A Year To Reshape Your Life


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  • A Year To Reshape Your Life

    1. 1. A year to reshape your life 1
    2. 2. A year to reshape your life The days just seem to be zipping past. All your time seems to be focused on everybody but yourself. There are times when you just want to quit and run away! You don’t seem to have any energy. Slowly, the joy you felt everyday when you woke up, seems to be draining away. Well, it is time to take a good, hard look at yourself and take some time to reshape your life. 2
    3. 3. A year to reshape your life Month 1: Take control •Take a good look at your health goals •Schedule a doctor’s appointment to have a baseline health check up •Outline a plan for good nutrition •Give yourself an attainable weight loss goal 3
    4. 4. A year to reshape your life Month 2: Weight management - avoid health problems •Switch to healthy snacks- a piece of fruit or a glass of low fat milk or buttermilk is healthier than fried snacks •Make sure you drink plenty of water everyday. Your skin will glow! •Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Dried fruits count! •Never go food shopping on an empty stomach. Make a low-calorie shopping list before you enter the store 4
    5. 5. A year to reshape your life Month 3: Physical activity - improve your long-term quality of life. •Involve your entire family •Burn some of the calories you take in—use every opportunity to exercise Start to exercise gradually and work your way up •Walking is the easiest form of exercise. Make walking a daily routine •Use the stairs at home and at work 5
    6. 6. A year to reshape your life Month 4: Stress busters- be good to yourself. •Allot fifteen minutes for yourself each day (and guard it passionately!) •Learn meditation/ pranayama •Surround yourself with music •Get together with friends and family to cry, laugh, and support each other 6
    7. 7. A year to reshape your life Month 5: Ensure medical care for the family •Find the best health insurance package for your entire family •Check your employee healthy insurance package- does it give good coverage? •Start a separate savings account for unexpected medical expenditures •Choose a family physician/hospital for your family’s health care 7
    8. 8. A year to reshape your life Month 6: Your children- are they safe? •Make sure that your children have received the immunizations they require •Ensure a healthy diet for them – habits inculcated as children carry into adulthood •Build in some exercise into their daily routine. Don’t let them substitute TV for fresh air •Always keep communication lines open with your older children. Do not turn a blind eye when there is a drastic change in their behaviour. Drugs and sexual abuse are lurking dangers 8
    9. 9. A year to reshape your life Month 7: ‘Feel good factor’- you are amazing! •Look at your achievements in terms of a happiness quotient •Make a list of what you have done that makes you feel proud of yourself – and then bask in the glow! •Remember that what you have done with your children is a major achievement! •Measure success by how much health, peace, and joy you have •You are a woman with multiple roles and nobody can do it better 9
    10. 10. A year to reshape your life Month 8: Prevention- it’s better than a cure •Eat a well-balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis •Depending on your age, make sure you have regular checkups •Don’t forget to have an eye checkup, especially after 40 •You need to learn how to do regular breast self- examinations •A mammogram may be required - check with your doctor •Schedule your Pap smear and pelvic examination 10
    11. 11. A year to reshape your life Month 9: Spirituality- anchor yourself •Set aside a calm time of the day to get in touch with your inner self •Individually or with the family, perform “random acts of kindness, senseless acts of beauty!” •Explore avenues of spiritual experience- stick to the one that works best for you 11
    12. 12. A year to reshape your life Month 10: Spread happiness- it will come back to you •Don’t hold back on praise or appreciation- even husbands need to be verbally told how much they are appreciated! •Do not hesitate to tell somebody how much he or she means to you – they might be gone from your life before you know it. There is no regret like the regret of unspoken words •Smile- it is a great mood elevator for yourself and everyone around you 12
    13. 13. A year to reshape your life Month 11: Say no to drugs- kick the “pill for every ill” habit •Don’t self-medicate •Avoid antibiotics for simple coughs, colds and the common flu •Don’t demand pills from your physician •If you can’t sleep, use old fashioned remedies like a glass of warm milk rather than reaching for a sleeping pill 13
    14. 14. A year to reshape your life Month 12: Laugh and the world laughs with you •Spend time with your family being silly - the shared laughter will bind you with love •Look at the funny side in every situation •If you can’t fight or flee- flow! •Don’t let the small stuff get you down •Learn to count your blessings – you always have something you can be happy about 14