How Fancorps Works


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The Fancorps concept is simple. Word of mouth marketing and peer to peer social recommendations are more valuable than ever. Brands big and small now depend heavily on consumers to endorse their products and influence a wider audience online and in the real world. Fancorps brings structure, performance tracking & actionable guidance to today's stream of social media, which has become even more important than traditional marketing.

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How Fancorps Works

  1. 1. HowWorks SECTION 1 Administration & Community Management Meet John Set Up Launch Execution Analyze All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  2. 2. SECTION 1 Me e t Jo h n ! “Hi, I’m John, and I’m the social media manager Z PIZ A He’s just like so many digital marketers for Pizza Palace” ALAC E P these days, trying to figure out how to increase engagement, activity, and advocacy for his brand. “In recent years we’ve spent a lot of time and resources curating and aggregating our consumer base on social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s been great creating a connection with our consumers and giving them the ability to provide feedback and comments on their experiences with our product and locations. For the normal consumer that’s more than enough. But, we have some people who truly love us. They don’t just Like us, they actually LOVE us. For that group it’s been tough to engage them using our normal social channels. They obviously want to get more involved and do more than simply like and comment on our content. That’s why Pizza Palace is taking the next step with our social engagement, and creating a brand advocacy program, powered by the Fancorps platform!” All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  3. 3. SECTION 1 S e t Up “Setting everything up for our Pizza Palace Advocacy Community, or The Palace Club, as we call it, was easy. Here’s a few items I needed to get rolling in just a few weeks...” “Ex “This is all I ce l l ge t e n t, need Boss!” ro l l le t ’s i ng !” 1. Creative Elements (simple graphics to properly brand the platforms that our advocates will interact with) 2. Fan Acquisition (define strategies to acquire fans for the program and set goals for growth) 3. Marketing Plan (timeline of content and agenda for promotional initiatives) 4. Rewards & Incentives (allocation of prizes such as gift cards, schatzkis, and exclusive swag) All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  4. 4. SECTION 1 L au nch “ It ’s G O t ime !” “Once we had everything in place, like fun engaging initiatives and awesome rewards, our launch plan was simple. We wanted to go big from the start!” “The Palace Club was announced on all of our social properties, with Facebook and Twitter posts several times during launch week. We also crafted a dedicated newsletter that was sent to our entire email database of consumers. Plus, we offered a great sign up incentive for everyone who joined during the first week! We gave away five $100 Pizza Palace gift cards to random winners just for opting in.” All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  5. 5. SECTION 1 Exe c u t i o n “Now that we had several hundred members it was time to “Like it, Tweet it, get to work! During the early stages we wanted to make +1 and Pin it!” sure and really activate these members, assigning them new tasks every other day for the first month. This way they were able to accrue reward credits pretty quickly in order to obtain some of the lower level prizes not long after joining.” “This worked great, as it provided near instant gratification and really solidified their relationship as one of our most loyal consumers. We also made it a point to diversify the content and initiatives we presented them with. We had members utilizing all of their social networks, from Facebook, to Instagram, to Pinterest, and even tied in other opportunities for feedback and Q&A on our actual products and locations” All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  6. 6. SECTION 1 A nal yze “Th at’s wh at I’m ta lki ng ab ou t, res ult s!” “As members engage and show proof of their recommendations and reviews of Pizza Palace it’s been great to really gauge how impactful their impressions have been. We can easily see which tasks are getting the most traction in regards to impressions, clicks and overall reach.” “The built in analytics and stats have given us great insight into the who, what and where of our core consumer base.” All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  7. 7. Now that you’ve seen how it works from the client’s side.Check out what the experience is like for a consumer or fan of Pizza Palace. SECTION 2 User Experience & Engagement Meet Pete Get Involved Spread the Word Get Rewarded All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  8. 8. SECTION 2 S ay h e l l o t o Pe te ! “I love Pizza Palace, it’s Like many consumers he’s all over social media these days. He’d the best spot in town” love a place to engage even further, especially when it comes to his favorite hang out, Pizza Palace. Pete is influential within his networks and has the respect of his friends and family when it comes to recommendations on things like restaurants, products and services. Pete’s Social Influence 523 Friends 416 Followers “I’ve got over 500 friends on Facebook and just 237 Followers as many followers on Twitter. Not to mention my other networks like Instagram and Pinterest. I 112 in Circles Z love to tell everyone about what I’m up to. I’m PIZ A ALAC always updating my friends about where I’m at, what I’m eating, or what I’m watching. E P 347 Followers Klout Score of 47 “As for Pizza Palace, it’s my absolute favorite restaurant! I’ve got a group of buddies that I go with at least once a week. They do a great job with their social media but if they had a way for me to get even more involved that’d be great!” All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  9. 9. SECTION 2 G e t In v o l ve d “This is going to be great! I’m ready, lets go!” “I was so excited when I saw Pizza Palace announce The Palace Club!” “On Facebook they offered the first 100 members to join a free Pizza Palace gift card just for signing up. It was easy, I just signed in via Facebook and I was off and running with my account.” “It was pretty cool to see so many people getting involved right from day one. I got all my buddies to join of course, but there were tons of others from all over the country as well.” All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  10. 10. SECTION 2 Sp re ad t h e Wo rd ! “I love Pizza Palace, it’s the best spot in town” “I already frequently talk about Pizza Palace socially, but now I’m going to make sure I do all the time!” “The Orders that are available are really fun to participate with. Easy ones like sharing content or offers on Facebook and Twitter only take a few minutes to complete, where as others like online reviews or feedback on actual new items can take a bit more time. But either way it’s fun just to be more involved with my favorite restaurant!” All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  11. 11. SECTION 2 rde d “I love Pizza Ge tR e wa Palace, it’s the best spot in town” “It’s great to be rewarded for my efforts! I love Pizza Palace and am so thankful they give back to loyal fans like myself!” “Being a member of The Palace Club has gotten me a ton of cool stuff. They do a great job of changing up the rewards and offering things that really entice me to do a great job of spreading the word. Thus far I’ve gotten gift cards, a free t-shirt, a custom travel cooler, and a few other items.” All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  12. 12. Contact Information: G.I. Sanders - CEO 214.843.1030 @gisanders All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps