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Fm Group catalogo make up_no2

  1. 1. Product catalogue no.2 2010
  2. 2. My image. My success. MY SUCCESS Every woman knows how important image is in life. Almost all try to look the most beautiful. Whether we want to or not, our success depends on it. Or at least our well-being. Therefore, we carefully follow the newest trends in make up and fashion. This season, shades of hot red will dominate women’s lips. After a long reign of lip glosses, lipstick returns. Enriched with natural nutrients, they care for and protect lips perfectly. The eyeshadows will surprise us with their lightness and bold colors. Coloured lines on the eyelids will contrast perfectly with the natural eye contour. For women, that cannot say goodbye to the ”smoky eye” effect, we would like to suggest original shades of burgundy. And for those who appreciate the natural look, we recommend the subdued browns, flesh-coloured pinks and glittering oranges. Sometimes it is worth to follow the fashion trends and experiment a little. But most importantly, create your own style and choose make-up, in which you will feel best and look beautiful. I am convinced that, among the nume- rous new products, each of the ladies will find cosmetics that will delight her with original colours, nourishing effects and easy application. I also highly recommend the professional accessories of the FM GROUP MAKE UP brand, thanks to which make-up application becomes much easier. Katarzyna Trawinska FM GROUP Polska My image, The prices provided in this catalogue do not include applicable taxes. The offers included in this catalogue are valid while stocks last or until a new catalogue is introduced. This FM GROUP MAKE UP catalogue No 2 is valid from June 2010. The catalogues and business manuals issued by FM GROUP are the only authorized The phrase ”My image. My success” has been created by Emilia Hamerlińska, sources of information for the purpose of selling and advertising the FM GROUP products. Distributor of FM GROUP Poland.2 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 3
  3. 3. Discover the secret of MATCHING $24.00 30 ml IDEAL PRICE: N ATUr Al C rEA m FM | nf5 SECOND SKIN FOUNDATION Advanced Foundation technology in »» iridescent pigments perfectly adapt to natural S AND complexion, reflect the light and thus cover up all B EIgE the skin weaknesses and align its colour beauty watch »» esters of vitamin C stimulate collagen production and help to restore proper skin elasticity FM | nf6 »» gradually released polymers absorb the excess of sebum providing a matte skin effect »» moisturizing, nourishing and smoothing ingredients When designing the SECOND SKIN FOUNDATION we took make the skin look fresh advantage of the process of micronization of pigments, C INNA mON »» light formulation guarantees an exceptionally or their significant fragmentation. The micronized pigments B EIgE pleasant application »» contains antioxidants and UV filtersperfectly merge with the skin, even out its colour and provide »» suitable for all skin types the effect of an outstanding smoothness. Cosmetics that FM | nf7 »» elegant glass bottle with a practical pump dispenser Ask your Distributor for a sample contain them are easier in application – even for beginners. »» size: 30 ml of the foundation.4 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 5
  4. 4. is The oily perfe foun and ct e dati par beca com speci on a SMOOTHNESS t u b are icles c se th inatio lly for res o e ista ated pigm n skin n w e , and t to p ith s nt seb ersp ilicon um irat e . ion / 30 ml with SILKY $24.00 Enchant PRICE:Getthe perfectcovering I VOryeffect FM | nf1 ADVANCED FOUNDATION B EIgE N UDE »» advanced ‘water in silicone’ formula »» professionally chosen blend of polymersChoose the right shade of foundation for your skin. FM | nf2 and pigments protects with a microscopicAdjust it so that it harmonizes perfectly with the skin tone on your silicone-envelope which guarantees flawless coverageneck. Dot foundation on your forehead, chin, nose and cheeks, »» silicone molecules leave the skin feeling as smooth as silk N ATUr Al B EIgE »» contains a touch of moisturizingon earlier moisturized and appropriately smoothed skin of the and nourishing ingredientsface. Then, blend the dots together using horizontal movements FM | nf3 »» gives an even coverage(directing the movements from the centre to the sides). Do not apply (without the so-called ‘mask effect’)the foundation on the delicate skin under the eyes. Remember to »» contains UV filters and antioxidants g OlDEN S UN »» suitable for all skin typesspread the foundation precisely on the hair and jaw line – if need be, »» elegant glass bottle with a practicalalso place a bit of foundation on the neck. Finally, collect the excess FM | nf4 pump dispenser Ask your Distributor for a samplefoundation that has accumulated between the eyebrows. »» size: 30 ml of the foundation.6 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 7
  5. 5. lIgHT CONCEAlEr PO r »» based on ‘water in silicone’ formula »» light-scattering pigments illuminate CE skin and make the face look refreshed lA »» light, creamy texture prevents the IN concealer from accumulating in bends BEI of delicate skin under the eyes gE »» with its convenient brush, a precise FM | application is extremely simple »» weight: 2.2 g c1 l PR IC E: $1 6.0 PRIC 0 E: $16. for ver up wan t to co der m /2 If you les un .2 g rk circ ED ple da aler conce IU exam ay s use hen m BE 00 e eye s, alw tion. W Ig th fo unda ns, E lying rrectio FM befo re app in or co | lc2 nal m he / 2.2 ake fi r on t y ou m o nceale g the c re usin gDazzle apply , bu t befo ation r. found owde the p Forget about imperfectionswith flawless complexion Delicate creamy concealer beautifully illuminates eyes and optically ‘deducts’ years, making the face look fresh and radiant. This is due to specially selected pigments that refract and scatter light. You can use it both to illuminate your look, as well as to mask minor imperfections. 8 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 9
  6. 6. Trust nature BAKED POWDER Baked body powder Surrender »» mineral pigments, by bouncing light, Macadamia cover up imperfections and lighten nut oil the face, cleavage and shouldersPerfectly softens the »» gives the body a beautiful slightly skin and absorbs golden tone yourself to sun excess moisture. »» essential oils and plant extracts assure proper skin hydration »» the powder can be applied wet or dry »» it can also be used as an eyeshadow Extract of white and a face modeling blush; it is good lily bulbs to apply to arms and legs kisses has soothing and »» bakedsoftening properties. »» weight: 7 g FM | mp4 Jojoba seed oil ensures optimal skin hydration and elasticity. MINERAL POWDER Bronzing effect »» carefully chosen pigments darken the skin colours, creating the effect of a natural tan A mBEr »» pearl dust subtly illuminates the complexion and guarantees an even finish touch to your make up »» silky texture »» pressed »» for all skin types »» a powder-puff and a mirror in the two-level compact »» weight: 8 g FM | mp3g OlDEN B rOwN Golden Brown Amber PRICE: $17.00 /7g PRICE: $17.00 /8g 10 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 11
  7. 7. CHOOSE Romantic A DREAM EFFECT GLARE MINERAL POWDER Illuminating effect Perfect »» opalizing pearl dust, microscopic in size, makes MAT the complexion look healthy, radiant and fresh »» pigments diffuse the light and conceal imperfections of your complexion »» delicate satiny texture »» pressed »» suitable for all skin types »» a powder-puff and a mirror inside the two-level compact MINERAL POWDER »» weight: 8 g Mattifying effect FM | mp1 »» specific gradation of micro molecules of talc, mica and titanium oxide provide the skin with an optical matt effect for a natural-looking complexion »» perfectly hides minor skin imperfections »» delicate satiny texture »» pressed »» for all skin types »» a powder-puff and a mirror inside the two-level compact »» weight: 8 g FM | mp2 D ESErT r OSE O PAl Desert Rose Opal »» PRICE: $17.00 /8g PRICE: $17.00 /8g12 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 13
  8. 8. BLOOM WITH FRESHNESS BAKED BLUSH »» high density of microscopic pearl particles ensures incomparable shine »» contains macadamia nut oil with moisturizing and softening properties »» can be used wet or dry D ElICIOUS PAPAyA B lOOmINg r OSE »» fantastic also as an eyeshadow FM | mb3 FM | mb4 »» baked »» very efficient »» weight: 1.4 gStraight PRICE: from the oven $12.00 When creating a new line of blushes, we have decided to use the baking technology. This process resembles the production of china: mass is first molded and then baked at a high temperature. This creates a product containing / 1.4 g even 90% of pearlescent pigments, so colours are more intense and shiny. Another advantage of baking is thepossibility to use the cosmetics both wet (the colours are brighter and deeper) and dry (you get more pastel shades).14 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 15
  9. 9. MINERAL BLUSH BRONZING EFFECT »» a natural tan effect »» subtly warms up your skin colour »» created using microscopic size minerals »» models the shape of your face perfectly »» pressed »» for all skin types »» weight: 8g FM | mb1 Sun Touch PRICE: $11.00 /8g MINERAL BLUSHModel the shape »» optically enlivens your complexion »» created using microscopic size minerals »» pearl particles make the colour sparkling and the skin illuminated »» models the shape of your face perfectly and is ideal for delicate make up finish OF YOUR FACE »» pressed »» for all skin types »» weight: 8g FM |mb2 OVAL SHAPE FACE ROUND SHAPE FACE SQUARE SHAPE FACE TRIANGULAR SHAPE FACE Apply the blush in the Apply the blush between Apply blush below the Apply blush to the tip of middle of the cheeks the base of hair and cheekbones, a little on the chin and cheeks up (to stress regularity of eyebrows, then put light the jaw and forehead’s to the temples features). streaks of blush from the corners (to soften the (the face becomes more Coral $11.00 temples to the corners features). delicate and features of your lips (to add - more subtle). sharpness to the features). PRICE: /8g16 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 17
