Best Practices of Brand Advocacy Execution
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Best Practices of Brand Advocacy Execution

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5 Essential Steps it Takes to Properly Execute the Successful Management of a Community of Brand Advocates

5 Essential Steps it Takes to Properly Execute the Successful Management of a Community of Brand Advocates

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  • 1. Best Practices ofBrand Advocacy Execution presented by 5 Essential Steps it Takes to Properly Execute the Successful Management of a Community of Brand Advocates 1 Creativity 2 Frequency 3 Diversity 4 Continuity 5 Longevity All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  • 2. Best Practices of Brand Advocacy Execution presented by1 Creativity (of content and curation) Get creative and I’ll An advocacy program should act as a complimentary contribute more often! component to a brands preexisting social, digital, and traditional marketing efforts Advocates act as organic amplifiers of your message and content Providing unique and creative content will further engage advocates to take action on your behalf Curating the creativity of advocates will also stimulate additional interaction and participation Crowd source ideas, opinions, and feedback from your advocates to help them become a part of the creative processA few examples: Outside the box initiatives that stretch beyond social sharing Prompt real world interactions between advocates Tasks which prompt personal stories, photos, and videos Contests and give aways which provide instant gratification Unique offers, coupons, and incentives All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  • 3. Best Practices of Brand Advocacy Execution presented by2 Frequency (of outreach and communication) An advocate wants to hear from you more often I want to hear from because they love (not like) your brand you, I promise! Communicate regularly with an advocate community to ensure your brand stays top of mind Disseminate your content frequently so advocates can choose when to engage on their own time Target your outreach in the form of status updates, messaging, tasks, news, and announcements A few examples: Update your advocates daily with a status/feed post Notify your community of urgent or important info with email notifications Set up regular reoccurring outreach such as a weekly newsletter Utilize chat rooms and forums for group discussions All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  • 4. Best Practices of Brand Advocacy Execution presented by3 Diversity (of social channels and WOM) Just because you’re not using Instagram Just because your brand primarily focuses on one or two social doesn’t mean I’m not channels doesn’t mean your advocates have the same preference Give multiple options to advocates when asking them to share your brand’s message and content Utilize advocates to launch and test new communities on new social channels as they are likely early adopters to begin with Don’t forget about the real world as the majority of word of mouth interactions and recommendations still happen offline Diversify your identification process across all communities as advocates may not see your call to action the first timeA few examples: Go beyond the status update with Facebook, utilizing events, photo tags, timeline, etc. Tweets and RT’s are only the start, engage your followers to become influencers for your brand Pinterest is excellent for product focused brands and allows for mass syndication Tumblr offers a unique social blogging platform where tags can attract attention and clicks Google+ is powerful for those early adopters who are on board, start early and win later Completely visual, Instagram is an excellent tool for advocates to use to share your brand’s story All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  • 5. Best Practices of Brand Advocacy Execution presented by4 Continuity (of your message) Stay consistent with your overall theme and message Keep it real and Be up front and transparent from the start, letting consistent, I’m a advocates know the goal of the program real person! Make sure your community knows there is a human behind the curtain Dont confuse advocates by asking them to share content that doesnt pertain to your core brand A few examples: Choose a creative theme/name for your community that ties in with your brand Create unique visuals and branded elements that entice participation Utilize all forms of communication to tie the goals and branding together Keep advocates informed of ongoing campaign and marketing initiatives All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  • 6. Best Practices of Brand Advocacy Execution presented by5 Longevity (of the program) I’m not going anywhere, An advocacy program is not a short term solution I love your brand! The loyalty and relationships you will develop with your advocates takes time and patience to generate impactful numbers Build for the future, laying a foundation of trust and guidance that advocates will appreciate over the course of the program Think big picture. You’re creating a community of your most passionate consumers, treat them as such Everyone likes a pat on the back. Make sure you continually thank and reward advocates for their effortsA few examples: Integrate your advocacy program with all other marketing initiatives for maximum exposure Make it fun by letting advocates get involved on every level Gamify the process so it is fun and engaging for the long haul Set up incentives that take time to achieve in addition to shorter term attention grabbers All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps
  • 7. Best Practices ofBrand Advocacy Execution presented by G.I. Sanders CEO & Co-Founder / @gisanders All Content ©2012-2013 Fancorps