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Law Library 2.0 (VALL) bibliography
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Law Library 2.0 (VALL) bibliography


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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS FOR LAW LIBRARIANS: a presentation to the Vancouver Association of Law Libraries (VALL) see: http://hlwiki.caBlogs • American Bar Association - • Martindale Blog - • Slaw is Canada’s Online Legal Magazine - • Social media law update – • Supreme Court blog • English Medieval Legal Documents (600-1535) wiki – page=HomePage • ITWiki – • Jurispedia – • Wikilaw – • Wikileaks – • Wikipedia Law Portal - media • Employees Terminated for Cause for Facebook Postings. Canadian Employment & Pension Law. Nov 2010. The British Columbia Labour Relations Board ("BCLRB") upheld terminations of two employees for posting on Facebook disrespectful, damaging and inappropriate comments about their co-workers and employer. It is believed to be the first clear Facebook firing case in Canada. • Law firm turns to Facebook to promote class action suit; Facebook used to promote class action suit The Canadian Press. Toronto: Dec 10, 2010. law-firm-turns-to-facebook-to-promote-class-action-suit • Lawyers Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together (ABA, 2008) • Ontarios AG calls for debate on social media in courts hub=OttawaHome
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