  10. 10. C H MINERAL EYESHADOWS O CO l AT E »» created using carefully selected mineral ingredients mOU »» high concentration of pigments guarantees intense colour SS E FM |me2 »» delicate pearl glitter brightens up the look beautifully »» in the compact there is a palette of three harmoniously matched colours S I lV »» silky texture Er D UST »» pressed »» weight: 10g FM | me3 H EA THE r INTEN SE FM | me1 FA ll grEEN FM | me4Delight your eyes with intense colour PRICE: $14.00 Try the eyeshadow brush and applicator (p. 34-35). / 10 g18 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 19
  11. 11. PEARL & MATTE DUET VOlCANIC B rOwN I NK y N IgHT Original shades of orange and brown Complementary dark-blue & pink tone enable you to obtain a natural effect creates the impression of a fresh and light of a slightly sparkling look. mist on the eyelid. Gives excellent results You can use it with the Deep Maroon in combination with the Dark Blue eye pencil (p. 23). eye pencil (p. 22). FM | me5 FM | me7 PRICE: $10.00 /3g PLAY WITH DUO EYESHADOW »» ultra-delicate pigments make the eyeshadows adhere to the eyelids B lUr B UrgUNDy Elegant burgundy & pink colour is perfect for creating the ”smoky eye” make-up effect. The Icy Amethyste eye pencil S ANDy E mEr AlD Emerald & sand contrasting colours dynamise the make-up and optically enlivens the look. Fits perfectly with the Malachite Green COLOURS very well, do not fall and do not settle emphasizes it the most (p. 22). eye pencil (p. 22). in the bends of the skin FM | me6 FM | me8 »» in the compact there are two shades of fashionable colour combinations »» »» pressed weight: 3 g SATIN & SEMI-MATTE DUET20 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 21
  12. 12. HIGHLIGHT THE EYE CONTOUR TWIST-BOTTOM EYE PENcIL »» draws both thick as well as thin lines with immaculate precision »» enriched with nourishing waxes and ethereal oils »» waterproof »» non-smear formula »» twist to open … twist to close »» convenient sharpener at the base of the pencil »» weight: 0.31 g PRICE: $8.00 / 0.31 g NE W LO O D ECADENCE B l ACK K m Al ACHITE g rEEN DArK B lUE I Cy A mETHySTENEW! NEW! NEW! Intriguing malachite green Dark blue can smuggle Slightly frosted violet FM | ep1 perfectly enlivens the look a bit of extravagance to makes the make-up and adds charm to it. everyday make-up. look romantic and FM | ep5 FM | ep6 avant-garde. FM | ep7 STrONg g r APHITE F rOzEN g r Ay D EEP m ArOON FM | ep3 FM | ep4 FM | ep2 22 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 23
  13. 13. LIqUID EYELINER »» »» »» deep black has been obtained on the basis of pure carbon extract a perfectly profiled tip capillary dosing system and Enchant with a seductive well-chosen texture for ideal easy application »» long-lasting »» waterproof »» size: 1.1 ml FM | le1 look Keep your eyeliner in a horizontal position! PR Ca ICE : $11 rb on .00 Black Tt’sWriting lesson / 1. 1m easier l DAYTIME LOOK than you You will obtain a beautiful, subtle effect by applying LASH MAScARA a single layer of mascara on the lashes of lower »» innovative formula based on pure think and upper eyelids. Remember to apply mascara carbon extract guarantees deep black colour to your lashes evenly. Do not forget about the eyelashes in the »» specially chosen polymers strengthen inner and outer corners, it will make the eye look your lashes creating the effect of subtle elongation and volume Use the eyeliner only on your upper optically bigger. »» contains burdock, soya and jojoba seed PRICE: eyelid, draw a thin line as close as possible oils for optimum moisturization to the eyelash line. Start from the inside EVENING LOOK »» natural fruit waxes make it easier corner of your eye and work your way to shape your lashes Before applying mascara, powder the eyelashes Hypnotic Black out. Depending on the effect you want »» light texture does not weigh down $13.00 to acquire, you can finish the line equally slightly. Then use the eyeliner – the line, made your lashes with the eyelash line or stroke it upwards with it, will thicken eyelashes optically. Apply the »» specially chosen thick brush makes the application of the mascara easy (it will ”open” the eye optically). Try to mascara with layers: wait until one dries, then put and perfect; the brush separates draw the line in one smooth stroke. the lashes without leaving clumps another. Apply the last layer only on the tip of your Lean your elbow on something hard (such »» size: 7ml as a table) and the wrist on the cheek, lashes. Do not forget about the lower eyelid. FM | lm1 Put on the mascara with the eye closed. / 7 ml so that your hand doesn’t tremble. Draw the line with the eye open! You will get a natural effect of flirtatious curl. 24 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 25
