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Evernote - Remember Everything



If you are like me that love to browse the internet, then probably you'd love Evernote as much as I do. Any article that I find interesting or photos that I like will be saved in my Evernote. Then ...

If you are like me that love to browse the internet, then probably you'd love Evernote as much as I do. Any article that I find interesting or photos that I like will be saved in my Evernote. Then anytime when I'm free, I just open my Evernote and check what I keep there for reading or viewing. Other than saving articles or photos, there's more in Evernote. You can create checklists, share videos or images and can take down notes. Among all my personal folders on my laptop, Evernote is the busiest and fullest. Not a day passed that I did not use Evernote since I knew about this app. It is simply useful and helpful to get you organized. Feel free to find out more of Evernote's awesomeness in my basic tutorial.



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Evernote - Remember Everything Evernote - Remember Everything Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to EvernoteBasic Tutorialwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • EVERNOTE?What iswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • It is an easy-to-use appthat helps you organize,remember and store all ofyour files in one place.www.thevirtualsage.com
  • Capture anything.Save your ideas, things you like, things youhear, and things you see.www.thevirtualsage.com
  • Access anywhere.Evernote works with nearly everycomputer, phone and mobile device out there.www.thevirtualsage.com
  • Find things fast.Search by keyword, tag or even printed andhandwritten text inside images.www.thevirtualsage.com
  • Ready to know more?let’s get started!www.thevirtualsage.com
  • To download installation software,open your favorite browser and visit :www.thevirtualsage.com
  • Note that I am usingGoogle Chrome in this tutorialwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will then appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Create Account buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will come into showwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Key in the necessary informationwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then click Register buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Check your inboxfor confirmation codewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Key in confirmation codewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then click Confirm buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Get Evernote for Windows buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Wait while it’s stilldownloadingwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will then appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Tick I accept the terms in theLicense Agreement boxwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then click Install buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Wait while it’s still installingwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will then appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then click Finish buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Short cut iconwill then appear in the desktopwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • double clickthe icon to launch Evernote appwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Enter your usernamewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Enter your passwordwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • then click Sign In buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Evernotedashboard will come into viewwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • NOTEBOOKLet’s first create awww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Note that you can create2 types of Notebookwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • 1. Local notebook•Stored in your hard drive•Private notebook which isnot shared with the cloudwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • 2. Synchronized notebookPublic notebook which you arewilling to share in the cloudwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To create a notebook,Click File tab in the dashboardwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Drop down menu will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click New Notebook buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Create Notebookdialogue box will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Key in the name of your notebookwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Select what typeof notebook you will createwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • When all set, click OK buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • all created notebooks willappear under Notebooks columnwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • NOTENow let’s create awww.thevirtualsage.com
  • In creating a note, click first whichnotebook you’ll use for your notewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then click New Note buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appear;you are now ready to create a notewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Enter title of your notewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then create the content of your notewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • WEBCAM NOTELet’s create awww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To create a webcam note,File button in the dashboardwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Drop down menu will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click New Notebook buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • AUDIO NOTELet’s createanwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To create an audio note,click File tab in the dashboardwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Drop down menu will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click New Notebook buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Create Notebookdialogue box will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Enter Audio Note as titlewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then click OK buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Audio note nowsaved under Notebookswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Now click audio note buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click arrow down buttonbeside New Note tabwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Drop down menu will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click New Audio Note buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Record tools will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Record button tostart recordingwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Save when done recordingwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Viewing the newly saved Audio Notewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • EVERNOTE’SADD-ONS & PLUGINSLet’s take a look atwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • 1. Evernote Web Clipperwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • It is a simple extensionfor your web browserwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • that makes it quick and easyto store just about anythingyou find on the webwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • ...it highlight features like:Web clipperIntegrated Search EnginesRelated Noteswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To download,search Evernote Web Clipperin your preferred browserwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • In this tutorial,chrome browser will be usedwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • www.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Get Web Clipper for Chromewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Add to Chrome buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Add buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Wait while it’s still checkingwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Evernote web clippernow added to chromewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • CAPTURE A WEB CLIPNow let’swww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To open Evernote Web Clipper in yourbrowser, Click the Web Clipper buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • click the arrow on the Save button to selectwhat part of the webpage you want to clipwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • These choices will then appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Portion of what will be capturedwill be outlined in yellowwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • When you are ready to saveyour web clip, click Save buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appear once yousuccessfully saved your web clipwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Related notes from your previouscapture will also appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Note that everythingyou clip using web clipper,will be stored in yourEvernote accountwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Evernote Web Clipperalso gives you the optionof enabling Related Resultswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • which includes resultsfrom your Evernote accountwhenever you search the Webwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • with some of themost common searchengines, including Googleand Bingwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To turn on Related Results,right click on the evernote iconwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will come into viewwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Options buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appear in a new windowwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Check the Related Results boxwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Related Results at workwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To view yoursaved Web Clip,www.thevirtualsage.com
