Trasparenze interpretazione comunicazione


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Trasparenze interpretazione comunicazione

  1. 1. TrasparenzeInterpretazioneComunicazioneDi Giuseppe CistaroIn collaborazione conBaldinoPietro Pecorari
  2. 2. There is no reason to argueWe have become old,lame, toothless,with a sticks in our handsAnd yet we still fight.First the shadow of the trees,then the barking of dogs,pigeons poop,the noise in the night,the smoke from the chimney fire,the grass in the garden,the smell of the sewer,the football game,and so on...How much paper is wasted,how much money for the lawyersand we are still here as before,lets finish it!
  3. 3. Your life without licenseYou like driving, running and dreamingYou like the night, singing and dancingYou like eating, drinking and exaggeratingYou like getting crazy!You are a lion, strong and selfish,you would swallow the whole worldAnd you would shout to the world:I am strong, Beautiful and funny, nobody can stop me!Excited and convinced you get in your father’s carAnd suddenly reach the speed and you are incautious.You don’t care about the speed limit,you risk the curves and traffic lightYou repeat: nobody can stop me!The patrol notices you, they say stop and block you,from lion to rabbit:you give the key, the car and your license!In the morning you wake up, and still confused,you don’t remember what has happened,as if you were drunk, but in the jail someoneremind you lost your car and your license ...
  4. 4. Me and the smokeThe first time,the first call:do it by yourself...The first sensation,first disgusted,don’t be the usual coward,and you will join us in the group...You did it.Your first cough,your first illness,but with her between your fingers,you feel greatand are accepted by all.Your first step!Today hand on your head,after many years, you think...What a big fool you have been...
  5. 5. The wheel of fortuneHave you always had everything, everything easy.Have you ever wondered why!Suddenly you find yourself alone and you do not knowwhat to do, where to go, “to work?”No, it’s too hard and then, with little moneywhat can you do! Stealing?No, it’s too dangerous to risk jail and then who knowswhat will happen to you! Then you look around,and, before you, a glint of light hits you,all kinds of video games invite you to tryto be lucky: seize the moment and change your life!And you just, you let yourself go, try your luck,the “easy” way!You start to play, and, day after day,waiting for “luck” to comeAll what’s left: after the money, the bike, the car,the family jewels, and finally your home.You have lost everything, and now youunderstand that the easy life is just a pipe dream!
  6. 6. Broken HeartYou came into my life, for fun, boredom,the desire to do something that I could not.You took my soul, heart and head and all I had.For what I do, for what I feeland for the help of many,I can not live without you, and I know thatif we continue like this, you will do without me.You’ve have taken away my thoughts,I can not get away from you.I know you’ll be my ruin, and certainly not my fairy.Down there at the bottom,I see so many souls hurt,so many broken hearts and many lives cut short.They are your victims,squeezed until the last breath,used and thrown away like it will be for me.I hear their cries, a choir just heard,that calls me and tells me not to let you break myheart: do it, you still have time, do it for usand our death has not been in vain.
  7. 7. Love stolenYou are beautiful,young, self-confident and enterprising,and you are not happy about anything.You are open to a thousand emotions,a thousand experiences, you believe in pure love,friendship and people.You’re strong and you believe that danger isnothing.You love parties, you like to dance.You show yourself to be a safe and mature woman.You accept kind invitations,you think everything is at hand.We offer you wealth, fast and secureand you find yourself suddenly desecrated?and robbed of your youth.Now, you’re a mature woman,you look at yourself in the mirroryou see a ... rotten ripepear left by the roadside.
  8. 8. The charlatanYou grew up in a hurry,you have suffered with “open eyes”and you realized that the worldhas a great wealth, the poor.Yes, the poor!There are so many gullibleand always ready for good news and you,smart, strong and ready to deceive.You know the word for some timethat fascinates them, and you knowthat they are ready to listen to you,and you easly bewitch themand steal their minds.They feel happy and continue to,until they collapse.When they get up, they look for you,but you’re not there.And after the “hangover” they finallyrealize that they are alone, inside and outside,because they had faith in you.
  9. 9. The illusion of changingIt was born with roseswas born strong and beautifully slenderGrew Quickly and soon blossomed...Already it feels readydid not want to wait,and, even before maturitywants to be a well-shaped figure of a womanand... Mother and father,I do a little cut here and one there,I want to cut here,and since we are here we remove a littlethere...Ones Around You Already Did It,They can not tell you“it’s still early, my darling!”you still have to grow!Yeah, but why wait...