  14. 14. MAKE YOUR DREAM H OT r ED OF ALLURING LIPS FM | ls1 COME TRUE PAlE F UCHSIA FM | ls2 A USTr AlIAN S AN D A USTr AlIAN S AND S UNrISE P INK PAlE F UCHSIA SwEET l AT TE FM | ls3 S U NrISE P INK Shea Butter makes the lips well-moisturized, FM | ls4 very soft and perfectly smooth. Spurge leaf wax S wEET l AT TE perfectly smoothes, oils and polishes the lips. FM | ls5 $13.00 Grape seed oil is a boundless richness of vitamin E, which delays the PRICE: /4g ageing process. Safflower oil H Timel lish. H must From the EXTRA RIcH LIPSTIcK o ess. ot -hav has unusual oiling properties t Sen red. e. St y that have been used for lip care RE sua A since antiquity. »» oligopeptides included in the lipstick d l. remodel the shape of lips giving them treasury a tempting look Soybean oil »» a rich blend of waxes, oils and nourishing contains unsaturated fatty acids & moisturizing substances provides an that help to rebuild damaged adequate oiling for the lips, prevents their skin protective layer chapping and cracking of nature »» perfectly matched composition of pigments Silk covers the mouth thoroughly providing is a natural source of borosilicate, a stunning colour and sensual shine which allows you to obtain the »» contains antioxidants and UV filters »» you can match an appropriate automatic effect of intensive lip gloss. lipliner to each lipstick (p. 28-29) »» weight: 4 g26 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 27
  15. 15. ND SA DISCOVER N lIA rA ST E TT AU lA T EE Sw A SI IRRESISTIBLE CH FU lE PA 1g / 0.3 PINK 0 r ISE SUN $8.0 CHARM OF PERFECTION C E: PRI H OT r ED IMMEDIATE TWIST-BOTTOM LIPLINER »» stresses the contour of lips with remarkable precision revealing their natural beauty CORRECTION »» contains intensively nourishing waxes »» waterproof »» colours perfectly matched to the shades of lipsticks (p. 26-27) »» twist to open … twist to close NARROW WIDE ASYMMETRIC »» built-in sharpener $8.00 LIPS LIPS LIP »» weight: 0.31g PRICE: / 0.31 g Draw an outline, just above the Apply foundation and powder Optically enlarge your narrower lip natural lip line. Slightly smear the the lips. Make a stroke with by drawing an outline above the edge to the inside of the lips, the lipliner on the lips, natural lip line. Apply foundation fill in the rest with a lipstick. Finally, below the natural lip line. on the broader lip, powder it and dab the centre of upper and lower Choose dark, matte colours. contour its inner edge. Apply lips with a lip gloss. Use light, lipstick and additionally emphasize H OT r ED PAlE F UCHSIA A USTr AlIAN S AND SwEET l AT TE S UNrISE P INK shiny colours. the narrower lip with a lip gloss. FM | li1 FM | li2 FM | li3 FM | li4 FM | li528 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 29
  16. 16. Feel a pleasant PRICE: PRICE:prickly sensationon your lips DELIGHT $10.00 $10.00Spicy Nude lip gloss contains substances that WITH JUICYstimulate microcirculation and improve blood flowto your lips by toning and cooling. BE A / 9 mlAfter applying it on your lips, you will / 9 mlfeel a pleasant prickly sensation. SUBTLE SEDUCTRESS SPIcY NUDE Lip gloss »» »» effect of subtle plumping nourishing formula containing grape, COLOUR soya and safflower oils »» can be used on its own or over a lipstick - it emphasizes the colour and extends its life P lUm g OlD PRICE: »» perfect for “nude look” make up Fascinating plum colour »» contains UV filters intertwined with particles »» convenient applicator of golden brocade will $10.00 »» size: 9ml SE s beautifully emphasize FM | lg1 rO ur help B TlE o lo and brighten up your lips. S U gant c ut the of FM | lg4 e o El ring aut y e to b ural b subtly eir at lips, g th them n r in g you phasiz givin m e and low. e p g / 9 ml sha licate H WIT de 3 a lg T | FM FLIR TAL CRYS S INNOcENT PINK PRI LIP GLOSS GLOS Lip gloss CE : »» nourishing ingredients $10 »» sensual wet lip effect »» contains ingredients that prevent »» opalising pearl dust and ingredients, excessive lip drying and premature that reflect the light, optically even ageing of the skin around the lips out the surface of your lips and make .00 »» UV filters them shine intensely »» convenient applicator »» nourishing formula containing grape, »» size: 9ml soya and safflower oils /9m »» contains UV filters »» convenient applicator l »» size: 9ml FM | lg2 30 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUP World products 31