  • simply browse inEvernote notebookwhere it was savedwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • 2. Evernote Clearlywww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Clearly makes blog posts,articles and web pagesclean and easy to readwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • It lets you readyour favorite contenton the Webdistraction freewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • It removesunwanted advertisements,navigation bars,and other distractionswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • leaving only the contentyou care aboutin a clean,easy to read formatwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To download, search in your preferredbrowser the “evernote clearly”www.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click thiswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This is what willappear in a chrome browserwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Get Clearly for Home buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Add to Chromedialogue box will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • After installing, a desk lamp iconwill appear in your browser barwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To view a web page,click the desk lamp iconwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appearThe main content of the webpage will be displayedfree of ads, navigation and other distractionswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • viewing original web pagewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Viewing page with Evernote Clearlytoolbarwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Closer look:The Evernote Clearly toolbarReturn to Web View:Click to exit and returnto the normalWeb view of the currentcontentwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Closer look: toolbarWeb Clipperwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Closer look: toolbarHighlighterclick to enable the highlighter tool,then click and drag the textyou want to highlightwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Closer look: toolbarAdjust Text Size & Font:Click to choose a color theme,change the text size,or create your own custom themefor displaying contentwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Closer look: toolbarPrint:Click to printwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Closer look: toolbarText-to-speech (Chrome only):Click to have text read aloud to you.The word currently being read will behighlighted in yellowwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Other Evernote Add-ons:1. Skitch2. Penultimate3. Evernote Hello4. Evernote Food5. Evernote Peekwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • More usesofEvernotewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • 1. Sending email to Evernotewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To find your evernote address,click Usage tab in the dashboardwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This is where youwill find your email addresswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • anything you sendto your Evernote email addresswill show upin your Evernote notebookwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Forwarding my emailto my evernote accountwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then hit Send buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Now let’s checkmy evernote accountif the forwarded email is therewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Viewing the forwarded emailto my Evernote accountwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Note thatemailed notes will beautomatically savedin yourdefault notebookwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • 2. Saving Tweets to Evernotewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Say ‘Hello’ to @myENEvernote now lets you sendpublic Twitter messages,andprivate Direct Messages,right into your Evernoteaccountwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To set up myEN,Follow myEN on Twitterwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • myENwill follow you back,and send youa DM (Direct Message)with a linkwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Let’s checkthe DMin mytwitter accountwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click the arrow down buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Drop-down menu will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Direct Messages buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click herewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appear nextwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click herewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • You will be redirectedto your evernote accountwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Enter username &password then click Sign inwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will come into showwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Link accounts buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Voila! Twitter isnow linked with evernotewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Let’s try savinga tweetto evernotewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To save a tweet, add @myEnin the body of your tweetwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then click Tweet buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Now let’s checkif the tweetis in myevernote accountwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Viewing the saved tweetwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Note that sent tweetswill be automaticallysaved in yourdefault notebookwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Other method ofsending tweetsto evernoteis by using IFTTwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • For more info, checkhttp://ifttt.comwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • 3. EncryptionYou can now encrypt informationyou don’t want to be exposeto the prying eyeswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To use encryption, go the notethat you want to encryptwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Highlight the textthat you want to be encryptedwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Format buttonin the dashboardwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Drop down menu will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Encrypt Selected Text buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Note Encryptiondialogue box will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Enter and re-enter passphrasewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • You have the option toenter a hint of your passphrasewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Tick here if you want your passphraseto me remembered by evernotewww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click OK button when all is setwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Viewing the encryptionwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • 4. Making a to-do listwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • To make a to-do list,just make a list of noteswww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Then give aright click on each listwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Drop down menuwill appear in each clickwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Hover over To-do buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • This will appearwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Click Insert Checkbox buttonwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • Checkboxes will thenbe added before each listwww.thevirtualsage.com
  • That’s about itfor this tutorialwww.thevirtualsage.com