  10. 10. The stolen childhoodAmong the leaves and wool,hidden and protected, wait for the motherand her breast.You are insatiable, voracious,and you want to grow quickly,and those around is what they expect.You want to be big, strong and mature,and do not realize that you are still a teenager.Your hurry you want to hurryyour mom does’nt you are still a “child” and you,apparently happy, take advantage of it,but you are alone and exposed to a thousand dangersin a world that runs, runs more and more wildly,more and more evanescent.And later when she finally opens her eyes and sees you.She sees a frightened teenager, who does’nt knowwhat to do ready to change,she embraces you, tighty and cries askingyou for forgiveness.
  11. 11. Life burnedAre you hungry, so hungry,but want to be thin, thinner and thinner,and you’re always there to look in the mirror...Oh God! I’m fat!No one wants me!Beautiful, yes I’m very beautiful,but too fat...Mother looks at you, Grandma invites you,eat my child, I made it with my hands.Do not say no, eat voraciously,eat everything and then.You ask permission to go to the bathroom,you look in the mirror: Oh God! I’m fat!No one will want me!You put your head down to reject the food.Do you want to be thin, it’s trouble gaining weight!Your only thought:no one wants me beautiful and fat!
  12. 12. The “magic” pillFollow fashion, you want to be lean and not tired.You want everything at once, You do not know howto wait, You want to be beautiful and win,you want to be secure and envied.Surgery is fast, but dangerous!The exercises are uncomfortable, difficult andtiring. You need a simple solution easy to handlewithout sacrifices, something that allows you toeat, because eating little, oh no!Eating is a great pleasure!And here’s the solution: a magic pill eating for you!Eat what you want and to eliminated the excess Iwill think for you! And so your body works twice:first to digest your food and then to digest your“magic” pill! And your pockets are empty,first to buy the extra foodand then your magical pill!Even though your body inside is working,you don’t see it, you take a nap, cheerful andhappy and the pill works for you!
  13. 13. A pitcher of waterIt’s hot, very hot,you’ve toiled and sweated so much.You’re thirsty, so thirsty And a great desire:water, water, water!There before you, a pitcher of water waiting for you,you look at the rise and your about to have it foryourself when you hear a faint voice:take me, to drink, but do not throw me awaytoo many people are thirsty, and, if you waste me,I will not be able to quench them all.You today, you’ve been very lucky,youve found me and been refreshed.Remember, when you look for me, I’ll be there,and every time you use me,always think of everyone else who needs me.Darkness with me and wanting to be transparentI do not want to make this black,I want to stay pure and to be a “sign” of life andprosperity.
  14. 14. The earth vomitingAnd now what am I doing?They continue to grow, where do I put them?Where do I throw them? Where do I storethem?There is no place, we’re filled the wholeearth, once by me, once by you and now thegame is over...Throw Them wherever you like... do not care!Nobody is looking at you, nobody iscomplaining...Days, months and years go by,the waste grows and so does the bad smell.The earth decreases, and from His DeepestSecret, slowly bubbles up, vomiting and witha sudden explosion burning a thousand colorsspit on your face...Now you finally understand the earthsuffers!And now what do you do?
  15. 15. Tears of an ear genetically manipulatedWant to get more, faster and faster,time does’nt wait.Fruits bigger and bigger,mature in a few days, in spaces always smaller.It’s progress, yes, it’s progress!So many mouths to feed,many pockets to enrich,lots of plants to be exploited,many laws to ignore.And nature?If you allow it to be done, it will to be done!If you don’t do it, someone else will!You can not stop progress!And then, force and without thinking,we look to the result.You must go forward and look for success!But sooner or later someone will ask for the billand this will be the time when we “cry”,and ask forgiveness!
  16. 16. The dance of loveYears pass,and, after the passion,love and companionship.You want to be alive,you want light, you want to be loved,want to have fun and entertain and beentertained, you understand thatonly “a smile” enriches life.You move with joy, even if with difficulty,involving your love in this passage of life.You know that movement is your health,it gives you strength and courage to moveforward, ever forward,taking the time and motion.Love music and colour,and you want to go on enjoyingwith joy in your heart.
  17. 17. Two flowers, two heartsFrom the healthy and matureland seeds green and two beautiful yellowflowers emerged, two pumpkin flowers.The wind moves them and makes dance,and embrace, They almost Seem to fly.They are close to one another, rotating anddancing, Life is rhythm and They Know itwell.United in Dancing with the help of thewind, with the colour and the heat of thesun, illuminated during the day, and readyfor many adventures,covered and protected at night by themoon and the stars.They are happy, They met and loveImmediately, the caress of the wind madeThem Meet, the heat of the sun MadeThem Bloom, the moonlight will make themdream! And, yes, there are only twoflowers, two blooming pumpkin flowers.