generated credibility “How to Create a information m discussion • Builds Forum / Message Board” • Share best relationships practices with visitors What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How is it used in Examples for? medicine? Microblogging • Simple to use • Short length — only Free sites: • In emergencies TwitterA form of short blog posts • Good for allows for about two Twitter and disasters, www.twitter.comor text messages of less pushing sentences www.twitter.com used to updatethan 140 characters. Twitter information • Not great for people and Plurkis the most popular site. out conversation Plurk communities www.plurk.com • Multiple ways www.plurk.com • News about • Too few to send status of Other sites? Facebook, customization updates YouTube Video: community LinkedIn, and Xing options “Twitter in Plain English” • Clinical trial have microblogging or • Text • No custom domain http://www.youtube.co recruitment status updates messaging, name — you don’t instant m/watch? • Officials posts own your URL messaging, v=ddO9idmax0o&feature via mobiles • Overwhelming =channel email, MP3 or amount of the web information • Computer not needed to send update, can use a mobile phone What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How is it used in Examples
  • 3. for? medicine? Photosharing • Free or low- • Easy for visitors to YouTube video: • Add rotating PinterestA way to share your photos cost steal your photos “How to Use Flickr” photo display to www.pinterest.comby storing them on the web • Easy to use • Viewers register a website,and sharing the website and share YouTube video: events, etc. Flickr • Insufficient storage,with your family and photos “Online Photo Sharing in (Flickr) www.flickr.com particularly for freefriends. Some sites allow • Great tagging/ Plain English” • Share events servicesyou to keep the photos organizing and special days Snapfish • Users can’t accessprivate, some don’t. system with others www.snapfish.com quality photos • Incorporate without purchasing • Back up your into blogs & photos Shutterfly them www.shutterfly.com websites • Flickr photos rotate on a blog or site in sidebar • Good backup What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How is it used in Examples for? medicine? Podcasts • Communicatin • Need audio and/or YouTube video: • Interviews with PodcastAlleyA podcast is an audio or file g with people video recording “Podcasting 101” physicians www.podcastalley.comsent via the Internet by a • Incorporates equipment and http://www.youtube.co • Informationlink called an RSS feed. A m/watch? Mayo Clinic video, audio, editing software about v=I7o9vDsKMSY&feature Podcastpodcast can be downloaded music and • Podcasts must be condition/sympt http://www.mayoclinic.oonto your mobile or effects scheduled regularly =related om rg/podcasts/desktop • Syndicated RSS • Audience more • New services feed Podcasting: Publish your limited than • Message from Podcast to iTunes • Listeners can traditional media doctor to http://www.youtube.com/wat download ch?v=iVDb2lcz_Z8 community
  • 4. podcasts to • Video news their mobile players or listen to at their computers • Production is inexpensive with right equipment What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How is it used in Examples for? medicine? RSS • Subscribers • Subscribers may Google Reader • Share news and Webicina RSSRSS (Really Simple get news self-select out of https://www.google.com media http://www.webicina.cSyndication) is a family of articles pertinent topics /accounts/ServiceLogin? • Share upcoming om/perssonalized/web formats used to delivered as • Subscribers may not hl=en&nui=1&service=re events (healthpublish blogs, news they become check feeds enough ader&continue=http%3A fairs, supportheadlines, audio and video. available • RSS readers are not %2F meetings)An RSS "feed," "web feed” • Subscribers as popular as %2Fwww.google.com • Informationor "channel" benefits users select areas of Twitter or "alerting %2Freader about healthby syndicating content interest tools" services YouTube video: • Subscribers “RSS in Plain English” don’t have to http://www.youtube.co search for m/watch?v=0klgLsSxGsU information, it is delivered What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How is it used in Examples for? medicine?
  • 5. Social bookmarking • Maintains • May be time- YouTube video: • Share illness, del.icio.usA social bookmark is a way bookmarked consuming “Social Networking in condition- www.delicious.comto store, organize, search sites online, Plain English” specific weband manage your favourite rather than sites with diggweb sites and pages hard drive to patients http://digg.com allow access • Share hospital from any sites reddit computer www.reddit.com • Tag site by topic for easier searchability • Allows others to share bookmarks What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How is it used in Examples for? medicine? Social networking • Organization • Some businesses YouTube video: • Recruit • FaceBook gains more block SNSs “Social Networking in employees www.facebook.comA social network allows you creditability • Personal info, Plain English” • Advertising • PatientsLikeMeto build a community and • Builds location; email services, http://www.patientslshare with others. It relationship addresses; some enhancing brand ikeme.com/provides a way to interact with visitors employees use for • Genetic testingand get to know new • Create personal not • https://www.23andpeople discussions; business reasons me.com/ target • Maintenance
  • 6. audiences
  • 7. What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How do hospitals Examples for? use? Videosharing • No cost to • Sites compact files, List of video-sharing sites • Information about • YouTubeA videosharing site is how upload videos decreasing quality http://hlwiki.slais.ubc.ca/ind conditions; www.YouTube.comusers distribute videos. You to multiple • Not conducive to ex.php/Medical_video- symptoms • The Doctor’s Channelcan upload, store and share. video sharing videos longer than sharing_sites • Background www.thedoctorschanYouTube is the best known. Web sites 10 mins information on nel.com • Videos can be • Requires basic facility embedded on equipment and • How-to videos on outside Web editing tools checking for sites • Production can be symptoms, etc. • Ability to share time-consuming • Video news low-budget, releases short videos • Expensive video or editing equipment is not needed What is it? What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How do hospitals Examples for? use? Virtual worlds Setting up situations Time-consuming to See virtual health “worlds” • Hospital tours • Tours of newA computer-based, simulated visitors can use to create and maintain http://www.webicina.com/ca facilities under • Patient educationor virtual environment to augment or replace ncer/second-life-the-virtual- construction world/ • Simulationinhabit & interact digitally via reality (i.e. sickavatars (a digital version of children can playsomeone) online)
  • 8. What is it?* What’s it good Any pitfalls? How do I get started? How do hospitals Examples for? use? Wiki / group authoring • Allows multiple • Information may not Free wikis: • Collaborate with MedpediaA wiki is a collection of pages people to be accurate or peer- Wikispaces other people http://medpedia.comdesigned to help anyone update reviewed http://www.wikispaces.com/ • Share informationcontribute or modify content. information Wikipedia • Visitors may be • Co-author or co-Wikis are used as collaborative YouTube Video: www.wikipedia.com • More efficient more familiar or create newspaces. Wikipedia is the best- information comfortable with e- “Wikis in Plain English” knowledgeknown example. http://www.youtube.com/watch? sharing than e- mail v=-dnL00TdmLY&feature=channel mail for large groups Definitions derived from Wikipedia and HLWIKI International http://hlwiki.ca Do you have one or more favourite social media resources you would like to share with us? Which links do you find in this page helpful to you and why? Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ehealthstrategy Twitter: https://twitter.com/eHealthStrategy