GoPubMed vs. PubReminer Handout – At a Glance                                      Bradley-Giustini, CHLA-ABSC Calgary, Ma...
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GoPubMed vs PubReminer 2011


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GoPubMed vs PubReminer 2011

  1. 1. GoPubMed vs. PubReminer Handout – At a Glance Bradley-Giustini, CHLA-ABSC Calgary, May 2011 What is GoPubMed - is a free ‘knowledge-based’ semantic search engine that searches PubMed. It uses the NationalLibrary of Medicine (NLM)’s Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and Gene Ontology (GO) to identifyinterrelated items in PubMed records. GoPubMed is called one of the first social-semantic search engines.How does GoPubMed work? • GoPubMed submits your keywords to PubMed, adding an ontology (type of controlled vocabulary) • Two ontologies are used: MeSH & GoGene to view interrelatedness of terms • GoPubMed’s statistics feature is a semantic and bibliometric analysis – for a different point of view! • “Statistics” feature presents searches in graph or chart formats (leading authors, countries, cities, journals and so on) which is handy way to get a visual look at the literatureGoPubMed is helpful for: • GoPubMed helps searchers move beyond MeSH to consider other terms, vocabularies • Clustering results by MeSH & GO terms is designed to reveal hierarchy thereby allowing users to navigate results quickly • Sorting results into top-level categories: what (biomedical concepts), who (author names), where (affiliations and journals) and when (date of publications) What is PubReMiner - is a free data mining tool that generates metadata in hyperlinked frequency tables (after astatistical analysis of your search). PubReMiner is a text-based query building tool that examines data inPubMed records and then displays results in frequency tables by journals, authors, MeSH and textwords.How does PubReMiner work? • PubReMiner looks at and examines PubMed’s abstracts and generates frequency tables • The table (far right) shows journals in which the search topic is published most often • Next, leading authors or those most active in the field based on your search terms • Words that appear most often in titles and abstracts are presentedPubReMiner is helpful for: • selecting journals for research as journals that publish similar research can be seen • viewing top authors linked to search terms which can lead to a number of experts • seeing what major authors are interested in by reviewing keywords associated with their papers • locating MeSH, textwords, common authors, major journals, countries & substances of searchSee also:PubMed Alternative Interfaces - GoPubMed vs. PubReminer At-A-Glance – Bradley/Giustini