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Project Portfolio Optimization and Governance
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Project Portfolio Optimization and Governance






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Project Portfolio Optimization and Governance Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Project Portfolio Management as aForm of Collaborative ValueManagementApply RulesIT Budget AllocationCollaborativeDecisionMakingManage Cost,Risk and Time.ManageBenefits/ValueEnterprise Project ManagementProjects Portfolio ManagementBy Giuseppe Mascarella
  • 2. Collaborative Challenges in ITPortfolio Decision MakingITGroups &SuppliersC I OB O A R DCFOBusiness UnitManagersUSERS
  • 3. Rules/ProcessOrganizationalDecision MechanismRights/DutiesProjects Managers NeedGovernance!
  • 4. Five Major IT Decisions NeedTo Be MadeHigh level statements about how IT is used in thebusinessStrategies for the base foundation for IT capability (bothtechnical and human), shared throughout the firm asreliable services, and centrally coordinated (e.g., network,help desk, shared data)An integrated set of technical choices to guide theorganization in satisfying business needs. Thearchitecture is a set of policies and rules that govern theuse of IT and plot a migration path to the way businesswill be done (includes data, technology, and applications)Decisions about how much and where to invest in ITincluding project approvals and justificationtechniquesSpecifying the business need for purchased or internallydeveloped IT applicationsCenter for Information Systems ResearchIT investment andprioritizationBusinessapplication needsIT architectureIT infrastructurestrategiesIT principles
  • 5. ROB (Rithm Of Business) for ODM(Organization Decison Mechnism)Week1 Week2 Week3Mid YearReviewSCRUM SPRINTW1Week4Process / TasksBiz OpportunityManagementORB CommitteeMeetingPortfolioReviewResource MngtTime/BudgetControlDeploymentTeamQ&AVRFPPM/DevSPRINT
  • 6. 3. ServiceLevelObjectives4. MeasureMonitor6. Negotiate& CommunicateBenefit Realization Plan5. OptimizePortfolio1. DefineValue2. DefineRules & ODEof PortfolioINFRASTRUCTUREMITProcess and Capabilities:6 Step Workflow to Maximize Projects Value
  • 7. Step 1: Define Value5 Pillars/ParametersValue Assessment0204060123456Pilars1. Strategic Alignment2. Impact on Processes3. Infrastructure Agility4. Cost/Benefit (ROI)5. Risk
  • 8. 3. ServiceLevelObjectives4. MeasureMonitor6. Negotiate& CommunicateBenefit Realization Plan5. OptimizePortfolio1. DefineValue2. DefineRules & ODEof PortfolioINFRASTRUCTUREMITStep 2: Define Rules & ODE(Organization Decision Entity)of Projects Portfolio
  • 9. Step 2: Define Rules & ODEof Projects PortfolioProject 1Pilar ODE WeightStrategic AlignmentBalanceScorecard Board35%Impact on ProcessesBiz AnalystsCouncil15%Infrastructure AgilityIT ArchitectCoucil15%Cost/Benefit (ROI) EVABenchmarkingTeam25%Risk SOX SME, RiskCommittee10%
  • 10. Deep Personalized InsightImmediate access to analysis and unstructured dataDrill down through KPIs for deeper insightEmpowerment and ProductivityScorecard authoring and editing toolReduce reliance on IT for changesand customizationAction-Driven and CollaborativeWork as a team to analyze issuesAdd annotations and alerts to scorecardsTight integration with Microsoftcollaboration platformIntegrated and ExtensibleAdd custom data to dashboardsIntegrate into LOB applicationsExtend through SharePoint Web PartsScorecardCharting andAnalysisReportsTechnologies:Integration with Business Scorecard ManagerAction-driven and collaborative application
  • 11. 4. RAI Television Case StudyCIO Challenges:Move IT from Cost Center, “BusinessSlowing” Perception Center to ValueBuilding CenterDo More Project with LessEnable Project Manger to SuceedTelevision