Oracle installation guide for high availability environment database server


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Oracle installation guide to maintain high availability Oracle database server to support 24/7 running database.

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Oracle installation guide for high availability environment database server

  1. 1. Oracle Installation Guide for High Availability Environment Database ServerThere are lots of prerequisites of installation high availability Oracle server. Youshould need to consider performance, recovery and manageability of Oracleserver in installation phase.Installation and configuration Oracle has introduced a number of challenges. Thisis a new facility, some of these challenges, such as calculating disk space, theexposure of data files, the choice of operating system and database block sizes,and determine the maximum number of files data, require decisions about theparameters that are appropriate for your environment. Even before I had theopportunity to use their database and find relevant information. The seriousnessof making the right decisions is growing with high availability requirements,where the impact of a wrong decision is much more serious because thesedecisions are binding throughout the life of the database. Fixed a bad decisionand involves a long time without rarely tolerated. Installation and configuration isvery critical from the perspective of high availability, since they constitute thebasis for all adjustments and perform routine maintenance.At most sites with high availability, data-takes a back seat availability, recoveryand maintenance. Their enthusiasm is to determine the high availability andsustainability of the site, however, sometimes DBAS Database nearly useless interms of performance. This means that the main results of the inspections andcorrective measures can be implemented when downtime and defeat the wholepurpose to ignore the performance targets installation and configuration. Insteadof focusing solely on availability and downtime due because of such short-For more detail check our Database Support and Database DBA Website.
  2. 2. sightedness during the initial configuration, it is always better to be a goal asimportant as performance, usability, and better maintenance. In specific caseswhere the performance targets in direct conflict with availability, it is reasonableto allow the latter to win.So how DBAs tend to do things right the first time? How can they ever managedto get everything set up and works well "out of the box"? The bad news is theycannot! High availability uptime can be achieved simply by installing a vanilla. Itcan only be achieved by following a combination of Oracle and goodrecommendations to improve these practices based on DBA experience in similarenvironments.But, unfortunately, the Oracle DBA is ignoring the recommendations during theinstallation process of Oracle. After the installation process, the database will notbe affected by performance issues, but when at times, some mysteriousperformance issues, which are not easily understood. All of these performanceissues to present a false choice of the basic parameters of the installation of theOracle database. Take for example the selection of parameters DB_BLOCK_SIZEwrong during installation, the database storage of information, database systems,or DSS. Changing this parameter requires a long period of inactivity, it is necessaryto re-build a database from scratch.You can get more idea of Oracle installation from our following links.http://www.dbametrix.com more detail check our Database Support and Database DBA Website.